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Nice post Drakke, this is an issue every person needs to understand before joining the slaughterhouse line up.

Seen it before when the guns come out.  People often cower, freeze up, even grovel with the intimidating presence, instead they should act...but who wants to rule over a mob of non-compliant animals anyway.  See, we do this with our livestock too if you can observe the pattern, its all quite clear for anyone to see.  First we control breeding (using religion and financial opportunity) then weed out unwanted characteristics like say, the cagey and flighty nature of the animal that makes it all so difficult to get what we want from them.  Then, after producing a calmer version of behavior (domesticated and civilized instead of genetic wild-type) we need to dumb them down for their own good: it makes easier handling and less stress in the slaughter lines (they will just look starry-eyed while waiting to die, dissociation perhaps, prefferably too dumb to know).

As a citizen of the western world, i feel trapped in a kill box of legal obligations.  Here we are forbidden from carrying any type of weapons at all.  Somehow our country went from open freedom to cowardly laws where children have to wear helmets in a sandbox all in the name of safety and responsibility to the taxpayer...LOL, fuck the taxpayer the taxman does..and they look more like a willing rape victim than a ripped off consumer (livestock).  Legally, we are supposed to obey nicely while the terrorist/murderer/rapist/thief/policeman does their dirty work until the proper authority arrives to clean up the mess and investigate what may or may not have happened.  No help there at all when the gun barrel is pointed at your me when i say you need to be able to hear or feel the other man's intention to pull the trigger.  Act or die.  I was hoping to hear that at least one rocker stood up giving them mfkr's the finger of defiance.  Sad that so often a few can overpower an entire mob with a mere threat of pain or death.  Perhaps we need more hero types but now we know they get punished again for their defiance. ... o-attacked

I smell collusion.  Its getting pretty rank too.  The Zombies have learned to lie, they look just like you and I.

Ive said it before, again then:

Fear is the heart of love that propels one into action

Sorry, i dont wanna be friends with, or live in a world, where the fine citizen standing next to me refuses to act to save their own life or the lives of their fellows.  As much as i abhor violence i would rather become the monster to slay the other monster than allow myself to be nothing more than a fall down fuck in the ass that lets others die in fear.

Once, i put up my hand to say NO, STOP, to reason instead of deal with the threat decisively.  I can write well enough but i still cant really describe in words what it feels like to be shot for being peace minded in a violent situation.  Doing nothing is suicidal, that said i know what it is to freeze up when the shock of the violent situation takes one by matter how tuff you think you are, or were, dont be surprised when you find yourself shitting and pissing in your pants from fear.  That happens anyway when you lay there dying so dont let a momentary shame stop you from living.

We are at war whether we want it or not.

Maybe we should start to act like we are in a war and put an end to it, else we are the willing whore pretending to be raped for money.
"Death to the intellect! Long live death!" -Gonzalo Queipo de Llano

Re: Natural News: Timely - Surviving A Mass Shooting...

If i have to say one advise in this situation is run in cover, go hide somewhere fast, it's all about tactical advantage.

I have been many time in situation of fight etc even once some people who had air soft gun, i can tell games like XCOM are very good to represent this kind of situation.

Specially when the situation is asymetrical, in restaurant or concert room, people are totally exposed, after it's about hyper vigilence thing, seeing where there are exit where they can be place to hide.

The best advantage you can have is that if they don't know where you are, they can't shoot you, and as long as it stay this way, you don't risk anything, and the best is you can be behind a door, or in a corner, you can win some fraction of second of reaction time that are what make the difference.

But if you are taking any risk, you are doing it wrong, staying in the middle of a square or in a concert room without cover like this while they have a gun, the tactical advantage is on them 100%, if you are hidden , and they can't see / shoot you, already it turn the advantage, it's always like this that need to do. Always stay safe and make sure you are not exposed and that in any case you are going to have the advantage in anything you do. Otherwise just go away and find some place to hide.

To hit someone with a stick i'd say hit sternum it cut the breath and will paralyze the person, with a knife at the base of the neck, or with punch hit the nose =)

Even if people have gun it doesn't much anything, if people are in a concert and in the dark like this, even the time someone understand what's going on, and if the people are really trained they will still stay everyone to stay calm and already being in position to control everyone move etc, even with a gun you are fucked already and then it mean what if you take your girl friend to a restaurant you need to carry a gun and watch every car that come up with a finger on the trigger lol it's bit weird .. lol

Plus there with kamikaze with explosive belt kinda even more dangerous to even get close to the person lol Unless you want to be like ok red thread - blue thread ???  :D I guess they have to press a button or something but idk .. :D
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