Energy and astrology correspondence

Okay so I'm a Scorpio venus and sun ,Moon in sagg so during blodmoons close to PASSOVER 4/12/14 I had and experience where my kundalini came up and saw a Phoenix and it was like an orgasm but very physical I was learning about chakras at the forward 2015 I get a golden light in my heart like awakened around 3/?/15 in March so I thought I was enlighten.i met a teacher I was meant to forward I get beat up BAD part of initiation like Jesus.okay next I learn how to use golden energy in 2017 before that I was in a weird hell I got fat and like a horrible existential nightmare.but now I master the enlighten energy so it was just a shamanic thing now I'm healing very quickly.i want to know what the enlighten energy anyone know I'm talking about corresponds to what is the moksha planet cuz I'm not sure.any help is appreciated:) Help me wise ones<3

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