Two Austrian Maids Join ISIS - A Before and After Saga

A rather cautionary tale...

"One of those girls was killed fighting for allah.
The other girl apparently missed her girlfriend or maybe she got sick of the stench billowing from her filthy jihad husband because reportedly the girl attempted to flee the lovely life as an ISIS bride.

Sean Brown at Mad World News reports that a number of Austrian newspapers are reporting that Daesh militants apparently caught her trying to sneak out of the self-declared capitol of the caliphate, and she likely wished she blew herself up instead. She was allegedly held down and beaten to death by the “men” when they found her, but sadly her remains have yet to be found." ... -see-this/

Some latest news re "muslim issues"  in la belle France

And, disconcerting news re (not) "vetting" "migrants" coming to the U.S.



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