[QUOTE=SophiA AntipoliS;971587]hope you and yours had a happy Janmashtam.
Krishna happy bday[/QUOTE]I missed this celebration! Did you start a thread about it? You seem to be really well in tune with the festival calendar :)

From the BEACONS OF LIGHT newsletter, July 2012

[FONT=tahoma]Of course you are not the only conscious ones on this planet, for consciousness from Home includes all the spirits which are connected.

At Home there is no difficulty with it, because when you think of a person suddenly they are right in front of you. You simply are all connected to each other in an incredible way that allows you to pull this in very quickly.

When you come here to planet Earth, it takes you several years to learn how to function in these bodies and the physical limitations.

Now we are telling you that you have the capabilities of recouping those abilities in the physical body.

You have the idea that your energy field is only three feet in diameter, but actually you are huge beings.

Enormous parts of the universe stretch energetically and mingle with every other energy field in ways that you are only beginning to learn. When you connect consciously, you are planting seeds and it has an effect. You spread your light in ways that only you can, and these are the greatest contracts that many of you have waited so long to fulfill. The magic is here and it is time.

[QUOTE=Grounded Gifts;973138]From the BEACONS OF LIGHT newsletter, July 2012

[FONT=tahoma]Of course you are not the only conscious ones on this planet, for consciousness from Home includes all the spirits which are connected.

At Home there is no difficulty with it, because when you think of a person suddenly they are right in front of you. You simply are all connected to each other in an incredible way that allows you to pull this in very quickly.

When you come here to planet Earth, it takes you several years to learn how to function in these bodies and the physical limitations.

Now we are telling you that you have the capabilities of recouping those abilities in the physical body.

You have the idea that your energy field is only three feet in diameter, but actually you are huge beings.

Enormous parts of the universe stretch energetically and mingle with every other energy field in ways that you are only beginning to learn. When you connect consciously, you are planting seeds and it has an effect. You spread your light in ways that only you can, and these are the greatest contracts that many of you have waited so long to fulfill. The magic is here and it is time.

Yup. ;)



22 yrs and counting.
im sure one day....imagine if science starts backing this stuff up? :)[/QUOTE]

Higgs Boson particle find was a good start ;D. Got them thinking bigger at least.

They'll come around someday...we'll get em cornered ;). Lol, won't have any choice but disbelief ;). LOL, good luck with that.

One thing that science has discovered and has proved.....when a scientific experiment is unobserved it has a certain outcome, but when the scientist observes the experiment, the outcome differs.

Some of us might describe that as "the scientist affects the experiment by watching it and [intentionally or unintentionally] sending energy to it as it happens."

This was covered in the book The Celestine Prophecy.

I personally do believe that we affect things just by observing them (or thinking about them).

From the Beacons of Light newsletter, August 15 2012

~ All Levels Evolve
As Below So Above

Greetings from Home

The Reverse Wave Has Begun

The connection between Home and Earth has become much faster, especially over the last several months. Planet Earth is now changing in preparation for what is to come.

Imagine what it would be like to have a giant wave of water like a tsunami coming in to change everything in its path. Before the wave comes in, the water first goes out toward the ocean and seems to form a reverse wave in anticipation of the huge one that is expected. It is as if the negative energy needs to draw everything out before the positive energy can flow in to make the change. This is typical of wave patterns.

We have been speaking about wave patterns for some time. Now we are about to tell you of the wave you are creating and the tremendous effect it is having.

You are excited and ready to ascend. Very simply, that excitement is stirring within you and causing your heart to beat in such a way that you have created a vibrational movement around you. When you combine the vibration with that of other like-minded people around you, it forms a conglomerate of waves.

All waves begin strongly, but when they meet resistance they fade out and eventually become a straight line. This is indicative of all wave patterns until you have two waves occur together. When two waves combine, they surround the center equally on all sides and by its very nature it does not degrade. These are known as scalar waves, and we tell you that you are doing this with your hearts.

It is happening on a global basis, not just in one segment of humanity, one area, or one country. It is literally taking place on many different levels at the same time. Because of your established structures and cultures, this new energy will be incorporated slightly differently in various parts of the world.

Right now all of humanity is making monumental steps in raising vibrations, and by doing so two things are occurring. First, you are closing the gap between what you think of as heaven and Earth. Your spirituality, that part of yourself which you've always been trying to think of as separate, is now communicating in a different way with your mind and heart. You are starting to reach into new truths and areas that uncover your powers. You are re-membering more of Home and daring to look at that, which is profound on this planet at this moment.

