Strange event that happened when I was child

I was about 8 or 9 and I remember sitting outside of a local bus station when a caucasian lady with blonde hair randomly came up to me. I didn't feel a sense of fear even though I was always told by my mom not to trust strangers. She told me something along the lines of "You have the left eye of a god" and I never understood what that meant by it, but when I told my mom about what happened I always use to say mom that was an angel.

I was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience or might know what she meant by what she said to me.
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Re: Strange event that happened when I was child

Everybody is a bit different in this aspect. There are spiritual people in this world, especially common when I lived in Australia, and things came up quite unexpected.

I used to attract people who were religious and they always came up to be saying that they wanted to spread the gospel to me, or wanted to help me in any ways. Not only in the physical world, but also in the spiritual world, that I kept attracting spirits all along the way who had helped me tons in my personal problem when I was in the worst condition possible. Religion in a very tiny way had its good aspect, but everyone who I attracted in the physical world each had flaws on their own, and eventually they faded in my life once I grew up, while they couldn't catch up my fast pace. And that, it happened in a shot span of like 4 years and so.

But no matter where you are, you will attract different people when you are there to attract them. People who are either deeply religious or spiritual sometimes have unseen special abilities that manifest from their desire to help others in need, and they became people who guide others from their doomed life.

The story was ... gloomy. I was basically, say, being abandoned and sent back to where I studied. I had a near fight with my parent, and just in time, one of my relative decided to visit me, and found out the mess that had just happened at my house. Back in Australia, I had to find a motel to stay in before I could find another home for myself, and that was where the helper came, and he turned out to be a very devoted Christian. He sent me to somebody else to get healing, and then my life changed. That person, in my fading memory, was somebody who is extremely powerful in his own might, and might even be God's helper.

Although I am not exactly sure what happened to you that day,, be it experience or enlightenment, I think it is the degree of deep seated feeling and thoughts that came to you that day that is the most meaningful of all. Back after I have met that person though, I got baptised by a cult religiion and almost got brainwashed, so by feelings alone, it is not always enough to tell whether something is really genuire or not. Despite that however, those people in there were *very* nice and caring to me even up till I left the religion and pursue something else. This one I count as a very mixed blessing. But meanwhile that lady might fade away through the streets and your memory, you will need to find the way that you feel and know the best for you/
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