explaining naturopathy

35 years ago when i was introduced to naturopathy and naturopathic detox therapies they were little known by the general public, in spite of a long successful history of ‘curing the incurables’.

since being introduced to this school of healing in 1976, i’ve tracked public awareness about naturopathy and natural healing in general. its gone from near invisibility to one of the best known healing modalities on the internet.

i'll say no more by way of introduction to my topic-- i wrote a series of blogs entitled ‘explaining naturopathy’ that do exactly that. lets get going-- here is the first:

Explaining Naturopathy, part 1: Simple Logic

Naturopathy is a system of healing involving a comprehensive view of physiology and how the body works. We never say ‘We don’t know the cause, there is no cure.’ It is neither complicated nor mysterious, It is explainable and logical– you can understand the physiology of your body. By learning basic principles, anyone can know whats going on in there and why and what to do about it. Anyone willing to change diet and habits will heal.

Formally, as far as literature, schools and practice go, the roots of naturopathy go back at least 150 years. So this is nothing new and yet to be proven by experience. The ideas it encompasses tho– inner cleanliness thru pure food and water, fasting, wholesome exercise and a serene mind, etc. are old beyond old. In practice, the naturopath sticks to Hippocrates’ creed: At least do no harm.

This article is about understanding physiology according to basic naturopathic principles.

Naturopathy seeks to encourage the body’s own inherent and automatic healing process through diet and lifestyle changes, natural remedies and cleansing therapies. Symptoms are seen as evidence of healing, not as illness itself. They also are interpreted as indications of the underlying causes. The natural agents and therapies recommended are selected in order to do no harm, and to promote healing of the entire organism rather than to merely suppress specific symptoms. The overall condition of the body terrain determines illness or wellness.

Naturopathy fosters vital force. This term includes what is commonly known as the immune system and other factors such as energy level, muscular strength and digestive efficiency, all of which make for a healthy individual. Protecting vital force, is of prime importance. Therapies that harm or inhibit life force are never used in naturopathic practice.

A naturopath is a teacher of wellness. Education of the patient toward changes in lifestyle is an equally important part of the process. Indeed, success depends more on the patient and what they are willing to do, than what the naturopath can do for them. No one can eat for you, no one can fast for you.

In learning to heal naturopathically we learn about what to do when we are ill (rest, lighten the diet, keep the colon moving, use herbs and homeopathy) and more importantly what to do while we are well in order to heal our chronic tendencies. Detox/cleansing programs that take place when we are not necessarily ill are the heart of naturopathy and are the reason why this method consistently brings about ‘miracles’ of healing.

Many people turn to naturopathy only after they have been told by conventional experts that they cannot get well. That so many of these ‘hopeless cases’ cannot only reduce symptoms but actually transform themselves to health, is proof of efficacy.

I have been using naturopathic therapies personally for 35 years and have been in practice as a traditional naturopath/herbalist for 27. In that time I have encountered many many people who refused to allow themselves to hear this hopeful message about natural healing. But of those who have opened themselves to the simple logic of the detox practices, no one has ever argued with me about it. As I explain the principles they all exclaim ‘That’s right’, ‘I know’ and ‘Yes, that’s logical’.

There’s a saying from the old-time naturopaths: ‘All disease is curable but not all patients’. This means that not everyone will accept these new ideas, and even fewer are willing to do the intimate, individualized work necessary to heal.

When toxic conditions compound over time and are suppressed rather than healed, they move from acute (like a cold, something you will get over) to chronic (ongoing like asthma or bronchitis) to degenerative (‘advanced’, involving the actual breakdown of tissues and function like lung cancer or emphysema). I’m not saying its easy to ‘cure’ an advanced condition but with patience and dedication it can be done and has been done and is happening more and more as the world learns about naturopathy.

Given the information and the will to proceed, anyone can get well. And let me assure you of this: Naturopathic healing is not expensive. In fact it can be accomplished on the sparest of budgets.

