The meadow

[font=Tahoma]When I started out on my spiritual journey seven years ago, I knew nothing about anything.I still don't know anything for sure. I decided one day I would try and meditate but I didn't know how. I lay on my bed and I just closed my eyes. After a few minutes I was in a little meadow, a beautiful meadow. I saw a wolf, a she wolf called maya. She took me down a path that I knew for me at the time was a well travelled path. A path I had travelled many times before. I arrived at a place where there were tweety birds, a cartoon I thought, I am in a cartoon. Then she led me from the cartoon out into a vast valley, it had no begining and no end, I could not describe the beauty.

For days afterwards I couldn't figure it out and then it dawned on me. Maya took me from my small meadow(small perspective) through the illusion of knowledge being the only way to look at the world, and into a much bigger meadow (larger perspective)[/font]

I found this post on another forum, I wrote it a long time ago.
Interestingly the word maya means illusion. Since I wrote this I have discovered that the best way to quiet my busy mind is to use my imagination. I have also discovered the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

LOve cheeneka x :cloudh
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