Re: "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

No, they're going to die. I personally discount the original ending with that narration as non-canon. A cheap way to get another dime-a-dozen Hollywood happy ending when they had source material that was gritty and open ended a bit and left some to the imagination of the viewer.

Even the creators hate it now, and Harrison Ford said he was forced to do both that line of dialog and the one on the roof after Rutger Hauer dies after giving those epic final words. And that he absolutely hated the idea and fought against it. They do a re-cut later on (I think it was called "Blade Runner Final Cut"), and it was MUCH better.

What really gives you the idea that Decker is one too is the scene at the very end, right before he gets onto the elevator, he sees an origami of a unicorn laying on the ground. Not sure if you caught the significance of that, but earlier in the movie it shows him having a dream with a unicorn in it, and mentions in the book that he regularly has that dream. So that was like that origami guy giving him a sign that his past was replicated too just like hers. And it ends with him looking at it suspiciously, then getting onto the elevator with a look on his face that just tells you without saying a word that it set in to him that he indeed is one.

Also on a side note, kinda coincidental and cool I think that the unit they use to test the replicants is called "ESPER"... the term I always personally preferred to use on the types of people that frequent this forum and possess supernatural abilities. I mean at the root of it all it does boil down to extra sensory perception doesn't it? We are using senses outside of the normal 5 to create conditions that could not otherwise be created if limited only to those 5.
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