So, dear ones, your own connection between you and that part if you which is your spirit is growing stronger.

As we have said before, as all of humanity evolves there will come a time when every one of you will start to channel. During that time the word channeling will disappear, for you do not need words to describe things that all of you do.

Another extract from the Beacons of Light newsletter, August 2012

[FONT=century gothic]Flexing Your Magnetic Field

Here is another part of that we wish to share with you. You are beings of magnetics, and what is taking place on planet Earth is a magnetic shift beyond your understanding.

Although you have learned to measure magnetic fields with certain vibrations, you still know very little about the long-reaching fields of your own magnetism. Many times that is how you communicate – telepathically.

Some of you are starting to feel depression, which is very common on this planet right now; it is the emotional tug of all the water on its way. You may feel serious for no apparent reason, as if you know deep down that something's happening but you can’t quite place what it is. If you are not able to process this feeling, you are likely to go into depression and become a part of that water moving out before the wave can come in.

We tell you, dear ones, that the easiest way to climb outside of your own problems is to reach up and help somebody else out of theirs. Sometimes you become so concerned about your own feelings, your little bubble biology, or the problems occurring within your field, that you forget your magic is always in helping someone else.

Some have felt the recession in this way, and are now having difficulty functioning on a daily basis. We ask you to dare to put yourself aside for just a few moments everyday, to focus on your brothers and sisters who may be in these dimensions and need a little help.

Reach through the dimensions, lift the veil, tap them on the shoulder, and tell them how very much they are loved. Tell them that when they let go, they can go Home instantly.

Many times all you need to do is to point the way with your light. If instead you fall into fear, then you have reinforced their illusion rather than pulled aside the veil.

“Go to the light, go to the light, go to the light!” We tell you, dear ones, sometimes that is really all they need to hear. Share with them that they do have the choice to break the cycle, and can go Home if that is what they wish.

By daring to reach out, you help other spirits that will in turn lift you out of depression. Reaching out will help re-store your spirit into the energy you truly hold, and give you a direction for focusing your energy.

[FONT=century gothic]By daring to reach out, you help other spirits that will in turn lift you out of depression. Reaching out will help re-store your spirit into the energy you truly hold, and give you a direction for focusing your energy.

[/FONT]I really like this paragraph. I think it confirms that when we reach out to others and offer kindness, we are raising our personal energy up to the level of the energy of our Creator, and to the level of the highest energies in the Universe.

We raise our energy and we raise the energy of those we assist, creating a unity of the highest energies. This unity gives a completeness; it dispels the sense of separation we can have, as humans here on this planet.

When we assist others, we are being who we truly are. When we turn a blind eye to others' need, we are denying our own true nature.

From the Beacons of Light newsletter, August 2012

[FONT=garamond]You are the greatest angels that have ever lived. You feel the new energy coming in, yet you also feel the pain and the restrictions. You feel the lack of love at times, and you'll probably even feel fear.

It's what you do with that energy that makes a difference. What can you take out of that darkness and turn into the night? What part of that has your name?

We are so incredibly proud to look out and see the brightly shining spirit in each of you.

We know who you are, dear ones. We see you clearly, and we love you beyond your understanding.

This world is changing one heart at the time and you are doing a marvelous job. Reach out and do what you can.

When you feel as if you just don't know what to do next, reach out and help someone else find their way. That is your gift.

So, try to figure out a way to empower someone around you, and then watch as your own world and life changes very quickly.

It is with the greatest of honor that we share with you in this way.

[FONT=garamond]We ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. It's a brand new game you are playing. . . Play well together.

For me it was like reading a Love Letter, Ultimately it's all about love and little reminders like these help keep me focused.
It's comforting for me to know that my struggles/frustrations on this Earth are seen and understood and all the tragedies I have suffered aren't purposeless.

Thanks for posting :)

[QUOTE=Grounded Gifts;899351]Hi everyone :) Hope you are well.

The group of spirits who prompt my spirit writing are guides and teachers. Anyone can talk to them, or get to know them.

This letter is, it seems, a direct, loving letter to all Indigos.

Each time I read this letter, I find new meaning in it, and I feel as if I have grown spiritually, just by reading it. I think it is like a set of easy instructions for us.

If you’re new to spirituality, or if you feel you’ve lost your way, maybe you can come back here and read the letter from time to time. Or you could print it and keep it. Hopefully it will bring you stillness, and relief from anything that’s out of balance with you.

