The Paris Tragedy And Operation Gladio

A behind the scenes look at how at least some of these operations are engineered.  Ultimately, whether it is "radical muslim" pawns, or some other violent group involved, at the root TPTB usually have their filthy fingerprints all over the mayhem ... sored.html

And, right on cue, France's "far right" folks are being called on to eradicate the "muslim menace".  TPTB don't care who dies as long as fear and population reduction "quotas" are fulfilled... ... 006907/pg1

Closer to home -- 10,000 "Syrian refugees" arrive in New Orleans...  Hopefully, "The French Quarter", at least, will stay safe ... 006937/pg1

BTW, guess who's making $$$$$$ on the resettlement of the "refugees".  I'm so shocked... ... UyNjg4Ng==

And, a few words from frau merkel on the sad events -- in the name of compassion i'll just suggest that she is clinically insane... ... 006796/pg1

A bit more on "false flag operations"... like 9-11, Mumbai, etc.

Re: The Paris Tragedy And Operation Gladio

You don't think it look a bit 'staged' also the safety check on facebook, apparently it's the first time it's used in the world ever, and it just pop out in facebook the day- of the attack .. A little bit weird no ? Their whole story of passport it seem also doesn't worth a rabbit fart :p ... kdrCNIrIok

I heard on tv a guy saying 'coincidentally' there was a training on multi terrorist attack in paris just in the morning ..

Apparently the cell is from belgium ?
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