Could Humans Be From Another World

Last February I had a past life regression confirming what I had always felt since I was a child, that I come from another forest world. I didn't end up remembering much, but I remember being a young woman about the equivalent of 20 years old on earth and was walking through the forest. I was clearly human though I was on another world. I'm sure I was on another world because the white flowing dress I was wearing didn't seem to be from any era in earth's history that I know of. Before this regression as a teenager I would have dreams about aliens and I was surprised that they were human like us because I expected them to look like little gray men that we associate with aliens or to look completely different from us. Could it be that we humans are from another world and this other world could be the forest world from my past life regression. I just finished watching a video explaining that humans could have come from another planet but not entirely sure though my past life regression seems to indicate that they are right.

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