To me, a part of being Indigo is that we can access and experience the most blissful energies, and send them out to others, and totally bypass all the human stuff that brings us down.

I hope the letter will bring connection and expansive growth to all who read it.

My suggestions (for those who are interested)

- Read this letter right through to the end, even if you don’t particularly like it or understand it.

- Reading this letter will raise your vibrations (if you want them to be raised :))

- Read this letter at least once a day, to raise your vibrations and to remind your beautiful Indigo soul why it came here. The letter talks directly to your soul :) It makes good things happen in your soul.

- Meditate on any part of this letter, for good feelings, groundedness, centredness and new learning.

Please note:

- Don’t be offended by the letter’s use of the word “children”. (Just in case you don’t know), some guides might sometimes call us “children” when they are offering to be our teachers. They mean it with kindness :)

- Don't be offended by the words in capital letters, in the letter. The capital letters are not shouting, they're there to emphasise the word.

- If you think this letter has no message for you, that’s fine :)

- If you think you’ve heard the letter’s messages before, then maybe you have. So have I. But that’s not the point of the letter :)

- If you think you have evolved beyond everything this letter can offer, then you have probably become invisible and ascended by now! Please come back and show me how to do that! :D

- Love to all who read this :)


Letter To The Indigos

Spirit writing by Grounded Gifts
22[SUP]nd[/SUP] January 2012

[FONT=verdana]Dear Children

It is not for you to know everything that there is in The Universe, even though for many of you the feeling is strong within you – the feeling that you possess ALL knowledge! Your hearts are so big and filled with Love that cannot be expressed on this [Earthly] plane, as here on this plane your human bodies are not equipped to connect in the total and complete bonding, one with another, that you know as, and would describe as, Love.[/FONT]
Fear not! Know that you are loved and that you contain within you such Love as would cause many of those around you to fail in their breathing! You hold within you a vast and endless capacity for acceptance of yourself and others, for you understand that TRUTH is the foundation of all that is good, and your search for Love on this plane is, in essence, a search for Truth.

And yet you know the Truth! You see beyond that which comes to you on this plane and you live, ever, with the disappointment that accompanies the discovery that Truth is hidden, so well hidden, on this plane. You feel besieged by the deception, the fraud and inadequacy of so much that you encounter here.

Stop your struggling! There is no need to wrestle! The Truth is YOU, my Dearest Child, and your mere presence, your Earthly living, brings Truth that is much needed on this plane. So many of you are filled with fear, because the paths you must walk, the things you must ‘achieve’ in order to ‘succeed’ on this plane are so difficult for you, or indeed, so BORING, so TEDIOUS!

Do not be dismayed by your ‘Incompatibility’! Laugh! Laugh at it! Find the humour, the beauty in your struggles and see your struggles as chapters in your learning and as gifts you bring for the good of the world.

You did not HAVE to come here! You CHOSE to come here! Yes, you are a long way from home, and yet, you ARE home! You exist in so many places, so many lives, so many levels, all at once, and you THREW a part of yourselves upon the Earth as acts of selfless Love.

For you see, even though so many of the Earthly people frustrate you, baffle you, anger you or sadden you – and you must be careful to never let your anger turn to hatred, for hatred is so very pointless for you, it is wasteful and devoid of any purpose – underneath these negative reactions, you feel, very deeply, such Compassion for those who do not connect well with you. No matter how difficult your Earthly lives, you must work towards Compassion.

You can see the Truth in those around you. You KNOW them, even if they do not know you. Never think for a moment that they do not struggle, too! They are simply more adept at concealing, or more willing to conceal, the extent of their pain.

All Earthly living is painful, all is searching for belonging, for connection. Your pain, though, is even greater, for you clearly remember Perfect Peace and you want it here on the Earth! Many of you cannot remember why you came here and cannot understand why you have chosen to subject yourselves to such meaningless and empty suffering.

Know this! You are not alone. We are with you and you are so very much loved. You came to this plane to lead by example, to model a new way of being. Your simple task is to Remember To Love.

Love is who you are, Love is what you brought with you, a love such as many on this plane cannot remember. Many of them will not remember until they are old or very close to death – until they are about to go home – and then, for them, all of the things you have been telling them will make sense.

Do not doubt your own Truth! Look inside yourself for the Love that is and has always been there. Make a very strong determination to LOVE yourself, your present selves, your past selves, your future selves – all of the light-filled selves that comprise your perfect Being.

