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Astrology Status for November 14, 2014 - Turning the Political Page
November 14, 2014 at 5:19pm

When all is said and done, it seems that, before we, as members of a global society, can progress we all have to change our minds about a lot of very important issues. And the planets are about to make it very easy for that to happen, politics and all.

Change the Hard Way . . .

The aspects that caused almost a decade of world turmoil are rapidly passing. Only a hint of their sharp, harsh, seismic influence remains. The lingering Uranus/Pluto square, will be exact twice more, in mid-December and mid-March.

These aspects brought a long series disruptive and deeply stressful events. Some saw these events as a call to change and reform. Many more responded with negativity - denial, anxiety, fear, resentment and anger, even desperation. And a determination to block change adn reform at all costs.

This widespread negativity engendered a politics of defiance, obstruction and confrontation. Minds closed, opinions hardened. Negotiation failed.

The world settled into a prolonged period of sharply polarized, fiercely confrontational politics. Around the globe, political, economic and social instability mounted steadily as issues remained unresolved.

A new astrological/energetic system is now almost in place. It will bring heightened positive synchronicity, which will support and empower us. More importantly, perhaps, it will support a change in our thinking, which in turn will bring a welcome change in our politics.

On a practical level, people will find solutions; they fill find ways forward. Dark moods will gradually lift. The intense, persistent negativity will subside. And so will the sharp, confrontational politics of recent years.

Political deadlock will end. The great global stalemate between conservative and liberal, or progressive, forces will give way to progress across a broad range of issues.

More and Darker Political Storm Clouds, or Not.

As noted, the harsh aspects responsible for recent turmoil are rapidly passing out. Only relatively faint traces remain. Sadly, many, including the media and many political leaders, choose to base their expectations for the future on these dark but fading echoes. And they pander to others who do so.

So we get situations like the following:

In the US, conservative forces won an overwhelming electoral victory - based on the lowest electoral turnout in 72 years(!). Apprehensive progressives are bracing to fight off an aggressive hard right legislative agenda.

At best, progressives anticipate a prolonged and painful confrontation between the conservative majority and the liberal minority in Congress: two more years of ever more bitter deadlock and a long string of frustrating and humiliating defeats for progressives. At worst, they fear a rollback of nearly a century of progressive reform.

I cannot say there won’t be some of that. There almost certainly will be, and probably more than almost anyone would like. But the astrological charts justify far brighter expectations over time. Not understanding that is a mistake.

. . . Change the Easy Way

In December, Saturn will move into Sagittarius, contributing to a dramatic, ongoing shift in astrological conditions. (I discussed this energy shift here with relevant observations here .

The conditions coming into full force in mid-December will, increasingly, support *relatively* smooth change, political and otherwise. As the political fires of the past burn themselves out, these astrological conditions will help lay the foundation for a very different, better, almost forgotten kind of politics.

Sagittarius and Pisces - Saturn and Neptune - A Flood of Mutability - Ideas Will Change

Sagittarius and Pisces are both mutable signs.

Neptune is the planetary embodiment of mutability. Pisces is its home sign. Neptune rules Pisces, the most mutable of the mutable signs. Neptune in Pisces is a most abundant possible source of mutable energies.

Saturn will be in Sagittarius, another mutable sign. With Saturn expressing through Sagittarius while Neptune expressing through Pisces, the Zodiac will be awash in mutable energy.

Mutable energy is very mental stuff. It works powerfully against inflexible, rigid ideas, and division. The incoming energies, then, will almost certainly break down the ideological polarization of recent years, and rapidly so. It will, thereby, powerfully undermine the politics of denial, obstruction and confrontation.

Neptune’s long transit of Pisces will soften primarily religious, spiritual ideas. It will make them more responsive to pressure for change. It will reinvigorate spiritual and religious thought, infusing it with idealism and imagination.

Saturn in Sagittarius will affect primarily philosophical, political and economic ideas - ideological systems, basically. Saturn will also demand attention to detail, sound reasoning, clear cut decisions and concrete results. With Saturn comes non-stop reality testing.

These mutable energies will affect everyone, softening the edges of everyone’s opinions. They will slowly but surely remove all barriers to reasonable compromise in all areas of life, including the political realm. The quality and productivity of public debate will improve dramatically.

