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I have recently read that those of us who write have writing guides in spirit form who can guide us or otherwise help us. It makes sense to me because often i have received ideas that seemed to come out of nowhere in the book that I am currently working on. When I go for walks I have learned that I need to take paper and pen with me because ideas seem to flow to me and by the time I got home they were sometimes forgotten. Walking seems to be meditative for me. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has experiences similar. I read another author that sain it felt like taking rapid dictation rather that the book coming from their own efforts. I like the idea of collaboration from spirit :)


I'm not a writer, although I used to write quite a bit when I was younger. That being said, I do find that writing, for me, is meditative in and of itself and I find it one of the best ways for me to connect and communicate with my spirit guides and Angels. I have trouble meditating and often find it much better for me to sit down with a pen and paper and just write what's on my mind. I find divine guidance comes to me more easily that way. I don't write fiction or anything. Usually, my writing comes out in letter form.

Anyway, I know it's not exactly what you were thinking about but I just wanted to agree about writing guides. :)

I have a couple of friends who write and use it as a form of meditation. They say they need to do it regularly or their heads get 'filled up' with ideas. It's a form of therapy for them, they work problems through by writing them down.

I have felt that feeling that what I write comes from somewhere else, or the writing itself is alive and needs to write it self through us. it is the Muse! which would make one ask the question -then is it right for me to put my name on it as the author? my answer to that would be yeah, I mean it may come from source but it is being filtered through you, so it basically cares your essence, and ends up being a collaborative work in a sense.

I know what you mean!

Sometimes I'll get sent stories or experiences from other dimensional beings through dreams, and I get the urge to write them out. I'll experience the memory with them, from their body and through their eyes, which creates that sort of "main character" perspective. It's very nice to know there are beings out there willing to share their life-changing or fond memories with me... :)

And oddly enough, I get most of my story ideas from the dreams I dream of at night! That is where my joy originates, as well as the creativity I had believed I'd lost upon "growing up." It's good to know I still had it in me the whole time. ^u^

This is something I do as well. If you would like someone to read your writings post them in a blog and link me... or if you would rather PM if you are shy. I would enjoy reading others work. That goes for anyone who does this.

I have been working with this "discipline" for a long time now.... I have a collection I want to put up eventually, but I have the impression that I must wait... in the mean time, I'd like to see what others have in that realm... maybe even if there is a parallel... or extra insight.
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