Seek the peace that brings your Love from its inner hiding place up to the surface of your Being so that it bubbles up from within and causes you to laugh with joy. Find your Peace in trees, the natural world – even one blade of grass is your relative and your friend – in animals, in SIMPLICITY. Find the things that soothe you.

Your power is Love. It is in knowing that you carry within you the vital universal growth that purifies and eclipses all else, and that, if you will ALLOW yourself to simply Love, then each step you take on this Earth will leave Perfection behind it. You will leave a trail of Stardust as you move through your Earthly life, for Stardust – which is just an Earthly word, as there is no Earthly word to describe this – is the unseen, unchanging, Eternal Love from which each one of us was made. Love is the ingredient. Your purpose is to spread the ingredient!

You are not alone, dearest, dearest child. We are always with you. Talk to us. Don’t forget us! Whenever you are lonely, sit down and write us a letter! We will respond in ways only you will recognise, with gentleness and tender care. Allow your beautiful heart to fill with Love, for that is what you are and that is WHO you are. And your every breath of Love increases the Love throughout all Creation!

FEEL the joy that is rightfully yours. Ask us to ground you and assist you in all things. We are so happy for you for we know your path and the FEELING you desire most is within you!

Stop searching yourself for answers. Let the answers come to you! Relax, and remember, always: LOVE. Reject all other things! Everything you need is contained within Love.

We are always with you. You never left Home. Home is within you. Have compassion for others, and CELEBRATE yourself with every breath you take. You are extraordinary – and you know it! BE the Love that you seek, and all things will make sense to you. All will be clear. Love is all there is. All There Is, is Love.

Be gentle with others, and give yourself much Love. Build yourself, each day, brick by brick, with Love. Free yourself and CELEBRATE, in gentle ways. Send Love to us and we will send it back to you. You are always connected. We are with you.


A few points (for those who are interested)

- A part of our purpose is to raise the vibrations here on Earth. We do this by each person raising his or her own vibrations.

- Raising our vibrations is an act of co-creation with our Creator/Source/God/guides. It causes good stuff to be born/created throughout the Universe, including here on Earth, and including for each of us.

- One day some of us might find ourselves teaching others to raise their vibrations. In my opinion, that’s why we are learning many ways to do it, and it’s one of the reasons the subject keeps coming up. We need to know what we’re talking about, and we need to practise what we preach!

- If you feel inclined, meditate on Remember To Love. For me, Remember To Love is an awakening of the heart; it’s open-heartedness, bodhicitta. It's the answer to life, the Universe and everything!

- Open-heartedness is something that you practise and come back to, every day. I am only just learning about it, myself.

And finally:

To you. Yes, you. I am grateful to be here with you in this moment. Very grateful. When I count my blessings, I count you twice :)

We are all related. Every good thing that happens to you, happens to me, too. Love to you, wherever you are. Have a peaceful and productive day :)[/QUOTE]

Reading this has made my month! Thank you for that heart food! I love you so much sister and I hope you are having the best day/week/month!

I will post this on a couple of other threads, too.

From Steve Rother's Beacons of Light newsletter, 15 September, 2012

Greetings from Home

You have been waiting for this and moving around trying to find the perfect space to perceive what is about to happen. It is getting very exciting for many of you, as some have reached the level where the excitement turns into a little bit of fear because you are not comfortable with where things are at this moment.

Here is the only piece that you need to know: every being is moving. Every, single level of vibration is moving to the next level and it is literally moving as an entire bandwidth of vibration, not a single layer but a whole bandwidth of vibration that you would call Earth. All of its creatures and beings are going through this transition right now.

Both you and we have used the words raising your vibration, and that is a very accurate description of what takes place.

The biggest challenge when we say raising your vibration is that you immediately go into your field of duality, which dictates that one vibration is better than another vibration. That is part of what we wish to speak of, for you are seeing evidence all over your planet right now of exactly what we previously predicted.

So, let us bring that to your attention on a few different levels.

Balancing the Wobble

The Earth has changed her wobble because of the shift in dimension and the shift of vibrational change. The Earth had to enter a new dimension in order to grow and make a space for empowered humans on this planet.

As a result she has moved, and because of her movement it has literally caused physical reactions. You have seen these in the form of earthquakes; they have happened in more ways than just earthquakes, but that is the basic idea. You have seen this happen in Chile, off the coasts of Australia and also Japan. Those three earthquakes changed the tilt and the rotational spin of planet Earth.

