Bentonite Clay vs Parasites as part of detox - is it enough?

I'm hearing different things from users of clay for healing and detox, regarding parasites. What have you experienced with clay to help rid yourself of parasites?

Some say it only works on larvae and eggs in the digestive tract, and is ineffective on adults. Others say use of clay for 90 days will get the adults also. However, clay can't penetrate into the blood or reach traveling parasites elsewhere, so what do we do?

America seems to have only Dr. Omar Amin as our parasitologist (much by him on on youtube) and even Dr. Oz had a segment on parasites. It's our silent epidemic. We can assume most of us have at least one parasite, and that a host with just one kind of parasite is unusual.

Should we use food grade diatomaceous earth? Chlorine dioxide? L-Ornithine to help process parasite die-off?

Just how do you do a parasite cleanse properly?

I even saw one video that used raw juice fasting with up to 1/8 cup powdered Ghost Chilis!

What prompted the quest?

A scary disease caused by the teeny Hydatid Tapeworm, spread by wolves...a whole other ghastly story. (Lengthy professional level details readily found at the Washington Wolves site - some of it graphic.)

Then the realization that we need to empower ourselves, because mainstream medicine has no solutions, even for basic parasites, let alone Hydatid Disease. Belief that pro-active is the best route to better health. So I want to eliminate any unpaid guests I have, and improve my health. And here's my first post! (No, I don't have reason to think I have the Hydatid worms. But I am educating myself.)

I've heard that Turmeric is a VERY powerful cleanser of these guys....removal of most, if not all of them!....Try taking it "straight up"...a tsp of powder in glass of warm water, & swallow it like a shot. Do this 3x per day, for 3 days, then once per day {best before bed, more time to work its way thru when you are asleep}, for a few more days....Within the first day, you'll notice a difference in how you feel, right away. I have used it for colds or allergies, & by second day, they are gone!
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