global warming according to the nature around us

Finally had a day off and drifting into a nice nap began to wonder what it would be like if the Earth, Sun and Moon could talk.

This is what I think a discussion of global warming would be like for them. Enjoy

Have you ever felt the Earth, asked the Sky.
have you ever felt the Earth, asked the wind.
Have you seen the sea asked the sun.
I have not, said the moon, but I've felt it move.
Have you ever touched the Earth, the sea asked.
I have touched you both, said the wind.
Have you felt my warmth, asked the Sun.
A yes abounded from the sky, the moon, the Wind, Earth and Sea.
We have all felt you warmth, said the Earth in exultant elation.
You have held us in your warmth and importance for as long as we have been.
The Sun flickered in silence, it's light shone brightly more so then millennia long ago.
The Earth, Sea, Sky, Wind and Moon puzzled at the Sun's seeming silent lament.
We are warm said the Earth, Sky, Sea and Wind, but the Moon stayed silent.
We are warm said they all again with fateful revelry, we are warm and safe in your embrace.
The Sun flickered and flared, but stood silent and bright.
We are warm staid they all, with a moment of selfless candor.
We are warm, and safe so you may rest our noble Sun.
The Sun remained silent, only a pop and hiss to be heard.
You may rest your light and warmth, oh star of our well being.
They all were silent, as the Sun said with a crackle in it's voice of fire, I can no longer see you.
The Earth rumbled, the Wind gasped, the Sky darkened, the Sea crashed, but the moon was silent.
I can no longer see you, said the Sun for my gifts to you are in my faith and nature.
Then the Moon said, I can no longer see you as well.
The Wind howled, But we are of your light. How can you not see?
The Sun gave a pause and its vapor flared as it said, your gifts I can no longer see.
Our gifts, our gifts, what are they that you speak, said the Sea.
Your gifts as mine, from light, and Earth, and Sea, and Wind, and Sky is what I speak
They all thought of the gifts they gave, The Sea it's water, the Earth it's lands and trees, The Sky and wind, and the air they both share with all, but none could understand the Sun's lament.
Tell us, tell us our wonderful Sun, what has made you so you cannot see.
The Sun crackled again, knowing it's gifts were also to blame, I speak of humanity.
The Earth Rumbled, and Sky, Sea and Wind were aghast. Our humanity, what have they done?
The Sun remained silent, with but a crackle and hiss. Then The moon said as it faded, they have clouded you Sky and Wind, ravaged you Earth, and Poisoned you Sea. for that is of their nature and folly.
The Sun heaved, and sighed, and crackled, as it once again lighted the moon, my gifts are yours, you see, but I fear my blessings have become your fulmination.
What do you mean, the sea sprayed.
What blessings are of menace that we cannot see, the Earth grumbled.
The Wind wheezed as the Sky sighed, What can we do?
The Moon shimmered in full glory, I am sorry for not saying before, but Sky, Sea, Wind and Earth I can feel your warmth from my darkness.
Then Wind, Sea, Earth and Sky all bellowed, what can we do. Before a silence fell between them all.
The Moon drew darkness upon itself and the Sun only hissed and crackled.
Then the Wind spoke, it's voice gallant and strong, You no longer have to give us warmth oh wondrous Sun.
The Sun, crackled and hissed in silence, as it's light and Warmth fell upon them all.
The Wind whistled, and the Sky shone bluer then before, yes that is it, you can rest, our glorious Sun.
Again the Sun glowed in silence, but for a crackle and hiss.
The Earth moved as the Sea crashed, what say you our glorious Sun.
Nor a reply, but for crackle and hiss was heard, and all were silent.
The Moon glinted and gleamed, as all waited for their Sun Their glorious and warm Sun to speak.
But the Sun did not for fear of granting more of it's gifts upon them all in earnest.
Why do you not rest your warmth on yourself the Sky said, in it's gray and open way.
Only a crackle and hiss was heard, as the Sun warmed them all.
The moon now spoke with silvery words, Our Sun, our glorious and warm Sun, cannot do as you ask.
Why, why do you say that Moon, Sun has given you it's gifts as well, said the Sea.
The Moon slid into it's shadows as it said, as the nature of it's gifts and yours have a commonality.
They all pondered and stared as the Sun shone and glared back at them.
The Moon came to a smile as it said, for Humanity is as a Star as it grows and it shines It's lives crackle and hiss for accolade, with warmth and light for all to see, and it is in their nature as in all humanity. For they both cannot help be as they be, for Man is man and a Star is a star neither can deny their nature.

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