Although it was known that this took place, no one was aware of the long term effects it would have. You are now experiencing these effects, as the Earth re-balances herself through the re-distribution of water.

A couple of years ago, Russia experienced a severe and unprecedented heat wave. Now you are seeing similar extreme temperatures and those same energies in different parts of the world. You are calling it a drought or heat wave, but it is actually the re-distribution of water through your Earthly systems.

Just imagine a big ball spinning perfectly balanced and even, then and all of a sudden you move it to another dimensional level. It will have a tendency to wobble until it finds its perfect spin again. The way that Earth is finding her perfect spin and balance is by re-distributing water on the planet. This will continue for the next 3-5 years then it will gradually start to settle down and anchor in the new Earth.

This is actually a healthy process that is moving energies forward. However, this may be challenging for the next several years as the Earth makes this transition herself. Crops will fail and many of the things you rely on will be distributed in different areas around the planet.

The Earth is pregnant and that is the beautiful part. She is about to give birth and it is much closer than you ever imagined. Is she giving birth to another Earth? No. She is giving birth to another form of human.

Previously, all the humans would have had to leave planet Earth through some sort of cataclysmic event in order to wipe out one vibrational level and start anew. But that is not happening right now. You are the first beings that have ever dared to challenge this and believe that we can consciously move from this level to this level without releasing the physical bodies.

Congratulations, dear ones, you are doing it! You are way ahead of the game with this and are working very effectively to achieve it.

Now we will share some of the other changes that you see taking place all over your world. All you have to do is turn on your news to see what is happening.

Countries of the world were organized on a vibrational level that would not be able to exist in the new Earth, and that is part of the reason many countries are having difficulties and revolts over old energy.

It is very simple: You can choose where you wish to be.

Please understand that as you move to the next level, there will still be both high and low vibrations within that next level. You will never all be on the exact same vibrational level, for that would be very exclusive.

Here is what we wish to share with you, dear ones. Any organization or collective of humans is liable to have some challenges over the next several years as you go through these changes. They will be adjustment challenges, for many of you have formed your organizations. Whether it is a church, business, or club of some sort, you formed these groups on certain levels of vibration. So as they move to the next level, there will be some adjustments needed.

Organizations formed on principles that will not exist on the new Earth will start experiencing challenges. Please do not judge these challenges as being good, bad, high or low vibrations, as that is an effect of duality in your world which you are now moving completely away from. They are simply adjustments the same way you are going through adjustments with your physical body as you are moving through one existence vibrational level to the next.

Repetition and Responsibility

What you are seeing right now, especially in the United States, is the presidential election process, which has turned into something rather unusual. We are not quite sure what it is, but what you will see is duality played out over and over and over again. You have two sides that are arguing against each other.

Even if there were a third position, which has not happened but would change the dynamics, many of the old energy techniques and systems have hung on and simply refused to change.

Doing the same thing over and over and over again yet expecting different results is what your definition of insanity is. That is what is now taking place on your planet more than you could ever know. You are trying to do the same things repeatedly and expecting the same results, even though you are now in a different vibrational level.

Well, there is a responsibility – ahh yes, there is a word that scares many of you – there is a responsibility of being in this level of light. This is similar to the way that you often see varying levels of abundance or money, if you will, on your planet. There are people who have difficulty holding any money, some who are barely comfortable, and then others who have so much abundance that they do not know what to do with or cannot deal with it all.

It is not a perfect system, dear ones. Do not ever judge yourselves by how much money you have or how good at making money you are. It is a system simply that can be changed, and here is the interesting piece.

If you look at the money aspect and translate that into vibration, you could say that the people who have the most money on this planet almost have a responsibility to somehow help people whether in monetary gifts or through programs that help empower others.

With regards to abundance if you choose your place on the ladder on a lower rung, you can live a very comfortable life. Yes, you will struggle with money at times but will be very comfortable. On the higher rung you may never struggle with money, but you will have responsibilities that you do not have on the lower rungs.

Many of you have quietly chosen to be in the middle because it is somewhat comfortable.

We are asking you to take the responsibility first and change all of it. Not only will it affect your abundance, but it will help you to move vibrationally and release any restricting conflicts that get in your way as you move to the next level.

We are watching you starting to do this in many ways in your organizations, businesses, friendships, and spiritual families. You are starting to spread this out in a very beautiful way.