When I first encountered naturopathy in my mid-20′s, I was already very ill and rejected by the conventional system as ‘imagining’ my problems. Attending a series of lectures by a traditional naturopath, I heard the message and recognized it as truth. I learned and carried out the various modalities intently for many years and continue to adhere to the principles as habit and lifestyle. Naturopathy saved my life. It gave me quality of life and if you want to take it up and do the work, it can save yours.

i will be posting these one by one. if you wish to read ahead they are posted here explaining naturopathy

There are a few people I wish I could get to listen to this. I deem this "widsom". I'm glad you have this forum. It may very well be one of the most important reads ever read.

Explaining Naturopathy, part 2: Toxicity

Most important to understanding naturopathy is our view of the nature of ‘disease’: There is only one disease. Its called toxicity. Toxicity is the basic problem in why you are ill. In naturopathy we talk about it all the time. I want you to be very sure of what I’m talking about:

Your body naturally rids you of waste materials thru the actions of colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. Some toxins/detox are normal end products of metabolism: bowel movements, urine, sweat, exhalation of CO2, etc. Then of course there is the environmental toxic load which is at unprecedented levels at this point in history.

Food additives and processed, denatured foods that cannot be properly digested are especially dangerous. The stress of trying to deal with toxic load while eating a bad denatured diet brings a third level of chronic toxic buildup from over-worked organs that can’t take care of it all. They will do whats most important and then try to store the toxins in the best way it can in other tissues, hoping you’ll wake up someday and save yourself. Flab and acne are common toxic dumps.

Note the spiraling progression: the more insults heaped on the system, the weaker and more overtaxed the guardian organs become and the less they can deal with it all, because of the amount, the build-up over time and the progressive weakening of the detox organs themselves. Problems ensue and spread thru the body– a toxic condition. In naturopathic detox therapy we stop taking it in and seek in every way to restore and regenerate the organs of detox, thereby relieving conditions thruout the body.

…and that is the source of most illness. That is why I don’t care what you tell me, what you think you’ve ‘got’, what you think you should take, I’m going tell you ‘You’re toxic, you need to detox.’ Period. Everyone who hasn’t, needs to or will suffer the consequences. Period. That’s how it is at this time on this planet, at least in the contaminated developed world.

Therefore: Diagnosis is not all-important. You do not need to have a name for your illness. Especially if your caregiver can’t heal you of it anyway. I know I’m really stepping on toes here, really slaying a sacred cow. If the conventional system can do anything, it can in most cases eventually give you a scary name for your condition and tell you it can’t be healed. Most people are convinced that healing from serious illness is impossible and that is just untrue.

Unless you have already embarked on a cleansing path you are in a toxic state. And toxicity= inflammation= uncomfortable symptoms= ‘disease’. So many of your symptoms are plain old toxicity that until you have detoxed for a year you can’t possibly know what, if anything, is actually ‘wrong’, such as organ damage, tissue damage, genetics, etc. (these things can eventually heal also, genetic tendencies do not have to manifest…). By the end of the year, 80% of your symptoms will be gone or changed for the better. In addition to feeling so much better, you will be much more informed and less scared.

Some examples: Blockages to circulation leading to various other ‘diseases’ start with toxic buildup. Liver, kidney and pulmonary diseases begin with an overtaxed organ trying to function in a toxic stew. It should be obvious that bowel diseases begin with denatured toxic food, lack of knowledge and poor choices. Auto-immune conditions in which ‘the body attacks itself, we don’t know why’ originate in toxic conditions where the body can hardly recognize itself any more.

Simple and logical…

[To be continued...]

Explaining Naturopathy, part 3: Symptoms

Something you need to understand about symptoms: Symptoms indicate not only the nature of the problem, but are evidence of the body’s will to heal itself.

