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In the last year I have been slowly been accepting and working towards opening myself up to the "rest" of life. I have always felt that there is something else, but could never truely let myself open up to experience it. I am opening myself and trying to pay attention to what is going on around me. I am not necessarily seeing auras or empathic, but I am starting to sense certain energy's in certain people. I will be honest, I am looking for anyone that can read me, give me some insight, help me to continue on my journey, pass me a message, anything really. I have a long road ahead of me and I want to be able to do my best in the travels that I feel are coming at me. Thank you to anyone that can help.

I have a long road ahead of me and I want to be able to do my best in the travels that I feel are coming at me.
I think our best is all any of us can do! Our best fluctuates with the circumstances also.

I've felt this way throughout my life...mostly so in the past few years.

I am finding also that the best thing I've done in all of it is to let go of the 'perfection' concept/game with myself and others. I am learning as much with my mistakes as in my successes.

It used to frustrate me if I did not understand something. At times I've spoken up, and others just thought about it and looked to myself...but...everyone is on a different path...no two are the same as I see it. This is ok. People are on different levels (by different...not good or bad...higher or lower...just different).

As tough as it may seem at times, try not to compare where you are at with others. Try not to take offense if something rubs you the wrong way (I am speaking from experience...something I've had to learn..probably will always be learning...) It is a part of the journey to open up to all perspectives to a certain extent.

You may either know or something will be an 'ah ha' moment...and there is synchronicity...

What interests you now? What would you like to learn about most? What calls to you? When I'm in a mood of "Not sure...I just want to know it all" I pick something that I might have been avoiding because maybe I disagree with it, maybe it really doesn't interest me, or something that I think I know a lot about so I am going to dig deeper on it.

Nice to meet you! :)

Thank you for replying, I really am in a confusing space right now and not sure what to start with. I have been dealing with issues with my sister forever, ( typical personality differences ) I have been having health issues that have seemingly come from no where and doctors are unable to figure anything out.( all test show that I am healthy, yet I am dealing with chronic hives) we lost my FIL 2 yrs ago, my children scare me with their energy because I don't understand them and feel that there is so much more to them then meets the eye, my neice seems to be struggling with sociopath and BPT tendency's ( she is one that I see a dark energy around and I have trouble spending much time with her as she causes me to feel instantly on gaurd and irritable). my husband is a classic Indigo( that I have trouble understanding as well but am trying so hard too and to be a help to him, because he is not embracing his natural talents) I also just lost my grandfather and am scaring myself with the calm and peace that I am dealing with it. My life has been been one change after another in the past 3 years, yet somehow I am dealing with them ok and know that there is some Devine energy that is helping me, I just want to learn more about working with it and not against it. I am new to opening myself up and accepting the "unconventional".

To pick one thing right now that I need an answer to is.... Do I have some ability or am I truly just one of the ordinary that are here to help ground my spouse and children. What are my abilities in this life time?
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