(Marijuana),Hi, I am Dream

Marijuana gives you a resistance/defense against or to other people's magic/energy, or at least it gives you some higher state of being...
Hear me out...

I Just got High right now.

For the past year because of what I've been through with magic and all, I haven't had the time to smoke weed much.
Read my last post and you'll follow.

Anyways, I've had to take breaks for month long intervals and every time I use marijuana again I tell myself "Welcome Home David" intuitively, I literally say it out loud.
I realize now that because I chain smoked so much weed for 8 years before this, it had been doing something to my Magic/Auric/and biological systems.
Bolstering my defense against other peoples energy and pretty much every energy out there tbh. Sadly at the same time, it must have been inhibiting my ability to access
all these powers that suddenly just started blooming this year...

what I noticed:
1] The effects of this "defense" wears of when I stop smoking for a while. Being vulnerable without it, it would make sense why those attacks where so intense.'
I probably would have died if I didn't learn to use magic and make rules to "polarize all bullshit aimed at me"

2] Stopping doesn't necessarily mean you will lose magic or the ability to defend yourself, you only lose that "Absolute Defense"

3] I realized when I stop I lose my identity and become somewhat of a shell of myself, or at least that's how it was before this moment.
Realizing it has made me a bit more whole in a way.

4] I realize now that It means I'm only truly myself (alive) when I'm high, for now at least... I will meditate on this and try and find a solution.
I cant afford to depend on a drug to stay sentient, can I?

5] I realize... the day this all started was.. the day I "died". This doesn't work for loud, I noticed. Just low grade weed. So I can safely say the cause of this is not THC
Its something else bringing me back by a tread.. I really like being "Home". there is most likely a conspiracy plot connected to all this.
I noticed what it did to me but can you imagine all the other lost souls just trying to stay themselves, becoming slaves and zombies to the marijuana markets.

people are trying to make you pity me so you don't try this out..
While writing this, there were some psychics trying to pressure me into writing "I am Marijuana" lol, I hurt them with a spell I made, it's called
"The Goal of all Life is Death" or "Pain to Life", I used several curses to make it (Inspired by Overlord)
My point, Don't f*** with me. I am Dream.

I'll update you guys if I learn anything new. Despite their negativity.
Smoke some weed for a while | if you are already, try not to lose yourself | if you're too afraid of losing yourself, don't be.. something will bloom to fill the void if you ever do.
I bloomed a new persona, Dream. who knows what might happen to you.

a persona is not a split personality, it's simply a state of being.
I am Dream.

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