Ormus Gold

Ormus gold is a life changer which is believed to have superior healing capacity. With its multi-faceted benefits to health and wellness ormus gold could surely be a potential element of the days to come. Ormus gold is known to have a multitude of positive effects in human life boosting life and longevity. Ormus gold as highlighted by David Hudson is a wonder element that is often found in multiple forms like powder and liquid and can have dramatic amount of positive impact on people’s health. Ormus gold is often believed to have a radical influence on health, life and rejuvenation.

ORMUS GOLD WIKI - https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/ORMUS
Alchemical Elixirs - https://www.alchemicalelixirs.com/
David Hudson Lectured - https://youtu.be/0IgYp4Noz90

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Also known as starfire gold. The original alchemy was not about turning lead into gold, but turning gold into starfire/ormus gold. The original purpose was for diffusing into the atmosphere of the Anunnaki homeworld, Nibiru, in order to regenerate their damaged atmosphere. The Anunnaki also consumed it to protect themselves from cellular aging due to solar radiation, and their human servants/worshipers picked up the practice. The process of atomizing gold sounds fairly simple, unless my memory is faulty, it involves using antimony as a catalyst in water, and the process of electrolysis - hence the existence of "the Baghdad Battery".

or using an electronic arc with high voltage, I was "told" that worked too.... Is this stuff really safe, I have heard of people losing their hair and stuff (then again all the buddahs were bald right x) )
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