on our journey to enlightenment, what happens after that? And after that? Eternity

Eternity seems so long. On our path to enlightenment, after we have achieved all that it seems we can achieve, where do we go to the very end? What is our end, or is it just another rebirth? The journey thus far seems so long, I cant imagine so many incarnations towards enlightenment. Who wants to reincarnate eternally? Or can we ever really be eternally fullfilled. It seems so hard to imagine being just spirit eternal without form or substance.

What is our ending, and after that and again?

Perhaps there's no rush to achieve enlightenment, smell the roses and enjoy the carnal things we will eventually have no desire for.

I dont know what is down the road, but I'll tell you what I do know about this lifetime, if my choice was to aquire knowledge or happiness in this lifetime, I should have chosen happiness, beautiful blissful ignorant happiness, as knowing a little has mostly shown me that I dont know a lot.

Yeah I missed the boat too , what was I thinking , I'm really hoping my time will spent after this life enjoying the cosmos rather then coming back , but if I would have to I'm picking happyness;)

perhaps the absolute truth is there is no absolute truth, all relative, and perception dependaant.
After enlightenment, probably we cease to exist as an individual.
Buddah said its going out of cycle of cause and effect, cycle of death and rebirth.
Probably we become one with everything.
And we die for the last time.
who knows?
what if true enlightenment dont even exist?

i don't really think enlightenment is a destination, more like a path! we miss things when we rush through life :)

what if there are people on this planet who have already died, and have come back in time via future technology to try and communicate to us what death is like, you know- to prepare us for the future, but they can't just come out and say it via normal human communication methods because we wouldn't believe them? maybe they have already been communicating in some fashion, effectively altering the earthly cycle of cause and effect (while leaving all of our understandings of free will intact) because they love us? just a thought :)

Past life regressions help with these questions because it's when we see why we came here, what is our purpose, what is the lesson we need to learn from the previous lives and so on. A big complex but amazingly beautiful puzzle in where we have to put the pieces together! I personally enjoy the journey of enlightenment and learning without stressing that much about "what happens after". :)

Each elemental of the sentient life phenomenon is contributing an input of a sense of presence, consciousness, experience and knowledge to an all pervasive web of Cosmic Consciousness. Collectively we are an ever evolving Spiritual presence. Through such as we Spirit resides everywhere in all things. The ancients have always known that we are ONE common Soul and that separation is an illusion to facilitate the individual life experience. Our consciousness, if we allow it, becomes entangled with the cosmic web we call God.

Most of those who have become "Enlightened"
realize that the path ways were/are much more interesting than
the Goal. Though their are administrative duties they can assume,
they decide to become "Field Workers" and to start the path again,
to help those they meet along the way. It happens so often that
they are given
the name of "Bodhisattva".
in harmony,

Re: on our journey to enlightenment, what happens after that? And after that? Eternity

There are many people who fail to understand death. Young people, as we all were, imagine that we will live forever. It feels like that at the time. There is always another tomorrow, stretching out too far into the distance to make any sense.
Some pagans in pre history-- the stone and bronze ages-- buried their dead in the sleeping platforms inside their stone round houses. l suppose they missed them so much, it was a way of keeping them close by. Not one of my plans; to sleep on a grave. Or maybe, there was a yard of snow outside, and it was the only sane place at the time to bury their dead. A woman maybe would not have the metal to get the job of burying their man done so easily, if it was left up to them, Or maybe the children buried the parents. In the detailed account l read, the bones showed the person died in their 40's- very old for the times when the average age was 35 to die.
Some people say they can choose when to die. Its a nice plan, but entirely fantasy. The current greatest cause of death today in the UK amongst young men, is suicide. It makes the act of child birth mostly pointless if all you will do is decide you have enough when you are 17 years old. The mind set of a weak thinking people. Its far too introspective to make any sense.
The facts are that there is always a tomorrow until there is not anymore. The end.
Life after death---now, that is something worth working one. More life. Life elsewhere. Life outside. With all your memories- what could remain of them. Can you remember what you were doing 20 years ago? Lets say, 3rd November 1995 1pm in the afternoon. You had fight with your sister? what about? How was it resolved if at all? You had lunch? with who? Alone? What did you eat? Was it raining or sunny? What shoes were you wearing? What were you doing at the time?
Unless you had some kind of event, then the trivial barely has a thumbprint through the haze.
Most of our lives are trivial in context.
Trivia begets a secure comfort zone of small tasks, repetitive actions and the same faces and voices in our daily lives. We choose to live in a consistent location. Why? I spent years traveling around with little more than myself. Ok, there were talents to fall back on. Skills. Savvy.
For some, moving through the world- for small young ladies for example- can be dangerous to them. Like children, they need the protection of society in order to maintain their status quo, as the elderly do as well as all who you might say are vulnerable. Pre-victim determination.
In fact all are at risk. the values of walking down the wrong road and being mugged, are closer to random statistically if you compare the same event to a plane crash- and l have yet to meet anyone who states openly that life in the wide world is not for them. You could narrow the event down for a mugging by stereotyping the victims and locations. But a plane crash? Seldom are there any survivors.
We could wade through pages of statistics, sure. The point though is, that we can choose to live on after we die. There is a proven tried and tested way. A way that we can move on. Not my way, not ''a'' way, but the way of the individual person. The human spirit can live on elsewhere, and go through various incarnations in several elsewheres. Look ahead of you and you might sense that there are several. Ok it helps if you know about astral traveling. When your body dies, the cord breaks, and your spirit is free to not return. I dont recall the last time l met any returned. All those l knew have moved on. some that l am introduced to, come here. Some l meet on my travels.
Take a look see.

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