Possible heavy reincarnation experience

I think I may be experiencing an awakening of my indigo spirit’s previous life and it’s been a pretty emotional experience. Wondering if there are other’s having experiences like this. There’s a lot of energies that have been coming to me at night and they all have colors and are always wanting to get at my mind’s eye. I’ve been transforming them using mudra technique, but I often wonder if I’m doing the right thing or not. I can’t seem to learn ways to handle all the energy fast enough something new always comes to me and I’m like blind sighted by new entities or things I haven’t experienced yet. I try to cleanse my home but nothing really helps as it always ends up a mesh of what looks to be different chakra energy around myself and my partner. I don’t want to turn to occultism for this stuff as it might be karmic energy.
White wanderer 🦋🏔🐛

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