Light Is Never Exclusive

The one piece we wish to leave with you is that light is never exclusive to vibration. Please understand that you have all of these different vibrational levels, yet the light that shines through all of them is exactly the same light.

Because of this, you can make a difference on any one of these levels that you choose to.

If you choose to make a difference on this planet, you will be drawn into one of these levels.

Yes, right away you are thinking, “Oh, I need to be at the top level for I have worked so hard on myself to be at this level and make a difference.”

Light is not exclusive and the lowest vibration on your planet must also feel the light.

The moment you think you have reached a level at which you are you can relax and be comfortable, get ready because you will be very surprised when seemingly out of nowhere you are moved to another level.

Your vibrational order is adjusted at that point, because you cannot go through that door when you are wavering back and forth blocking the path. You must be able to go right through the doorway with everything intact.


[INDENT] I will post this on a couple of other threads, too.

From Steve Rother's Beacons of Light newsletter, 15 September, 2012

Singularities ~ “We” Are the Group

Now, we have spoken as a collective and for 17 years. We have gotten to know many of you as a collective, as a voice. But we are not one voice – we never were. We are a collection of beings, each one of them having their own expertise.

.....we are a collection of experts in many different areas. Our expertise and knowledge has been bundled through a collective voice that we have been working with the Keeper (Steve Rother) on for 12 lifetimes. We have been very successful in putting it out in this lifetime, working with it on that level.

We have considered ourselves to be very successful at reaching you with our message. Now you are reaching a different level, so we must change as well in order to reach the same depth that you can to communicate with us. It is for that reason that we now open to some of the singularities that have always been a part of that collective known as the group.

The singularities we have introduced so far are two entities that the Keeper knows very well. They have been a part of what he calls the group from the very beginning, although there are certain members of the group that are transitory.

In other words, they come away from the group for a while and when their expertise is needed they come back in. These particular beings have been here from the very beginning. They are very close to the Keeper in a number of ways. We will ask them to join you now, one at a time.


From Steve Rother's Beacons of Light newsletter, 15 September, 2012

Enter the Keeper of Time

Greetings, I am. . . the Keeper of Time and I have worked with you for a long period to be here, now. You knew better than anyone else where this was going. Here is what has happened, for you have now started to move time in a new way.

You think of it as time, but we tell you that time has actually been an illusion on your planet from the very beginning. Now you are beginning to understand that and can see it in a new path, but you are also gaining the ability to control it.

Many of you are thinking, “How can I move backward in time, because that would be the perfect answer for everything? I would simply go back and fix anything that was messed up in the past. I would certainly make a lot of money to bring forward, and suddenly my life would be fine.” Well, you are missing one important piece. You live in a world where you see different perspectives at once.

You see the past, the present and the future. The past itself is nothing more than a memory. Think about it. The past is a very ingrained memory that you live your life around, for you are who you used to be first and then you are who you are becoming. We would like to help you change that, and it is a very simple technique.

So, we will plant a very deep seed with you right now and return to help you work with it over time to make sure you understand.

Circular Time

Considering the past, present and future, your belief is that there is only one of those that is real: the present. The past is a memory and the future is only a potential or a possibility.

We would like you to think of it the way that Einstein thought of it as a continuous fabric…as a continuous flow that goes from one area to another. You can think of this flow as going through here then over there. You would start your life over and as you would age, you would go into this direction so the flow would be going in this direction. That is how you perceive it. You plant your consciousness right here and the flow goes like this: here is your past and this is the future way over here.

You are always trying to figure out, “How will I manage to control the future? Once I can do that, I have everything I need.” What you do not understand is that the flow of consciousness that you currently see as time is actually circular in nature.

Although you believe that this is a flat plane, we tell you it is curved. It is not only curved, but it is circular; your past and present wrap around each other in the most beautiful way and connect.

Did you know that your future is connected to your past? Did know that the control of your future lies in clearing your past? Is that not what some of you have been saying? This is a very simple understanding of that, for circular time is the only time there is.

Now, many of you would wish to move backwards in time and have all the fun of being able to control your environment in that way. We tell you, once you understand time and see the larger picture of what it truly is, you will have no desire to move backwards. It would be like turning around your own internal digestive system. Not a pretty sight at all.

The idea here is that you simply work with this to grasp your own past, for that is the piece that you can change. Your piece is an ingrained memory and yes, it is stamped on your heart. So, it is more than just a memory. It is an emotional memory that you will carry Home as you re-turn to bring all the experiences of Earth. Here you are, working with it and it is so beautiful!

