Open your third eye (with Iodine and Boron)

I was having trouble with detoxifying my pineal gland until I discovered the Iodine and Boron combination. Dab a bit of Iodine on yourself, and let it soak in. The faster it absorbs, the more deficient your body is of Iodine (most people are.)

What they don't tell you about Iodine is that it detoxifies the pineal. It also helps with the absorption of other substances, so after you dab some of that on you.. take some Boron (I prefer liquid). Ever since using it (with daily meditation) I have regained my empathetic abilities I had in childhood. I look in people's eyes, and now, I feel their chakra imbalances, fear, and emotions. I have also been able to see energy and aura colors much more frequently as well. This isn't bragging, it's stating what happened ONLY after I used some Iodine. Both of these are readily available at health food places, and Iodine can be found almost anywhere.

Here are some benefits of Iodine:
[FONT=Georgia]•[/FONT]• Fluoride detoxification
• Improved cognitive functioning
• Improved metabolism because it helps the body bio synthesize food into usable nutrients
• Deficiency leaves thyroid gland susceptible to free radical exposure
• Balances hormones resulting in emotional balance (increased libido)
• Can improve fibrocystic breast disease
• Hair growth and hair color restored
• Increased energy
• Radiation protection
• Destroys pathogens, molds, fungi, parasites, and malaria
• Supports apoptosis (programmed cell death of unhealthy cells) to protect against cancer and facilitate youth
• Iodine removes toxic chemicals: Iodine can flush out chemical toxins like fluoride, lead, mercury, biological toxins and can even strengthen the immune system. It also prevents the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the stomach.

I agree Thisnight!!!! those who have us bound by the birth certificate also have been poisoning us with the chemical sodium fluoride, this chemical which i have done extensive research on and have been fighting to stop flouridation of water supplies, this chemical has certain properties that calcify the pineal gland and carry aluminum across the brain matter, Boron and sea kelp(iodine) are excelent for decalcifying the gland. That is ancient knowledge there brother. good stuff good stuff. If u haven't ,I would research the original uses of sodium fluoride(pesticides). Stalin and Hitler used it on prisoners, since the third reich was brought to our ground in the corporation of the united states lolol under "operation paper clip" no wonder why huh?? Hitler was going about the new world order a different way than the 13 wanted.Now it's being done under their eye.
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