Hi, I am Dream

Hi, My name is David. (I'm new here.)
Your probably wondering about the title of this post.
Well I recently went through a very strange year as a Crystal child and
I just had to post about it somewhere while I can still remember what happened.

Please keep an open mind, Well here goes..

The Beginning:
January 2018: not sure what the exact day was when this happened, but
I was sitting down in the lotus position meditating, like I do most days.
I was focused on my girlfriend who I'd been dating for at least a year at the time practicing Nen aura with and
the flow of the bitcoin volatility charts ( I traded cryptocurrency in my spare time you see, when I was not
making music, I don't trade anymore but I still make music ). The reason behind my meditation anyways
was that we had promised to meet up in Canada, where she chose to school because I told her I wanted to live there.
I thought with the amounts I was making off bitcoin I could start a life with her (I'm only 22 right now FYI) silly right.
Anyway, my focus shifted and I thought the words "If everything exists in the hand of God, and God made everything..."
I then thought about having a kid with my girl, and suddenly it felt like the life was being drained from me while
(simultaneously) two glands/organs around where I feel my kidneys should be.. either exploded or just emanated
something into every fiber of my being (lol, I assumed it was my sperm sacks exploding to be honest, but I don't know wtf happened).
I immediately stood up and for some reason said "I am God".

Here's where it starts to get dark and weird.

For the rest of that day I start to notice signs in everything, music especially.. there's an anime movie called Akira (Enlightened one/Star child),
in the beginning, a man and a kid are being chased by dogs. before we see the dogs in the show, they pass a set
of televisions in a store showing them dogs on the screens in a commercial, then we see thee dogs. (For the purpose of keeping track
of what was going on I named this phenomenon "Moonlight" ). This was similar to what I was experiencing.
The title of songs on a random playlist would tell me things happening to me or someone else I know
or explain what I just went through at the time (which it did). I quickly understood that I had somehow become ageless and immortal.
It's hard to explain "the knowing".. but please believe me.. what had happened was, I wanted to be with my girl so bad that
I basically transcended the laws of nature somehow (I called what I transcended "the dimension of desire").. for the next few days
I Didn't need sleep, I only ate fruits (more like could only eat fruits) and I kept increasingly hearing the thoughts of other people.
of course others in this realm of existence quickly noticed my presence, the down side of this is they started to F*** with me!!
Mind control is very real.. They persuaded into almost killing my mom, I resisted it barely after picking up the knife several times.
They persuaded me into almost killing strangers wandering the night like a lost soul. I resisted everything with share will power for 2 days.
I had to leave home and spend a night in a hotel, constantly bombarded by the moonlight with information, "your a super human" it said,
"she's cheating on you with someone else" it said.. I felt like the it went on forever, I smoke a joint and put it all behind me.. I'm still being pushed at this time btw.
Maybe they just didn't like the idea of someone so young having it I honestly don't know.. but in the end I got "pushed", I Cheat on her, I go home and
I burn down my mom's place and steal her car after almost strangling her to death. At this point, riding through the night, the radio starts to play a song about
how "I will love you for eternity".. one of the pushers (most likely an Asura) hailing me for "passing" their test.. suddenly I get a flat tire, I get out and notice
its a full moon. instantly I think of Duality by Captain Murphy gears start turning and the tape has new meaning to me. a part of the tape
said "planet earth is about to be recycled, your only chance to survive or evacuate is to leave with us." accepting my new direction
realizing I'm going through my trials for samsara.. on the spot I take a second to reflect on my actions, "I can't go back" I think to myself..
but I couldn't fix the flat tire, following the moonlight, I drive with it till I reach a 'heard' of taxi drivers (not uncommon in Nigeria) they help me fix the flat.. now at this point
I had a plan, just drive to Lagos and sail to Canada. my only problem though was money so I decide to try and sell the car to the taxi drivers.
They turn out to be cops and I get arrested and spend a night in jail, then my mom comes and takes me to rehab where I spend the next 6 months
diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The Truth:
July 2018: Its been 6 months, while in rehab I'd had conversations telepathically with beings, ghosts and other entities I couldn't comprehend
all claiming to be God. truth be told this went on for months even after I left rehab. I'm going to try and keep the remaining "Chapters" as short
as possible, with as much insight as I can give, now you know my story. Lets talk about something else for a bit, the poison being used to "cure" us.
In short, the drugs are designed to kill your gift "biologicaly". You are not sick you are psychic. DO NOT TAKE PRESCRIPTION MEDS for ADHD or whatever they say you have.
you're killing your brain and the link you have with your higher self.