As a result, the center of gravity of public debate, both religious and secular, will shift slowly but surely toward the center.

Reason Balanced with Inspiration

Saturn in Sagittarius will form a square relationship to Neptune in Pisces. An ideal blend of reason and inspiration, flexibility and rigor will emerge.

Business and politics as usual will be suppressed as leaders on both sides of the ideological divide work to meets demands for more reasoned and realistic - more moderate - politics. Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces will simply not support the aggressive pursuit of a hyper-partisan agenda in politics or any other area of our lives.

Some, exploiting Neptune’s more seductive, deceptive, illusory, inflammatory side, will resist Saturn’s call for calm, reasoned deliberation. But the odds will be against them, long-term.

With all the mutable energy at work, people will scarcely be able to avoid softening their positions and changing their minds. Few could successfully or for long resist such a massive shift in astrological energies.

We need to factor all this into our expectations for the future, now. For example, in the US, the flood of mutable energy will more than likely head off or foreshorten the bitter, hyper-partisan collision many progressives reasonably anticipate. People, including conservatives themselves, will question conservative ideas much more closely.

With Saturn in the mix, people will develop a better understand their real needs and the disastrous side-effects of extremist policies.

People will slowly break away from the extremes under the combined influence of Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.

The era of apocalyptic political confrontation that some anticipate will most likely never come. Or, if it does, it will be relatively brief and mild, decidedly unapocalyptic.

The new, more supportive energies will not simply bring another "swing of the political pendulum." It will not suddenly return power to liberals for yet another cycle of deadlock and bitter confrontation.

It will, rather, bring a fundamental shift in the political dynamic, creating a basis for genuine, fruitful negotiation and compromise.

But there is more.

Surging Synchronicity

Saturn’s move into Sagittarius on December 23rd will complete a broad but powerful Grand Trine relationship between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. This relationship will stay in effect until mid-August of 2015. It will usher in an era of high positive synchronicity.

These broad but robust supportive aspect will motivate and enable constructive change. They will create pathways forward where none existed. Many of us have plans for the future and we are slowly working through them. However, we are forever encountering obstacles and running into dead ends. These new aspects will change that. Options will appear where there were none before.

This broad Grand Trine in fire signs will help people make the connections needed to advance their lives. It will bring successes that help dissipate the frustration, anger, fear, and resentment that feeds the politics of negativity and extremism.

This astrological engine of positive synchronicity will combine with the transformative effects of the mutable energy to create conditions perfect for the emergence of a very different kind of politics.

I communicate with many people and most report continuing improvement in their situations.

I think we will all see and feel evidence of this improvement very soon. However, it will take time to fully play out.

i didn't post this status for November because i was offline for a week but he says that November will have some shaky moments that actually won't amount to much. :) the roughest time was Nov. 9-13.

Astrology Status for November 3, 2014, A Scary November If You Want It to Be
November 3, 2014 at 10:43am

‘Scary’ November

November is a very, very cleverly disguised version of the pattern we’ve been seeing now for several months. We have a few clusters of hard, pointy - i.e., scary - aspects scattered among a mix of soft, twinkly aspects.

Some scary things will happen, though not as many or as scary as a lot of people fear. Other scary things will seem like they’re going to happen, but they won’t.

The hard pointy aspects will doubtless knock a few big chunks of hard karma loose. But things will not slip into chaos. Soon after, things will return to what seems to be the new normal.

A New Mood

The new normal is a new, mixed mood. This mood blends optimism, uncertainty, and doubt. It is lace with fear and the occasional feeling of panic. The fear arises partly from memories of recent hardship. It arises partly from the release into consciousness - the purging - of deeply ingrained negative patterns.

The harsh energetic conditions of recent years are too close behind. New, improved energetic conditions have yet to take hold. They are arriving toward the end of December, still a few weeks away. This current, transitional period, then, will bring continuing bouts of anxiety and emotional instability, individually and collectively.

The Worst That Can Be Said

The cumulative effects of our collective unease, coupled with the effects of the aspects themselves, could push any number of the political and economic crises currently simmering in the world into the red, at least momentarily.

Military tensions and military activity could flare. Perhaps we will see more temporary stock market gyrations.

