I do not hold any answer; but I do hold the same question. Hmm, except that I don't really know anything about stones and crystals.
Also, to add to the OP question, how can you feel if a certain "stone" is good; since everyone is different?
Thanks in advance for any useful answer.

Moldavite! If you want to make money and see success/progress in your world, get some. It's worth whatever it costs you, but you can usually find it on eBay for decently cheap.

Kyanite is another favorite of mine, just for feeling good. Bloodstone is good for protection from dark entities and energy vamps. Black Obsidian can be very helpful in certain spells.

And you can never have enough white quartz and rose quartz.

Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head that I personally use the most. But all crystals pretty much rock. :D

1 vote for rose quartz... idk i just FEEL connected to it.
I used to love stones so much I wasn't sure why. Always collecting them and loving them and then giving them away as gifts lol.

Peace & know that no stone can equal the power of your inner light.

Everyone has different affinity toward different kind of gems or crystal.
Just choose whatever resonate the most with you.

Mine are Labradorite, Black Star Sapphire and Moonstone.

I have black tourmaline. One in raw chunk form and a smaller one in necklace form that I wear everyday. I also have a crystal/quartz that seems to fill me with an over abundance of oxygen when I touch it. My favorite is the lemurian seed, supposedly the lemurians put all if their ancient knowledge in them for us to learn from. Iv tried to meditate on them but I don't trust my intuition all that well yet my mind seems to filter and block everything.
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