If you have a cough for instance, then for sure you have ‘disease’ or weakness in your lungs, brought on by your toxic state, which has developed from your lifestyle thru voluntary choices and involuntary realities. At the same time your cough is a healing reaction– your body is trying to clear your lungs spasmodically. In naturopathy we have many modalities that can aid the body to clear the lungs and heal the active cough, as well of modalities to practice while well in order to gradually reduce the tendency toward succumbing to coughs.

We never seek to suppress the cough, as with a commercial ‘cough suppressant’. Instead we employ expectorants, which help the lungs expel the mucous. Should it be necessary there are natural agents that can ease a painful cough.

Suppression lets the toxins remain and sink deeper into the tissues. Then the next cough is worse. Taking suppressive medications is why acute illnesses like coughs and colds have become more chronic, longer lived and more serious in the general public. Most pharmaceuticals suppress the symptoms.

When the body's own detox/healing process is chemically halted by medications, the immune system is blocked and impaired. The entire organism is weakened and left open to more serious illness.What conventional thought calls ‘disease’ is actually evidence of the body’s effort to heal. Naturopathy teaches us to get out of the way and let it happen.

Toxicity is why we age. There is a natural component to aging, its true; there is a winding down, a slowing down, yes. But loss of function and the onset of pain and illness are not inevitable in the aging process.

The difficult and degenerative effects of aging are due to the cumulative effects of toxic buildup over time and the effects of suppressed, improperly and incompletely healed conditions from the past.
This is why we must live in perpetual detox and learn to heal in the naturopathic manner which hides nothing and heals completely.

Common symptoms of toxic build up, if they are chronic but not debilitating: bad breath, smelly feet, body odor, wrinkles and ‘aging’, carrying a gut (not a good sign at all), flab, very dry or oily hair, dandruff, slow healing wounds, rashes, pimples, ‘skin conditions’, tooth and gum problems, aches and pains, headaches, ‘allergies’ and reactions, etc.

Some of these symptoms are examples of the body throwing stuff out, like rashes and pimples releasing toxins thru the skin. Others, like the aches and pains, can be from entrapped toxins in muscles an joints. Best not let the stuff in to begin with, maintain inner cleanliness, and to preserve enough liver strength to handle what is unavoidable. This is what naturopathy seeks to do in encouraging a certain type of diet and lifestyle. This is what we work on in our everyday lives while we are well.

I learned classical naturopathy from studying the work of these old-time naturopaths. Most were quite ill to begin with, just like many of us who end up turning to naturopathy. Dr. Christopher was in a wheelchair as a child until his mother began to work with a naturopath. He was an active 89 when he died peacefully. Dr. Norman Walker was quite ill as a young man, but died at age 109, still active, still walking a mile a day. Dr. Bernard Jensen, my first teacher’s mentor, died at age 93. I saw a photo of him at age 85. He looked like a vigorous 60 year old. Following naturopathic practice preserves youthfulness, energy and flexibility into old age.

Here is how these old-time naturopaths described the whole scope of healing: Death begins in the colon. The colon is the primary detox organ, the sewer pipe. And retains materials, if a chronic buildup begins, the whole body is poisoned and all the other detox organs become over-burdened and less efficient. Naturopathy stresses that the heart of healing, the inner secret of health and youthfulness, is a clean and functioning colon.

In presenting a certain type of diet and lifestyle, naturopathy promotes that internal cleanliness thru various types of therapies. Toxic intake is lessened and the body strengthened to deal with the unavoidable toxic load.

Simple visual assessment is a powerful diagnostic tool. A healthy person looks healthy. A sick person doesn’t. Naturopathic cleansing actually brings out the best in people. Their well-being is obvious, if you are looking. More commonly you will see the ravaging effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Skin tone is a very obvious indicator of good health. I look for pink, not gray, firm, not puffy, clear not spotty or mottled. Another obvious and important detail is the gut. Anyone carrying a gut is in trouble– death begins in the colon. Within lies the source of their illness, unacknowledged perhaps for the moment, but surely brewing. Even a genetically thin person with a flat abdomen can be carrying a sad surprise in the gut and this will reveal itself in skin tone. Facial skin tone is the first thing to show the positive changes when people start their detox-- they lose the gray and start to pink up.

