Re: O' Sinal (gaelic)

the sign and signs are given, that the transition is here. Shifts of winds, and of heat and the heat of the Sun and my hearts Sun.

my masculine self is surely becoming something less theroritical, calculated and cold - rather now becoming softend, and more emotional and wise. what i used to think, no longer sticks to me - whom i used to be (and masks are falling) and there is a softer, more genuine and genius side to me, being visable and becoming seen.

[font=Lucida Grande]these signs are evident. things i lose, physical items that disappear - o' but what reappears is so much more clear to me. a face of an innocent smile, the smile of the Earth and her true children. Those who love her, and her Goddess daugthers and Sons. The ones undivided, and in their nature strong, like a flame in the shadows or in the Sun. The storms of life, do not snuff this flame out. Rather enhance it to it's fullness.[/font]

when the Midsummer bunfire burns, i shall be one with my true Self, neither a calculating machine nor a reed in wind always blown to pieces. i shall be as this Earth, a unity of both and my true Self the most!

imagine Lady inocencia and i hand in hand by the bunfires, beaches & grass lands of green. my smile hers, and hers mine. yes i read the signs. For the clarity is like a harp to my ear, o' so clear that i am waking up and finding out.

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