Problematic natural conditions, like the drought in California or the lava flows in Hawaii, could turn critical, temporarily.

Nationally and internationally, I am expecting transient peaks of political and economic turbulence. However, it is highly unlikely that November’s astrological waves will capsize the big ships of state or tip the world into depression and war.

That simply is not what these vibes are about. I cannot stress this strongly enough. These astrological conditions will not support major, long-term adverse events. The worst we need fear are panic and ugly moods and their unfortunate effects on events.

On the individual level, we will almost certainly know or hear of individuals who suffer adversity. In most cases, though, despite the dark moods and scattered panic, November will most likely just rock our boats a bit without actually sinking any of them. In the end, November will confirm our hopes and validate our optimism, not our fears.

I don’t want to minimize the seriousness of the violence or adversity that will strike in November. November’s aspects, like those of previous months, will probe for economic, political and physical weakness. And it will find some.

November's energies will test us emotionally and materially. But, when all is said and done, things will be nowhere near as bad as they might at first appear to us. And options will continue to develop.

November’s Worst Moment

Consider November 9-13. The worst of November’s aspects occur over this time period. (All times are UT, Universal Time.)

Nov. 9th - Moon SEXTILE Uranus retrograde

Nov. 9th - Moon SEXTILE Jupiter

Nov. 9th - Venus square Jupiter

Nov. 10th - Moon TRINE Mercury

Nov. 10th - Moon TRINE Neptune retrograde

Nov. 10th - Mars conjunct Pluto

Nov. 11th - Moon opposite Pluto

Nov. 11th - Moon opposite Mars

Nov. 11th - Moon square Uranus retrograde

Nov. 11th - Moon TRINE Sun

Nov. 12th - Mercury TRINE Neptune retrograde

Nov. 12th - Moon TRINE Venus

Nov. 12th - Moon TRINE Saturn

Nov. 13th - Venus conjunct Saturn

Nov. 13th - Mars square Uranus retrograde

Nov. 13th - Moon square Mercury

Nov. 13th - Moon TRINE Uranus retrograde

The ‘Bad’ News

There are 17 aspects over this five day period. Nine of these are positive (upper case), 8 are negative, broadly defined. Of the 8 negative aspects, four or possibly five (underlined), are likely to cause concrete negative events.

But notice that Uranus is retrograde, weakening its ability to cause concrete events in the outer world. While retrograde, Uranus is more likely to cause inner, subjective events or, perhaps, just heated discussion.

November’s negative aspects might trigger a short cascade of negative events related to October’s eclipses. They might be a few shades darker because of the coming Uranus/Pluto aspect, but not much.

The long-standing Uranus/Pluto square will be exact for the 6th time on December 15, about a week before Saturn enters Sagittarius. This Uranus/Pluto square was exact for the first time in June 2012. The last will be in March 2015.

The Uranus/Pluto square is really old news. This recurrence in December will be a faint echo of its first occurrence. It is highly unlikely to cause any lasting issues. We might not even notice its effects as anything out of the ordinary. It is unlikely to intensify the effects of November’s difficult aspects, much. Our darkish moo, however, could either intensify or exaggerate their ill effects.

The Good News

So, many factors will soften the effects of the bad aspects occurring around November 10th and 11th. Other influences strengthen the good aspects.

The 9 positive aspects are strengthened by the ongoing positive energy shift, and the retreat of the long series of admittedly harsh, disruptive aspects of recent years.

The long and the short of it is, as already noted, there will very likely be some negative events to mark the passing of these difficult aspects. However, we must understand them for what they are.

They are a small cluster of hard, pointy aspects floating in a generous mix of moody but soft and twinkly aspects. Also, they occur as the hard energies of recent years fade and the more supportive energies are about to come into effect.

Pick Your Mood

In recent months, it seemed that we could choose to see the positive or the negative potentials in our lives. In that way, we could choose success or failure, or temporary failure anyway.

What seems to me to be different about November is that both negative and positive interpretations of events will bring a positive outcome. There will be a positive outcome no matter how dark our mood or how pessimistic our mindset.

The hold of pessimism and negativity over our minds will weaken as the Saturn Sagittarius ingress approaches. It will be replaced by a more realistic, matter-of-fact approach to challenges The harsh aspects are losing their grip on the course of events.
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