Regarding The Chess Genius and Master Bobby Fischer

I came across a video today which featured BF speaking in a rather unkindly manner about the Jews.  Somewhat concerning since, from many indications, his mother was Jewish and, perhaps, his father, as well.  What troubled me most, in a sense, and this was a man with, undoubtedly a very high IQ, 180 i hear, was that what he said could have been the rant of any 98 IQ anti semite. In any event the video "experience" prompted me to do basic research on BF, perhaps you will find it of interest -- a very complex life...  and i include a copy of his natal chart for those so inclined {the birth time was "channeled"  :)} ... mit=Submit

And a link to what i consider a rather embarrassing video.  To be noted is that its "poster" comments that the rant must be credible since BF was so smart...not too insightful, either...

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