Goodnight my Little Ones

Goodnight Maya, it's time to go to sleep.
Grab your blanket and your Bear,
Curl up your little feet.

Listen to the soothing sounds of quiet in the house.
You're safe and warm inside your bed,
As cozy as a mouse.

Goodnight Charlotte, lie down and close your eyes.
Soft and sweet, relax your head
I'll sing you lullabies.

Imagine sleepy fairy dust is sprinkled on your nose.
Your work is done, i'ts time for rest.
Relax those little toes.

Goodnight Henri, you've done so well today.
Your job is done, stretch out your limbs
And slowly drift away.

Another night, safe and secure; no worries needs or care.
Imagine you're a feather falling
Soft and light as air.

Goodnight my little ones, I love you all so much.
My love will keep you safe tonight,
Soft like a blanket's touch.

Tomorrow is another day, you may need to be strong.
But now it's time to sleep and dream,
You're safe the whole night long.
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