Posture and gait– stooped twisted, uneven, these are full body imbalances. Flab is extreme toxicity. And there are many other fascinating details that can be observed without the aid of instruments or machines, even including modes and patterns of speech.

I am never wrong in my visual and aural assessments, which I can’t help making, altho I can’t tell people what I see if I haven’t been asked. I am emphasizing once more here that all the tools to wellness are simple and easy to grasp, well within our ability to learn and use.

These are the principles of illness and wellness according to naturopathic thought: that as we build up a toxic bodily condition, we develop illness. We can be diagnosed with a ‘disease’, but at the root of disease and the possibility of recovery, is our own unique type of toxic condition.
Therefore in order to heal, we need to address our diet and lifestyle and make detoxifying changes. In the world as it is at present, we need to live in a constantly detoxifying way. The practice proves itself rapidly. I have consistently found that people who undertake it report vast improvements in 2-10 days.

This therapy follows natural law and the path is heartening and fascinating, full of hope. It pulls you into, immerses you in the natural world. Tho I have not specifically mentioned the spiritual/mental/emotional/psychological aspects of illness and wellness, entering into this natural world facilitates developing calm, confidence and a deep knowledge and acceptance of self.

I've strayed majorly from the naturopathic lifestyle that I had learned about last year from your blogs and chatting with you and others on this path. I've been eating graveyard for for quite some time by pure laziness.. my body, after it began detoxing last Spring, felt great.. I experienced new things, had new cravings.. and as you said, it's ok to relapse, so I'm not gonna beat myself up. This is normal, but I'm getting back on the train. I see how slowed and immobile and aching my body becomes when I am not on this naturopathic lifestyle, and this raw foods vegan lifestyle.

Along with this shift and transition and new year.. my body needs to be in top shape, I just know it. A week ago, I was rolling on the floor in the worst pain of my life. I had a severe, unexplained case of heart burn. My entire stomach was rolling inside out, all my muscles were cramped, entire front torso was burning inside.. deep pressure and deep pain. I went through all the possibilities of origin; I couldn't explain it. I sucked down two glasses of sodium bicarbonate and water as well as swallowing raw aloe. The pain ceased and I felt better.

Just a week or so before that, I had a 24-hour fit. It was unexplainable, but I had constant sneezing, head pressure so bad and seemingly un-remedy-able, that only a scarf tied tightly around my head worked, dizziness, runny nose, and a fever. I did every remedy. Two major hot baths, the scarf, smelling eucalyptus oil all day, a spicy concoction of every spice in the cupboard boiled in water and swallowed, reishi, sex... everything. I even resorted to aspirin. :(

I also had an ear infection the other day...

I finally went grocery shopping, bought all vegetables and fruits. The only meat in the house is spoiled chicken lo, there is butter, cheese, and milk (for my partner). but for me, lots of veggies and fruits. I need to detox, bad. If I wanted to do a detox, what's your best and cheapest idea? A fast with one salad a day? Lots of water? An organic-certified detox tea?

I've switched all my hygiene products and house cleaners (one thing so far, laundry detergent from washing soda, borax, and lavender oil). I use all natural stuff now. I make my own deodorant, my own toothpaste, on the verge of making my own soaps, but I'm using Dr. Dronner's castile soap for now, and use coconut oil as moisturizer, lotion, hair gel, and conditioner, and I use a facial trimmer, no razor or shaving cream.

