Re: The Wonders of Essential Oils

:haprain Here is some material for you to educate yourself

 Frankincense oil Is great for Bladder and Brain cancer and also repairs the degeneration of your spine and the repair of your epithelium tissue as well as doing that job in your eyes,
 We should all be incorporating small amounts of this although you have to try and source the right frankincense for you, they all have different actions between the Boswelia Genus try and source a cleanly produced oil as they incorporate dubious ways of refining it, just because it says cold pressed does not mean heat has not been applied therefore denaturing some of the product.

This  is a starting point on where to learn about the most effective oil's it is pointless throwing your money at the first brand you come across because it could turn out useless for your body ... gws_rd=ssl ... 1074720071

Clove oil with an ORAC value over 1 million (the marketed brands connected to promoting the ORAC count averages between 10-20 thousand so you can see the difference.

Thyme Oil Is now replacing antibiotics as the realisation that antibiotics are not good for us and the feeding of it to our cattle because the animals cannot tolerate the Genetically modifying of the grains is reducing our immunity and changing our DNA should be noted by anyone who goes into a doctors and they do not know about this way of safely looking after your body. 

Evening Primrose Oil should be taken instead of Fish Oils, far more beneficial for your body than the mercury contaminated fish oils also repairs the linings in your eyes that feed nutrients into them this is one of the main reasons for eye degeneration.

Squalene oil is found in stinging nettles (a super food) and does not have to be sourced from sharks, To obtain the most squalene out of your stinging nettles dry them out this increases the Squalene by a factor of 4 but reduces the mineral content by 90% so have a mixture of fresh and dried to get the full range of nutrients from the stinging nettle.

Oil of Turpentine has been used down the centuries and millennia as a cure all, pure gum turpentine should be researched thoroughly by anyone with cancer, candida (which is the bodies response to heavy metal toxicity)  sexual diseases parasites. this is so potent that I always advise people to start on one drop every other day on a small amount of raw sugar,
 when your body heals it flushes the toxins that have been neutralised by the action of any healing element through your liver this can overload the liver and cause illness in the body so if you always start slowly, with one drop every other day for the first week or 2 then you allow your body to adjust. and then increase gradually healing can take quite a while and once you start it is more beneficial to heal gradually over the course of months rather than days. 

One other amazing oil Is silibin From the Milk Thistle plant this oil is mainly concentrated in the seed and has amazing effects on the liver and if combined with slippery elm bark can repair so many liver problems it also contributes to making glutathione which can clean your lungs and brain.
One other way of getting the oils into your body is to wear a pair of socks when you sleep and put some of the oils onto your feet or on some cheese cloth this is also a good idea to use onions and chilli peppers when you sleep as well to get the health benefits into your body in a different way.
If you are taking any pharmaceutical medicine always leave a 2-3 hour gap before you take any health promoting product.

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