If you could ever see who you truly are, you would change everything in an instant to walk in your true magnificence instead of pretending to be the lost little children that you sometimes pretend to be. “I need this, I must have that, someone must tell me the way.”

Dear ones, you silly things, you can walk there any time you wish. You simply have to open your eyes and realize that you are already aware, then move accordingly instead of waiting for everything to find its perfect spot before you make that next step…

...just step into it. Make the mistakes. Dare to do the two-step if you have to in order to catch up. Whatever it is, you will harmonize and adapt into the energy once you move in that direction.

We tell you the key to your future is in your past. It is not in the present moment, for it is in clearing up and reconciling each present moment as if it has already passed. If you are holding unfinished relationships or energies from the past, that will hold you back. It will not allow you to be complete, because you must take that negative energy back into your future, so it seems to place you in a holding pattern.

The past, present and future are not separated the way you thought. When you connect your past and your future, you then understand that you have control over your life and you can make it grand.

You ask, “Why should I make it grand? Yes, I would love to be here but what makes me special?”

You have no idea how special you are, until you actually get Home and see all the people that stepped aside so that you could be sitting in this seat right now. They are so incredibly proud of you for you have already done a job of changing planet Earth. We are incredibly proud of you for the beautiful work. We promised that before this day was over we would make room for Elrah to come in himself, so we will leave you now. I am. . . The Keeper of Time.

yea he was banned because of abusive language language. but his reason was good. ranan banned him because he called her a C unt and you know why he did it because she gave him an infraction that was never meant to be thier. she saw all the comments people said about enlightened she saw them calling him names she saw them insult him first. she saw and turned her head and said i didnt see anything. all the people that started the arguement got away with nothing. all the people that was also using offencive language didnt get banned forever. so far 3 of his account have been banned for ever. 2 of them were banned with no reason specified meaning they banned him because they felt like it.
see what happens when you give power to people who arent ready for it. moderators cant be trusted. no one mentions the other people who were calling him names like jack ass dumb ass. they get away with it because they can niggahhhh. and raban is laughing her ass of most likely with an evil grin on her face. because i know i would XD. no one mentions the others because they dont wanna be nuetral because they dont like free thinkers they dont like freedom of speech and they dont like others views and they kill the world and should burn in hell for being so close minded i hope when they get to the gates of heaven god spits in their face and cuts their hands off and sends them to hell where they belong.
path of light said nothing wrong he didnt even swear. he posted 2 comments on this site got banned forever i think we all remember what he had to said. rabana desereved to be called that. and she will ban me also jsut like she did the other 3 guys that stood up for enlightened. path of lights msg got erased from the thread because they didnt want people to read it because they know what he said made sense and they dont want people to stick up for him. link stood up for him and her msg got erased also. what elightned said was relavent to the thread and anyone who disagrees is a blind hypnotized person who is like the people in church who will follow god even if he sticks a gun in their mouth and blows their head wide open
watch they will read this bann me specified reason none. date it is lifted never
watch the moderators will say banning people for no reason is fun. but actually they dont even talk about they dont even debate it they see a report think do i like this person no gone forever because i said so.
well you know what i say? making a new account in 1 minute is fun and ill keep doing t keep making the hypocrits look bad and state my opinion.
how do you report people im gonna start reptoring looking im gonna report banrion im gonna report rabana.

More from Steve Rother's Beacons of Light newsletter, 15 September, 2012

[FONT=century gothic]Passion Anyone?

Over the years, many of you have heard us speak of your passion. Some of you get quite frustrated at that and say, “We hear you speak of this passion all the time, yet I have not been able to find mine. I feel little parts of it but it does not make sense to me.”

Most of you are trying to figure out how to make a living at it, but that is not what we asked you to do. We asked you to find your passion. Most of you will end up making a living at it, but do not start with that for it will taint that vision as soon as you put it out there.

Instead, find what makes you happy.

Many of you say, “I cannot find my passion. I do not know what this is. I do not understand it when you talk about it.” What if we took you Home? What if we brought you Home and showed you around, and then told you all the fun things that we can do at Home? Suddenly you would start to re-member who you were when you were not on planet Earth.

There is no problem finding your passion quickly now, because there are no human belief systems all around to taint it or make it seem weird. The idea is very simple. As you move from here to there, your passion changes. Now, what are you going to do with your passion for that is the biggest piece. How are you going to work with this?

