All "Desert Religions" Have A Dark Side - Judaism's Noted

As a matter of fact probably all "religions" everywhere on the planet have a "cultic" element, appealing to a minority of its adherents, that is less than ideal. Already discussed elsewhere on IS are the unsavory practices of the "radical Muslims".  Recently this was posted re Judaism

And that same author, a Jewish Ph.D., has now come forward with this.  It is to be noted that, generally, most humans (TPTB nowhere included) are decent folk.  But, inevitably, some, fortunately a minority, are abject swine {no judgment intended :)} This latest offering  is somewhat concerning... "The Judaic Version of Black Magic, Sorcery, Pedophilia and Genocide"  So, in the interests of "FYI"...  (One might assume that an expose' re a "questionable version" of Christianity might be next -- and beyond the usual disclosures re the vatican, its minions and their "usual pecadilloes" associated with greed and pedophilia?) ... c-and.html
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