"I Miss Your Purple Hair"

Hello all. I am not trying to sell my book, merely sharing the fact that I wrote an original novel which was partly inspired by my growing understanding and appreciation of the Indigo/Crystal phenomenon. That book, also largely crafted from real-life 'visions' which manifested in reality within 24 hours (synchronicities), is called "I Miss Your Purple Hair". If anyone is curious, previews of portions are available on Amazon or Lulu.com; and if you Google the title you can find it on many sites. There is a Facebook page for it, and more. I even have an iMix Soundtrack for the book posted on iTunes (searchable as an iMix).

Anyway, while the novel may be in need of a rewrite due to my flowery language, it is thoroughly edited and I feel it conveys an original story (sort of action/adventure style) that was borne of true events I experienced as far as many of the depicted synchronicities. I thoroughly accept the fact that the Universe and all energies are interwoven, because of so many incidents I have documented in my own journals over the years. I tend to "see" imagery at random times; including numerals, detailed scenes (the Japan earthquake and tsunami, for example), full words, symbols, and more. I also hear human voices telling me of an impending event or warning me of a potential tragedy. Once I learned to accept and not be frightened by these things, I decided I was being pushed toward sharing the story that some of the visions helped shape.

Since authoring and self-publishing "I Miss Your Purple Hair", I also wrote a sequel, yet to be edited and published. Since I have given up hope of ever seeing a film version made (I did write what I feel is a representative screenplay adaptaion of "I Miss Your Purple Hair"), I have been slow to complete the sequel, but may one day get on that.

"I Miss Your Purple Hair" tells the story (which my visions depicted will occur in the near future) of a teenaged girl who has been given special abilities and is designated by a greater power to lead the masses toward rebuilding the Earth, in the wake of global devastation. She is one of thousands of such "non-Messiahs" on the planet, some of whom will find the motivation to lead when we will need leadership most. The story takes place in the San Diego Zoo, when a dozen or so survivors are trapped, following major earthquakes. Synchronicity placed them all there strategically, and some of the reasons for them all being there come clear over the course of the story. There is an underlying theme of the power of "three", and some of that is harder to discern until one delves below the surface a bit. The girl's father is a critical catalyst who has the burden of ensuring her survival no matter what. The supporting ensemble include a pair of highly-evolved twin sisters, a clairvoyant young man, and a cynical rock star/photographer. It has elements of humor, but does tell a rather ominous tale about what I saw in my visions about a momentous crisis. Humanity's destiny hangs in the balance, and we are soon going to have to rely on visionary leadership to help ensure we have a future as a species. We will have to decide what course to take - follow the blueprint that got us to where we are today, or follow a new outline crafted by the enlightened children of a new generation. I know which direction I HOPE we take, but it could go either way when the time comes to choose.

Thank you to anyone who reads this long post. In case anyone is interested, the in-progress sequel picks up the story in the future, when the distant descendants of the lead character from "I Miss Your Purple Hair" face a final crossroads for the species and the planet. Nuclear war and the disintegrating eco-systems of Earth force those few remaining to the brink of extinction. Most humans are infertile and it would appear we have finally reached the end of the great Human Experiment. But, a surprising turn of events, enabled by a greater power watching over us, may just save us before the point of no return. A miracle is possible, but there are forces at work who will do whatever it takes to prevent that from saving us. The working title is "Shadows of the Moon" (the book is also inspired by actual visions I have experienced, and partially inspired by the music of Cat Stevens' "Moonshadow"). The project also has its own Facebook fan page. Thank you for reading this.

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