Etheric Healing Centre

Wouldn't it be possible to create an indoors healing centre where tons of healing gemstones were crumbled down to sand and by doing so
creating "Heartificial" beaches with coloured water-oceans with artificial waves via some kind of pumping system and all just like a real
beach corresponding to each chakra?

Each beach would have its colour theme with not only coloured water but also utilizing light/colour-therapy and multiple negative ion
generators along with waterproof speakers under the various colour-oceans with tones/scales/frequencies & Sanskrit mantra chants
corresponding with the chakras.

Bentonite clay and other detoxing clays/substances, himalayan salt, epsom salt and magnesium chloride in the water.

So for instance all green healing gemstones corresponding to the heart chakra would make up one beach, with green water, green lights and
so on. Ofcourse there would also be pink, black and turquoise beaches. (Diamond?, gold?). Also chromotherapy saunas after bathing.
Orgone-infused towels in various colours. Essential oil aromatherapy diffusers everywhere. Radionic devices and orgone pyramids.

All the Heartificial beaches would be built utilizing sacred geometry and with a warm sunny etheric atmosphere, also many fires in various
colours everywhere, potassium chloride would create a violet flame and it is possible to create fires in all colours and like I mentioned
tons of powerful negative ion generators.

The rainbow-coloured beach where all elements are mixed into one would be the main beach.
Just making the whole centre in a 3D-animation and explaining all the health benefits would surely inspire people to make it a reality here and
there over the globe, eventually everywhere ;) Anyone here good at 3D-graphics?


I love this idea.
I mean a whole beach sounds quite challenging but the possibilities exist. Would be great to have these places for sure. Maybe with the possibility to finance your idea you could bring it to reality if you have it clear inside you head, right?

I am an artist and can make any kind of illustration but not really a digital one, just paper, canvas and stuff for now hehe ;)


Hey Red Violet!
Sorry for the late reply, glad you love the idea :) There is new type of community in Sweden to be formed called The Blue Heart Project, they are funding money right now to build a place for a new type of living. Sometimes I wonder if they wouldn't love the idea too to get an income from visitors to the place, Blue Heartificial Beach ;) But all in all I have to read some more books on the healing energies of crystals/stones, sacred geometry and the works of John Worrell Keely check out https://www.svpbookstore.com/ Awesome if you had the time to draw different beaches :) For me it's more important to get the idea out there with art or a video explaning healing benefits than actually being the one manifesting it since I believe these type of centres should be everywhere worldwide :)


Hey Antonio!

Great idea! Actually I will soon learn to build 3D-worlds with computer software and explain everything about this type of healing, health benefits and post it on youtube for future generations to maybe make it reality. There are some other ideas/inventions that I will also build 3D worlds around and explain so maybe others can benefit and heal themselves and the environment.

I still claim that if scientists around the world built gigantic solar cell driven aroma-therapy lamps and when releasing tons of essential oils into the air in geometric shapes corresponding to the etheric fields this world would be a much better place. Also If you breath out with your nostrils on a mirror you can see various recurring geometric shapes show themselves depending on the time of the day, also one nostril is always dominant and then changes to the other being dominant.

If we could get this gigantic aroma therapy "lamp" to syncronize with the breath shapes and forms from ourselves and also release these geometric shapes into the air it would have a real benefit for all, then again those who invented cars going on water got killed so maybe one has to have patience and stay low key ;)


i enjoy crumbling things down to sand.
of course, sand is not isotopic and requires dispersal at the molecular level to be suspended in water, just like salt. since these crystal, which are in fact not crystals at all but parts of larger rocks, as is sand, (unless its like limstone, which needs heating first and produces an acidic response) are not composed of any element that readily dissolves in water, the outcome would be the same as in the original Einstien experiment he observed where he dropped pepper dust on a water surface and watched the granuals being affected by gravity plus the effects of water molecules > hence atoms. Hence why you get sand sitting on the floor of a sea or any fish tank. He was fond of performing what he referred to as 'thought experiments' that were imagined procedures and their interactions as patterns, and used his mind to think things through...
I am not sure at the relevence of nostril dominance one over the other has any impact on crystal formation, as these are passages from the lungs that present an exit on the face, and dolphins and whales have blow holes not nostirls that they breath through out of preference. The time of day of pattern formation on glass is when you breath on it depends entirely on the weather surrounding. So thats out of wack.

i know some inventors of water powered engines who died. I dont know of any that got Clinton'd. That plan requires some addition of bicarb of soda to operate and needs properly engineering as it messes the engines up as the calorific output values are inconsistant and anyway at best are less than regular gasoline by about 15%. so the engnes 'pink' as they do for unleaded fuel compared to leaded fuel of higher octane, which after a while burns the valve seats, and you need an expensive head rebuild.

which you do.

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