How Boyfriends Are Like Pencil Sharpeners

[FONT=microsoft sans serif][FONT=Cambria]HowBoyfriends are like Pencil Sharpeners- An Essay on the Dying American Hetero-Male
[FONT=Cambria]Comparing a guy to a pencil sharpener is not to turn him into an object. In fact any generalization that is truthfuland yeah truth is relative, but besides all that, for now in 2014, pencilsharpeners are a dying breed. They arenecessary nonetheless, but since we now have computers most of our writings aredone by key strokes and not by the archaic methods of scribes.
[FONT=Cambria]Pencilsharpeners don’t last long, not like they used to. In the old days we had one common pencilsharpener that was bolted down into a desk and everyone took turns. Those steel pieces lasted a lifetime if notfor several generations of students. Today, we purchase pencil sharpeners that last for maybe a weekdepending how much you write with a real wooden pencil. And since most of the pencils today are madeout of recycled material, they grind on the blades like rubber and wears itdown faster. Pencil sharpeners,especially the generic Chinese types you get at dollar stores are so disposable. So we buy a pack of ten and the waste cansget fuller with more unnecessary garbage, and our pencils are so sharp. [/FONT]

[FONT=Cambria]Indeed,a cheap sharpener will break the pencil and you wind up with a little nub andlead that falls out while you write. If you get the kind with a hood, well thenthose catch the scraps but they cost ten times as much and work maybe ten timesbetter which means you get a sharpener that will last you about ten days if youhave to use it every day. However, ifyou save up and spend your money on an expensive sharpener you have more riskof losing your money since not all sharpeners actually work for all pencils.
[FONT=Cambria]For example, if you like to use those nice pencils that fit well in your hand witha comfortable grip where you can write easily for hours, they are fashioned insuch a unique way that you have to purchase the brand name sharpener that comeswith the line. [/FONT]

[FONT=Cambria]I recently bought a medium grade rotary sharpener, the old-fashioned kind thatdon’t require batteries and it works great. So far I sharpened all the colored pencils and number 2’s, and that wasabout 50 or so I had to sharpen and somewere old while some were new, and yeah some were borrowed and some were blue.Speaking of marriage, you know there is an old Chinese adage that says, “Buyonce, Cry once.” This brings me back tothe point of my analogy. [/FONT]

[FONT=Cambria]If you get a good pencil sharpener, one that will last you a life time, andpreferably not have to rely on batteries, don’t ever screw it down. I find that if you put it between your kneesyou can get just the right pressure so as not to over sharpen the tip to thepoint of where it gets loose and you have to resharpen it thereby lessening it’slength and life span.
[FONT=Cambria]Evernotice how when you sharpen a pencil at school you have to bend it down to getequal shavings? Sometimes you think yougot it sharpened but then pull it out only to see that its all slanted so youdo it again but then that’s too much and it breaks, so you gotta start over andthe pencil gets smaller and smaller. Yeah, boyfriends are just like that. Buy once, cry once, or waste dollars and cents on disposable things thatdon’t last. In the long term, it’s muchmore civic to be a responsible pencil user/sharpener.

[/FONT][FONT=Cambria]Men are not objects and neither are the ideas we write. But in the end, it's the objects and subject matter that define us in America. We are what we buy, and we are all disposable in this era. Copy/Paste/Delete. [/FONT]

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