Vivid Dream- warning it has mature content

About a year ago i had this strange vivid dream, more like a nightmare to be honest. i never really thought about it being one of my old life memories till i read in a book that sometimes memories from the past lives find their way to our minds and it was the first thing to pop onto my mind.
it was quite a disturbing dream.

it all happened in flashes of memories- at first i saw a group of children from the ages of 4-13 all divided to pairs- one boy one girl. both seemed to be in the same age. there were 48 kids. and then i saw three adults- one woman and two men. both looked terrifying. they yelled and ordered the children one by one to strip and have sex with their partner. if one refused he was beaten cruelly by the adults. you had to please them or you died. they were forced to do it at least 7 times a day. and the scene changed again, but now i wasn't the watcher, i was a part of the dream i was a girl called Romi. it was dark. i was somewhere underground. but i wasn't alone. i was with seven more children, one of them my partner. we all cuddled to each other starving. we didn't even know the time of day. we couldn't. they brought us in after we had satisfied their needs and left us till our eating time. we ate only once a day at lunch.
i was leaning on my partners shoulder because i was exhausted and he held me. suddenly the door opened a small patch of light entered the room. it was the woman in charge. she handed us our food. and went outside for some reason. i was too weak to move but i couldn't fall asleep because something was bothering me. light. i woke everyone up and we planned our escape, through the secret passage behind the large portrait on the third floor. we ran up the stairs, my partner and i in the back making sure everyone was running. we could hear the arguing. the adults. and we ran faster. They noticed us but we were already near the passage. my partner held the portrait while everyone entered the huge slide that brought us to the back forest. it was my turn to go. i couldn't. i couldn't leave him alone. not after everything we've been through. he argued with me, yelled at me to run. but i didn't. they caught up to us. they shot him in the back and he fell right before my eyes. i screamed and called his name. they tried to control me, but i kicked and bit i wanted to be near him. next thing i know a dagger was sticking through my chest.
and i woke up.

i was inspired by this dream greatly and had decided to start writing a book upon it.
what do you think?:o

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