Kamiiya Williams wrote:I am looking for prayers to memorize to get over my fears of dark entities and darkness. Thank you
The best prayer to get over your fears are to speak from the heart to spirit about what you fear and ask for protection. So it would go something like this, "Please help me by protecting me from dark entities and darkness while wrapping me up in your love" or "Loving beings, protect me from those who wish to harm me by surrounding me with your love and pure light"...I'll pray for you as well.

Find one Kamiiya. Just close your eyes and think. The answer will
come to you. You know where to find one or many. All words are energy
so whatever words are soothing to you in the manner of being protected then
recite them.

Hello.....Oh well better late then never....... Appealing to the name of Jesus or your favorite Diety does help alot. Lots of Spirits and the Holy Spirit respond to that. Or your ancestors that you believe made it all the way to heaven. They still watch out for you and they are of your Blood and DNA.
Realizing that we each have a bit of dark in us helps reduce alot of conflict. Even JC said "call me thou good there is none good but God".
Also they mostly try to use our own imaginations against us. At least in most cases. neg images and words and thoughts. Extrapolating these neg things as external things could be a method of seperating and dumping neg stuff. Like cleaning house.

Then I often wonder if the dark entity is just a soul in purgatory or a being that has totally rejected the Light and Life. Like someone in trouble looking for a handout. In those cases praying for the soul instead of against it could be like money in the bank. Cause when they get to Heaven they will owe you. Of course, that's not unconditional love, but i am only human. But the perfect divine resides in us all. OR we would all be dead. Sure seems like a contradicton.

You asked for a prayer and I have given thoughts that have helped me during the prayers. Soaking prayers can actually be the best IMHO. This is kind of like the prayer and fasting that Jesus spoke of. There is someone here that prays over these requests who does that. Not sure if I should say his name or not. This Indicates that a period of TIME may be required to release from the neg stuff or entity that is being a pain. This is when prayer and mediation overlap. I use to fast more then I do now.

I can copy the entity healing prayer which is used be anew thought group i sometimes post with. It has been very effective for many. It goes like

Dear ones (i wrote and others in my book cause not all entities seem really Dear to me)
you are unified in love with the Truth of your being. you are one with God and with your own higher self and the Holy Spirit. God's love and light fill and surround you now. You are free from all negative vibrations and emotions. You are free to move into the divine light now. I call forth the Holy Spirit and the angelic beings of light To lead you by that hand To the foot of the cross for further healing and order and LAW (if needed) and rest. to lead you to your perfect place of divine expression. You are blessed forgiven and released. Into the love light and wholeness of your own higher self or THe Light of All.
Go now in peace. This prayer is from Susan Shumsky with my editions in bold. I tweaked it for my own POV

Or you may want a good casting prayer. Like in deliverence prayer. I have prayed those too. Long story. But i still think that soaking prayer with mediation and Time works best. At least for me.

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