Simple Meditation: Getting Into Present Time -The 'Now' Moment

Let's keep this very simple and very practical. There are lots and lots of potential benefits to meditation.

But there is also a key element of meditation that tends to get overlooked, and without it, the potential benefits are dramatically reduced.

Meditation is about getting present - getting into the 'Now' moment. As a human in the awakening process this is profoundly significant awareness to have.

The 'Now' is not a time it is a place. By getting into present time, you actually make a dimensional shift. In present time, you have access to infinite conscious choice.

The normal human lives in unconscious reaction. They are constantly reacting to what they see/think/hear based on their unconscious beliefs/opinions/judgements/assumptions (baggage). They don't realize that this is what they are doing. They are living in a loop of time, constantly recreating their past in their future. They constantly cycle through various dramas/struggles, and they have no concept of personal energy management. They see time as past, present and future. It is a linear perspective.

The highly-conscious human no longer lives in unconscious reaction. They have cleared the baggage. They realize that what they focus their attention on, what feelings they choose, how they configure thoughts and how they express themselves is what drives the engine of creation. They see time as spherical or simultaneous - where all things happen in the same place at the same time. It is a quantum perspective.

In order to get there, it is necessary to become familiar with the concept/feeling/state of being present. And the way to do that is practice. And the best practice is conscious breathing (following the breath) and meditation, where you feel yourself in the body.

The spiritual body lives outside of time and space.
The mental body tends to live in the future.
The emotional body tends to live in the past.
The physical body lives in present time (obviously).

By getting into present time, you bring all the bodies into alignment - an important first step in bridging the physical/non-physical worlds and manifesting your true heart desires.

Over time you will spend more and more time in present time, and you will begin to live in present time.

Welcome to conscious co-creation and the beginning of Mastery.


AlphaLeonis wrote: [b:2r1xudc1]The [i:2r1xudc1]spiritual[/i:2r1xudc1] body lives outside of time and space.
The [i:2r1xudc1]mental[/i:2r1xudc1] body tends to live in the future.
The [i:2r1xudc1]emotional[/i:2r1xudc1] body tends to live in the past.
The [i:2r1xudc1]physical[/i:2r1xudc1] body lives in present time (obviously).[/b:2r1xudc1]
i like this.
i practice Anapanasati meditation. bringing attention to sensations around the upper lip / nose / nostrils.

I read recently (Mindfulness, Joseph Goldstien) that, in meditation, the moment of "Learning" occurs when the practitioner makes the decision to turn their attention back to the breath (or what ever the point of focus).

Hello....... Controlled breathing meditation has been proven to reduce heart problems. Like with Yoga. It works good on reducing headaches also. I have used deep breathing for years to reduce headaches and stress levels. Of course, you do not do alot of real deep deep breathing at work, but some control does help the tuff times and tuff people. Even to the extent that you can feel good about someone or thing that used to bug you.
Spirit may be above the physical and time and space but the best interaction with spirit is when you feel it. Better then thinking about it, speaking about it or hearing about it .......... those moments make it worth the wait.


SeekerTim interaction with spirit is when you feel it...
yes, and that [i:1m8xfa5g]only[/i:1m8xfa5g] happens when we are in present time...intuition/inner-guidance is all about feeling, but the normal worries/doubts etc. about what may or may not happen in our [i:1m8xfa5g]future[/i:1m8xfa5g] based on what we (perceive we have) experienced in our [i:1m8xfa5g]past[/i:1m8xfa5g] keeps us in the past/future loop and unable to allow/access our higher-mind/higher-self/intuition/inner-guidance/innate etc...hence the need to make living in present time a primary intention.

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