Kundalini Yoga / My Back Problems:

So, I thought I used to see posts in here for/about Kundalini Yoga....before I kinda felt safe to explore it or was even interested in it.
Well recently I felt ready, to try it, and had the idea that this could maybe be good for cronic back problems I've had,
on and off from about 2004-2005. No one has really been able to tell me what was wrong. I'm a little older, but I'm still
a young person (38). I shouldn't be having back problems that inhibit turning over in bed, walking, etc. But sometimes
it gets so bad it effects really normal movement.
Anyhow, wishing it away didn't work, and last week I found in a simple
youtube search, a do at home 50 minute introduction Kundalini Yoga practice.

I'm not even approaching the topic here from the spiritual, pineal, etc
Just speaking about it, for now, on the physical benefit angle.

1st try: My back was better the next day.
next day 2nd try: My back pain was gone.

If there's any response here to this I will update how it's going.

I would also like to invite others who've have used this practice, why?, and what effect it's had on you?

Here is the video I've used (all those 2 times now). I will do it again today, and I think when it's had a positive result again, will start looking for other Kundalini videos to try... xo


I use the exact same yoga video. Its a good one. But I had to stop it cause it made my hunger go away. But little kids need to eat , so, I was asked to stop it. :)
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