Jesus & Cryptocurrency

And so it ame to pass that Jesus threw a wobbly in the temple at the moneychangers, around 2,000 years ago.
For which, in the end, to shut him up
and continue their useless, lazy, profitable trade
they had the man crucified
on Trumped up charges
to suit their own financial and political power games
as Pharisees.
The Pharisees were at various times a political party, a social movement, and a school of thought in the Holy Land during the time of Second Temple Judaism.

So here we are, 2100 years later, and what has happened that we have learned to change our ways?
Have we-- people-- made this useless method of banking obsolete?
Have we stopped senseless usery profiteering moneychanging?
Have we in fact resolved anything in this direction?
Until now.
The virtual digital banking outside this traditional freekshow
is now upon us
with the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum and Altcoins.
But these are up and down in values like a yoyo on a sugar high.
They are so unstable that they reflect badly in the traditional world of crucifiction.
So what then, could be the next step coming out of this volatility?
The stablecoin.
Tether ( USDT)
that are directly pegged to the value of the USD crucifiction currency.
Without moneychangers- they still have the the problem of being subject to fees
on exchanges
every time a change of currency is made.
The problem is to push out an ecosystem
users dont need to change any currency.
an ecosystem of users so broad
so everyday
so embedded
that it replaces all crucifiction currencies.
There are some currencies that have gold backing.
I have looked into these with some depth.
There are those that offer some return
some shares
some ownership.

There are those that promise they have 'assets'
that back their crypto tokens
but dont tell you anything about what these 'assets' are.
Could they be my cat's hampton then?
The cat considers that his most fine asset...

they offer a very poor token of value against a sum of gold
that they sell at huge markups
with no chance of seeing your money back ever.
Work out exactly what the prices of tokens are to the weight of gold they offer at todays prices.
Some fo them offer ONE GRAM of gold (about $40usd as I write this)
for tokens that cost $100USD or more
or even charge you $1,000 USD for one freeking gram of gold worth $40usd.
For One token of their lovely crypto.
Which they state you will never get redeemed
or your money back ever.

And then they have the gall to offer you the promise of a share of the profits.
made by your money.
That you have waved bye bye to.
Ah very nice.
We get our own money back over twenty years very slowly.
What an honour.
If they are even around for more than a year...

Its a hell of a lot more sensible to buy gold from bullion dealers
than to deal with these profiteering snake oil salesmen
who spin their slippery yarns around sticky poisons
and hope people wont notice their discalimers in the fine print
stating no one will ever see any money back at all.

Tell me; do you know what GAMBLING is?
Heard of a long shot before?

The only ones that make any sense
and as far as I can see have some future truthfully
are the ones that guarantee a return and a profit share
more than the intitial token cost that they are selling.
When you trouble to do your own research, read the small print carefully
and decide what you will do based on their promises
and their team members credentials.
No team member of a crypto
that has a high standing in the wolrd of finance or international politics
such as the United Nations for example
is going to allow their good names to be tainted
by any kind of snake oil tokens.

And forget any Australians.
Have you read their fine print?
To paraphrase:-
"I promise to do very well with your money that you will never see again. Ever. Thanks".
Its a well understood fact that crypto's beginning with a "K" are in fact, selling cornflakes.

The letter K comes from the Greek letter Κ (kappa), which was taken from the Semitic kap, the symbol for an open hand.[2] This, in turn, was likely adapted by Semites who had lived in Egypt from the hieroglyph for "hand" representing D in the Egyptian word for hand, d-r-t. The Semites evidently assigned it the sound value /k/ instead, because their word for hand started with that sound.

Also, bear in mind that ALL cryptos will soon have to be licensed
in just the same way as any other security approved by the SEC.
So look hard at the team supporting any crypto now
and specially ones with companies in tax haven locations
and funny foundations that are tax dodges.
They can stroll off with your hard earned at any moment
and say thanks to you for your money that pays for their lifestyles
while they sail their private luxury yatchs in the Bahamas
drink champagne
and canoodle with buckets of floosies.
Yes thanks for that too. My money. Great.
Which crypto is it that is going to be best set up to be licensed?

The crypto run by the highest real-world reputation of team.
Look out for those good ones.

Not a bunch of geeks laundering international drug money
through anonymous ewallets who think real people approve of
hackers, drug runners and tax evaders
at the expense of the majority of the population.

~Be Mad.
~Be Bad.
~Be dumped.

Today, they players always try and promote huge returns and remarkable promises
for a small investment
of say, $2,000USD.
a side word about the sum $2,000.
This is referred to in the back trails of dark alley under the web table
as a sum in value of F*ck Money.
Enough to be worth the day work of trouble to shine some mark on for;
and not enough for a mark to come back and make a fuss when they find out they got screwed over.

Less for a spread of losers.
They promise huge returns over a short time
create a bubble
and wait while it rises and makes a Ponzi scheme.
they take all the money put in
from $100USD to $100,000USD
and one morning, they are gone.
It cost them only a few $1000 USD to set it up and let it float.
They dont want the big payoff.
They only want the scammed short money.
The money to invest is so small in comparison to their snake oil words
that you as an investor
feel it would never happen badly and they must be real.
This was their plan all along.

Reality shall prevail and transparency
with the advent of computing so small
its embedded in toasters and kettles now
that there is only ONE way forward to succeed:-

Be 100% legitimate
with a very good, well run & stable business
that shares profits well with its users in the community
does not depend on its users for success
while keeping well its promises.

Any conflicting opinions then ???


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