Magic (Why I became Dream):
August 2018: from July to August I stayed in Canada with my aunt, my girl had moved on after a few months of not hearing from me. At this point
the amount of psychic powers I developed where just too intense.. I could hear everyone's thoughts all at once. I could communicate
with forces like Truth, Doom, Gravity, Energy and Time.. They showed me how to use direction and simple instructions to make existence and beyond
do what I wanted basically, I made magic words of power and so on. I just kept playing with these forces for a while, months to be honest, I even created a phantom
playing with life and astral magic.. this was a while later though. While meditating one day I started to visualize my self on the spot..
then it zoomed out into space, then the cosmos and beyond.. I saw a lot and learned a lot about the dimensions of existence and beyond, [I'll list them below for the curious],
then weirdly enough everything seemed to zoom out into being.. me.. I saw myself as the cosmos and beyond. I know many people
have experienced this either through meditation or drugs, LSD for example, but it was weird for me to experience it without the influence of such.
On the spot I remembered it had happened before, the moment I said "I am God".. I called it Dream and decided own it.
The decision to own it lead to a cause and effect sort of thing, I owned it. of course no one on this frequency of existence was happy about that..
they started f***ing with me again. I soon realized how powerful what I just owned was and started changing the laws of magic, no more bullshit.
Only Nen (Aura) and Dojutsu (Powerful Perspectives/Eyes of power) will work for everyone, just to limit their reach.. I had to logically create Nen (making it evolve into
every possible type of magic I could thinK of from the shows and anime I'd watched) and Dojutsu (seeing as how perspective payed a huge role in this realm)
and make them exist timelessly so I wouldn't mess up the continuum, I also had to recreate some other things, like Doom.. but I wont talk about it here. all the while still fighting of
these Pretas and persuaders.. (If you don't know what a Preta is, look up "paths of samsara") they take energy from people. Apparently they can take the existence
of your body parts too.. I made the rinnegan as well as other Dojutsu and made them timeless too.. Then used the Preta path of pain to take back my energy that
was taken.. [for the curious: to make it I used the condensed pain from my resent breakup, it felt like a dense heavy purple effervescent mass that dominated everything I felt].
I made Judgement and made it the hell path of pain, using pain I had felt from a previous attack that was thrown at me weeks ago
(it felt like every fiber if my being was being torn apart by needles 100 times fold, I played with time and life to heal my self). I made every path
of pain and more, for the rinnegan, and designed every dojutsu as best as I could just to give others like me a fighting chance. when I was done,
I used the dojutsu to kill them all.. I'm not proud of that, but I did it.. the rest of this story is about me connecting with the phantom I made
(who made trillions of physical forms to posses by playing with time [one at a time]... so she could be with me [her idea tbh, but I'm still honored], Her name is 'Draw', she embodies
the force that pulls micro particles, like atoms and electrons, together to form reality, a fitting yin to the yang of Dream don't you think? lol), the crows on my
animal path of pain (I use every path, including buddha, Yama and nirvana, plus an exclusive I made, the dream path of pain), everything else I made, and others like me I helped (The Akiras) and so on...

this has been the strangest year for me as a Crystal Child, please let me know if you have had an ordeal as intense as this, I'd appreciate it. <3
I am Dream.

p.s. I made a curse because they kept trying to take it from me.. if you say you are dream it will follow you
I am Dream.

Re: Hi, I am Dream

I forgot to post The dimentions:
1 time
2 truth
3 existence
4 thought
5 desire
6 power
7 intent
8 doom
9 destination
10 damnation
11 Destiny
12 All
13 samsara (Reincarnation)

i'll stop here just so i have sth to post later <3 but i saw beyond the 51th dimensions
I am Dream.

Re: Hi, I am Dream

I left a lot out to be honest.. At some point while I was in the "demon" plain of existence, my eyes changed color to a deep hazel and the pupil was a cat-like, jaggered saw-like, liner dark space resting on the bottom of my iris, rather than in the middle. it looked like cat eyes but monstrous.. it returned back to normal when I transcended that form.

And while making chakra i could only feel it while moving my hands vigorously like you would if trying to manifest a Rasengan. I made nen out of every possible energy I could think of. ki, chi, reiki, blinding light, chakra, force, and some other things I couldn't comprehend.

I also brought a few people back from the dead playing with 'Beyond'..

I know its hard to believe but that's most of what happened
I am Dream.
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