What am i feeling and Why?

Hey All :)

Iv been meditating every day recently and Im actually starting to feel things and see things. I sit in the standard position just with hands together in the grip that looks like they are dapping off eachother. But as soon as i start and i get in the zone, m can start to really feel my heart beat, and i can feel the blood rushing to my brain down to my toes. especially in the center of my hands, at this point iv lost feeling of my hands i cant even tell if they are still held together. But i feel the pulse. Ill then start thinking of shapes of geometrical shapes, mostly arrangements of green triangles and different shaped pyramids . I just think of the people iv known, then i go pack to painting a picture, then then ill think about shapes and the universe , i feel like iv visited Saturn .. this spot in the center of my brain ( not directily in the center but i could feel it exactly where) in between my eyes starts tingling and it actually tickled me. i smiled, and concentrate for at least 20 mins (it fealt like an hour, my mouth was soo dry after it) and i start to feel my pulse even more and i notice my heart is racing, so I start to take deep breaths, but the moment i started taking the deep breaths it threw off the zone, and i had to recapture it. None the less, i was conscious the entire time, i didnt fall asleep or anything. I was sure if i had fallen asleep in that state .. i dont even know what wouldv happened ..

This lasted exactly 34 mins and 08 seconds.Right before i set the timer i talk to myself outloud and tell myself that im about to dive somewhere so deep into the universe.
What exactly am i feeling? If its my pineal gland, or my pineal chakra, what does it mean?
Im obviously going to continue doing this for the rest of my life so .. where could this lead to?

Namaste !:) Love yall !!!
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