All help would be appreciated in a clean-feeling, legitimate, detox program. I'm willing to do anything suggested. Even if it's intense, I need this. It's time to start being logical with my body again. I even degraded my morals a few nights for McDonalds...............

hehehe-- this is how it goes michael. on the wagon, off the wagon, back on again. i still do it. i really feel its some kind of necessary physical adjustment. anyway, every time you come back you are more determined to stick with it. you know what to do-- just get back to it.

we have to forgive ourselves for our lapses. you just can't heal if you're hating yourself. why bother? we have to forgive even to the point of forgiving ourselves for not being able to forgive ourselves. :)

Thanks.. I will just get back on it. :) I ate a banana some grapes, and carrots today. I'm going to try some Japanese food today, I promised a friend I would try it with them when the place opened.. I feel more determined this time to get back on the wagon. :)

Explaining Naturopathy, part 4: Healing Symptoms

At the core of naturopathic healing is what you do while you are ‘well’. Most importantly you start to change your diet slowly to one of whole foods emphasizing raw fruits and vegetables. You learn about herbs and begin to use them singly and in combination. The small steady changes you make have an effect on your health and vitality quickly which gives you the confidence to go on and learn more. Then you can begin naturopathic cleanses which are short periods of time on a very limited diet, with or without herbs, and move on to actual fasting, liquid diet, the most powerful healer of all.

But before you begin the naturopathic detox program you need to know how true healing feels. It is possible that you will feel ‘ill’ even as you are feeling better. As it leaves your body, your chronic state of toxicity can manifest in reverse. The symptoms are known as healing symptoms, or healing crisis.

This occurs when the body releases toxins at a faster rate than they can be disposed of, resulting in a possible increase in symptoms, or at times nausea, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, muscle cramps, mood swings. Actually it mostly happens when you get over-enthusiastic and do too much too fast. This is why I advise going slowly, step by step. I cannot over-emphasize that.

People have said to me ‘I can’t fast. I get headache and nausea right away from fasting’.This is the answer:

Those are detox symptoms. The point of fasting is that when your body does not have to digest-digest-digest as usual it gets a chance to do a little housekeeping/healing. It will throw toxins out of the tissues where it has had to store them, waiting for you to wake up and get to work on healing. They enter the bloodstream, then pass thru your liver and kidneys which break down and eliminate them. This process produces those symptoms- headache and nausea are very common. So those symptoms indicate you are toxic and need to devote some time to purposely change your diet. And then you can try detox programs.

All of the healing steps I mentioned above, even the initial gradual change to better diet, can produce healing symptoms. These symptoms are not dangerous in themselves. You stop, you rest, you wait them out. If you need to slow down the symptoms you take a step back toward eating heavier foods and they subside.

Rest is an important but nearly forgotten element of healing. Retreat and take it easy. For this reason also, you should try arrange to do the programs when you have time to yourself and few responsibilities. If that is not possible, if you have to work for example than take my repeated advice– please and go slow. Take baby steps. Even small efforts toward true healing will help you noticeably. Don’t ever push yourself– its a misunderstanding of the whole idea to do so. Stress negates healing.

When you observe these uncomfortable healing sensations from within with understanding, you find them subtly different than the distressing signs of illness. They come from your strengthened vital force getting in there and cleaning house, tossing things out, changing things around- eliminating toxic tissue and rebuilding. Pains tend to be sharper and don’t last very long before they leave or change again. There is a clean brisk energy to them. You soon learn not to confuse them with illness. You might feel spacey or foggy but not the heavy days-on-end yuck that you felt when you were toxic and didn’t know it.

These symptoms are not dangerous in themselves. You stop, you rest, you wait them out. Stepping back to a slightly heavier diet will usually cut back the healing symptoms. Its important to understand and be familiar with these effects, and to keep your wits about you. Unfortunately, you cannot go to a conventional health care professional and get valid help with these symptoms. This is not part of their outlook and training. They may see your symptoms as disease rather than healing, and want to take measures that are not appropriate.

As you work at detox healing, you learn to monitor how your vital force is strengthening.
Awareness of this strengthening qi, becomes your proof of efficacy. It is a great relief and even a joy. So by staying in touch with that blossoming vital force, any healing symptoms are understood and accepted gratefully. They really have their own type of beneficial vital energy to them. When healing symptoms subside, there will come surges of well-being, not just feeling better than you have recently, but feeling better than you ever have.

