To Love a Troll

Inside I know but let lies cave in
Climbed with him over hard rocks, verbal acrobatics
He sits around at his computer glorifying brats

I once fell in love with a troll
He was more brilliant than black pearls
So common with expected whirls I sifted

He spun me round like gold
Til I professed my soul be sold
And with my wish I got what I've been told

The pearls that lie between the crags and fissures seep
I knew it all along or so he claims whenever I weep
Bound by visions of softer futures now defamed in dreams

I once fell for a troll that he done listed, like a soldier,
Like all the other bitches double fisted between this boulder.
Cracked my head upon the sand and bled away to drift...

Into the oceans of infinite stretches carrying messages
The essence of his being layered as oafs carve out
Meeting death I say, "Better me than him anyday"

I am fissured
Scarred up from the start

He just wanted a lultz, maybe another cookie
Or maybe sought my soul to fill his void
Either way the story goes on

And on and on again until
No one is left to care
Apocalypse is the dare

Would you kill them all including you?
Would singularity include your hive?
What do you have to give with your hyde side?

You've nothing to give trolls who scare
Just take and take and take like you are on welfare \
It's okay it's human nature to hate and breed

Messiah is coming to hand out love and feed
To give you back your minds, not guilty pleasures
The Messiah is here, I got the map that hides their treasures

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