France Closes Borders Due To Paris Terrorism Murders

"[font=Reem, arial, sans-serif]Here is what we know so far about the multiple attacks in Paris, France.[/font]
[ul][li]At least 40 people are dead and 60 wounded after a series of attacks in Paris.[/li]
[li]French president Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency in France and closed all national borders.[/li]
[li]The Mayor of Paris has reportedly urged residents not to leave home.[/li]
[li]Police have reported a shootout in at least two restaurants and two explosions near the Stade de France stadium.[/li]
[li]Around 100 hostages are also reported to have been taken at Bataclan concert hall.[/li]
[li]French TV station BFM reported incidents had taken place in the 10th and 11th arrondissements and near the Stade de France.[/li]
[li]France and Germany were playing an international friendly match at Stade de France.[/li]
[li]Le Figaro newspaper reported French President François Hollande had been evacuated from the stadium.[/li]
[li](deleted due to being totally insincere)[/li]
[li]The Foreign Office has said it is in touch with French authorities to ascertain whether there are any British nationals caught up in the attacks."[/li][/ul]

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[font=Georgia, Times, serif]According to the French daily [/font][font=Georgia, Times, serif]Liberation[/font][font=Georgia, Times, serif], a [/font][font=Georgia, Times, serif]witness[/font][font=Georgia, Times, serif] to the Bataclan shooting heard one of the shooters shout “Allahu Akhbar.” [/font]

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[font=Georgia, Times, serif]Live coverage - may still be available[/font]

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Re: France Closes Borders Due To Paris Terrorism Murders

Indigo Spirit 37 wrote:Wow I really get impressed at what some people have inside their head... How can you do this to a country that has opened a door for you? I do not even have words for that
Yes it truly boggles the mind just how "dedicated" the muslim "terrorist types" are, and just how "entry level" their consciousness level is.  Apparently there are, alas, many alleged humans who fall into this category.
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