Some conditions cannot heal without a crisis. Nearly 30 years years ago I went thru a 6 week cleansing rigamarol for abdominal congestion. I had 7 years of healing experience and it had come to this crisis-in-itself. I did this that and the other during this time including a 10 day fast and castor oil packs, fresh wild herbs for the female system. Eventually I passed uterine tumors. I hadn’t known I had them, I’ll never know what they were (probably fibroids, another way that the body confines and isolates toxic material), but I had followed the programs and out they came. It was intense, like a miscarriage, but they could not have come out any other natural way. So that was the healing crisis for that condition. And from the way I felt when it was over, and I mean like immediately, there was no doubt that I had experienced a major healing.

Note that this did not happen early on when it would have been confusing and alarming. I had worked up to it and had the experience to understand what happened. Not that it wasn’t surprising and amazing and miraculous..

I also had major structural problems. As I straightened out I would experience bizarre muscle and joint pains. I learned that if an exquisitely intense pain could make me laugh with the absurdity of it, it was pain of healing.

Your body is always talking to you thru the manifestation of symptoms. Before you got on to your healing program they were symptoms of illness, imbalance and so on, actually trying to tell you of the need to heal. If you devote yourself to a genuine program- most importantly diet change, followed by the adjunct therapies- then the meaning of the symptoms changes and whatever you’re feeling can actually be called healing symptoms, or the occasional healing crisis.

There is so much hope in naturopathic healing…

Go slow, rest, use common sense, laugh if necessary at the absurdity of it…

[more to come...]

Explaining Naturopathy, part 5: Summary of Naturopathic Principles

In November, 1976 I attended a 5 night lecture series given by a traditional naturopath. At that time, altho naturopathy had been well-established for decades as a refuge for those who were abandoned by the conventional system– for hopeless cases, for dire prognoses, for people who had been told that their very real symptoms were psychological– it was virtually unknown to the general public.

At 25 years old I was beginning to realize that there was something wrong with me physically. Others my age had a lot more stamina, for one thing. I had pain and many strange symptoms. So far family had always said I had a flawed character that made me lazy and negative, and the medical system were telling me that I was imagining my symptoms in order to gain attention. I knew tho, that my problems were real and getting worse. Add the fact that hereditary cancer was likely kill me at an early age...

I was fascinated from the first moment of this class. I remember thinking during the lectures, ‘Wow! this all makes sense, it all hooks together, and its not complicated. Its cheap and I can do it all by myself!’

It wasn’t scary like entering the medical system, in fact it was beautiful, like being outdoors looking for herbs. I took notes, shared them and discussed them with a friend. We both got going.

The idea that you do not need a name for your illness was particularly intriguing. Indeed, it turned out that my illnesses hadn’t been named yet. In 1976 ‘Candidiasis’, ‘Fibromyalgia’, and ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’, the entire constellation of related symptoms which I’d had nearly all my life, hadn’t been officially noticed or thought about yet, except as those ‘imaginary symptoms’ perhaps. I was able to dig in and get started on healing them anyway.

So began my now life-long healing path. I am still peeling back layers of the onion to uncover the roots of my health problems back to infancy. I know now that I did indeed inherit the cancer that killed my mother, grandmother and 2 great aunts, all in their 40’s. Its a constant struggle for me to be well in this world but I have an active life, if an unusual one, and have never suffered like my mother did. At 61 years old, I have out-lived her by 17 years.

In the 35 years since I took that initial class, naturopathy has become a leading well-known alternative therapy. Yet these are the very same principles I learned in1976, ancient principles that have been taught as such for around 100 years. They hold together, they form a system, they make sense and they work. Nothing has changed.

Principles of Naturopathy

1) Move to a whole live foods diet, high in raw fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables– fruits and vegetables– fruits and vegetables. These are the cleansers, healers and builders.

2) Death begins in the colon. Clean it out, keep it clean, keep it moving!

3) Learn to cleanse and to fast. These are skills and need practice. You use these skills to purposely detox and heal. You also employ them whenever you are ill.

4) Internal toxicity is at the root of all illness. Detox in every way, continually. Its not something you do once. If you want to be well in the world today, you must live in perpetual detox.

5) You do not need to have a name for your illness! So many of your symptoms are plain old toxicity that until you have detoxed for a year you can’t possibly know what, if anything, is actually “wrong”, i.e. organ damage, tissue damage, genetics, etc. By the end of that year, 80% of your symptoms will be gone or changed for the better and you will be much more informed and less scared.

6) Inform yourself about herbs and homeopathy. Use these remedies to support detox and focus specifically on your individual situation.

7) The old-time naturopaths said ‘All conditions can be healed– but not all people.’ Many people will not allow themselves to even hear about this type of healing, others will hear, talk but do nothing. Naturopathic healing is all in the doing.

Explaining Naturopathy, part 6: Creating Healthy Terrain-
Programs and Practices

I have said that at the heart of naturopathic healing are the programs and practices you undertake daily, whether well or ill or anywhere in between. They are practices in every sense of the word-- they form a daily routine; they require time and repetition to master and in order to take full effect; it is necessary to learn them while well so that you can apply them when ill.

These programs strengthen your inner terrain-- your inner cleanliness, vital force, resistance, and immunity. They bring you to a state in which you are less affected by outer physical stresses of ‘germs’ and ‘diseases’. We were all brought up to believe in ‘germ theory’: there are organisms always lurking out there that can fall on us at random and destroy us-- the best we can do is try to avoid them and kill them when we encounter them. The ‘law of terrain’ dominates over germ theory tho and constitutes the truth of natural law, as every gardener knows: when the terrain is correct for the plant, the plant remains strong and immune to bugs and disease, even when other plants nearby are affected.

So you take on these practices in order to clean up and maintain that vital inner terrain. This is what was so fascinating and encouraging to me from the first-- what I do for myself, just me on my own, would save me, lessen my suffering, save my own life, and it has.

Of course I’m not virtually alone with it now as I was for many years. So many people are learning about naturopathic practices now, and the information and support is more easily found.

Here is a summary of practices in the order they might unfold for a person who is not in dire condition to start with. This is a way to begin your endlessly rewarding, hopeful and fascinating journey to establish and maintain a thriving inner terrain.

(#1) Change your diet toward eating only fresh, whole, live foods. Give up heavy breakfasts and move toward fruit-just-fruit. For your other meals move toward bigger salads. Learn and practice food combining. Avoid packaged, processed non-foods, anything that contains additives of any type. Get away from refined or processed grains and heavy proteins. Eat less and less heavy cooked food in general.

Move toward a diet of at least 70% raw fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t matter if you take forever to get there, or never get there-- you get on this path, you walk it.. There is much more to developing and maintaining healing diet but this is a start.

(#2) You must move those bowels everyday at least once, preferably more! Keep your colon moving and healing with flaxseed tea, ground flaxseed and other natural aids. Use probiotics such as fermented foods like sauerkraut, raw vinegar, acidophilus supplements and so on.

(#3) Learn about herbs and start using some simple remedies -- mint or ginger for digestion, chamomile or a commercial herbal sedative combination for insomnia, for instance. Now give up the use of aspirin, antacids, sleeping pills, etc. Likewise, begin a study of homeopathy and the common household and first-aid remedies. If you have the chance to take a beginner’s class in herbology or homeopathy, do so.

(#4) You have now done enough preparatory work that you can look into taking rounds the blood cleaner teas such as red clover, dandelion, yellow dock as your first form of liver detox.

(#5) As your knowledge and experience grows, and after some time on this more healing, cleansing diet, you can now look into fasting and cleansing programs and flushes. These are the most daunting and yet the most rewarding of all therapies. If you have chronic problems you must now consider stepped-up colon cleansing such as colonics, fasting with enemas, purchasing an enema board, etc.

(#6) All this time you are determined to educate yourself in order to do the following:

--avoid further use of antibiotics, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals
--avoid any more amalgam fillings and consider carefully the removal of those that you have.
--avoid toxic chemical exposure from any source- cosmetics, shampoos and soaps, hair coloring, laundry products, food additives paint, household cleaners, pesticides-- used on an area now or possibly in the past, any bad air or fumes, dusty, moldy environments, etc.
--avoid chlorinated, fluoridated water. Certainly for drinking and swimming. Even for bathing and showering if possible
--attend in every way to your mental/emotional/psychological stress and develop character thru spirituality
--stop smoking, drinking, any "bad habits"

(#7) Engage in regular moderate exercise: at least walk, deep breathe and stretch (do yoga) regularly.

(#8) With some detox experience, you can have a look at those ‘miracle cures’- this product, that product, this therapy, that therapy, more specific to your problems. Just don't expect miracles, tho they sometimes do happen. The real miracles will come mainly from sticking to and developing your detox diet and cleaner lifestyle. Nothing will work and stay if you are not eating eating whole live foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

(#9) Become aware of the meaning of your symptoms and understand which are healing symptoms. Become aware of your strengthening qi/physical vital force. Stronger qi means better health. All of your beneficial practices augment qi, diminish the strength of your original problems and discourage the appearance of new ones.

(#10) And now you know the meaning of perpetual detox and the importance of sticking with it. You understand the law of terrain and appreciate its importance. You will of course be slipping, ‘cheating’, wavering, going back and forth from old habits and thoughts to new. This is normal. Each time you return to the path, you will see and feel even more clearly the importance of the program. What ‘most people’ do will start to seem stranger than what you are doing. And if you are lucky you will meet others who do this, or be able to point some sufferer in this direction.

rabana, thank you so much for this thread and for posting links to three of your threads, on your 'seeking support' thread. I am finally getting around to reading them.
This information is so very well written. I really need to hear this. I hope I can begin to take on board the principles listed here. I eat a reasonably healthy diet, but I need to learn to 'think' this way of life, and so this thread is an excellent starting point.

i have to say this info as it appears was seemingly channeled. i mean i knew it, knew it well, but it seemed overwhelming to try to organize and write it. however i sat down and began and out it came, fully fledged and ready to fly, so to speak.

i'm doing a final edit now in order to send it to an editor friend who will submit it to the company she works for, who publish holistic healing, metaphysics, new age etc.

rabana wrote:i have to say this info as it appears was seemingly channeled. i mean i knew it, knew it well, but it seemed overwhelming to try to organize and write it. however i sat down and began and out it came, fully fledged and ready to fly, so to speak.

i'm doing a final edit now in order to send it to an editor friend who will submit it to the company she works for, who publish holistic healing, metaphysics, new age etc.
Yes, it does appear that it may have been channelled, though I do think you have a strong writing ability, too. I was going to suggest you publish a book, as it's just so well written, it's like reading a book. Good luck, I hope something is published; if you can write a book in this style, it will be very readable. Not a lot of money in publishing one's writing, I'm afraid. Might get a few dollars, but it's not the path to riches that many assume it to be. Still, you never know .... maybe it's meant to happen ....

rabana, thank you for your gift of this wonderful information. Beautifully explained, splendidly written. I didn't know very much about naturopathy, used to think '$$$' whenever it came up... now I get it and I wonder why it took me this long.
No matter, it's time.

After reading and 'digesting' this and the sticky beneath it this weekend, I got to work today and saw that a client had unexpectedly left me some printed info... on naturopathic detox. :)
“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” —Stephen Covey

“When we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.” ~ Thoreau
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