Well, dear ones, we will be there not to show you the way, open the door or push you in one direction. But we will be there to tickle your funny bone, make you laugh and re-member Home -- re-member who you are and why you came here and what this is about.

Dear ones, you may not believe it, but you are the greatest angels that have ever lived.

[FONT=century gothic]~
[FONT=century gothic]
Yes, you can channel. All of you have the capability. The voices are there, they are waiting for you to listen and find what fits for you. Dare to be yourself. Dare to be who you are.
We share that message from your heart for the rest of the world.

I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service and I leave you with the simple reminder to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Re-member it is a brand new game you are playing, so play well together.
[/FONT][FONT=century gothic]
[FONT=century gothic]

[FONT=century gothic][FONT=verdana]I really like these words....
Yes, you can channel. All of you have the capability. The voices are there, they are waiting for you to listen and find what fits for you. Dare to be yourself. Dare to be who you are.

I hope somebody who reads this will find the confidence to begin to allow some beautiful words to flow, on paper or on the keyboard .... and maybe share some of them with us :)

[QUOTE=Grounded Gifts;992725]

I hope somebody who reads this will find the confidence to begin to allow some beautiful words to flow, on paper or on the keyboard .... and maybe share some of them with us :)[/QUOTE]

What's interesting, is that our words get the inspiration more than we realize. Sure if you have the "I can do it" (imagine a little kid demanding they do everything themselves) mentality, then you're probably gonna get all you. But if you sit there and realize that everyone on the other side who wants to help you is full of love and patience... you'd be surprised what comes out.

Our minds/souls have some really beautiful things to say if we let it flow.

And you don't even really have to think that hard, I feel when this type of inspiration happens... it just flows... and you get excited and the words/feelings come out faster than you can put them out into this physical world. This happened to me when I wrote the things I did in my signature. Sure what I wrote is biased towards me, but there's still a lot of beauty and "truth" to it.

It took me several months to realize this. Because when I first wrote it, well, I was happy and excited. Later, in my "down slumps"... I thought "omg I'm so stupid"... even later I think, "wow, I can see where my innerself was trying to go with those words."

When I first heard about "channelled writing"... I thought WAY too hard about it. I didn't know what to write. I would just stare blankly at the writing surface/screen. You still need direction. You can't be like, "okay god, inspire me!"... because if it could reply, it would probably say, "with what?"

[QUOTE=OBEsprite;992786]When I first heard about "channelled writing"... I thought WAY too hard about it. I didn't know what to write. [/QUOTE] It's about relaxing, letting go and just letting the words flow. Beautiful writing comes from a place of peace, not from a place of earnestness or exertion.

It's about tuning in to a higher vibration. Thinking hard about it and wondering what to write ... that might block the flow :)

From Steve Rother's Beacons of Light newsletter, October 15 2012

[FONT=tahoma]~ Awakening the Child[/FONT]
[FONT=tahoma] ~

Scripting a New Story

Greetings from Home

We speak with you this day as you stand at the edge of a precipice; you are at the edge of a wave of energy that will change every single life on planet Earth.

You have been aware of its coming and have created opportunities to experience the new light that is now coming into planet Earth.

The wave is here as a result of your desire to see it.

You are beginning to create a new reality for yourself to become more empowered, to live the way that you truly are when you are Home.

This is one of the journeys that each and every one of you is starting to make now.

It has already begun; you are in the process. [/FONT]

[QUOTE=Grounded Gifts;992716][FONT=century gothic]we will be there to tickle your funny bone, make you laugh [/FONT][FONT=century gothic]
[FONT=century gothic]

It's true.

[QUOTE=LucidDreams;993006]I think you actually have to be pretty simple minded to not see that time is circular, not linear. [/QUOTE]IMHO it's not so much that people might be simple-minded, it's that they never spend time thinking about such things.
Or they are prepared to believe information they see/read, that comes from a scientific source, and they take that as "truth" rather than thinking it through, for themselves. I think that for those of us who have the ability to examine these types of things and to draw our own personal conclusions, it's a blessing.
Mind you, they do say that ignorance is bliss :D

[QUOTE=LucidDreams;993006]Lots of good stuff in there actually. I don't subscribe to any newsletters because for one, I don't usually subscribe to the messages. And two, the people usually act as if they know a lot more than they actually do. But I may make an exception here. [/QUOTE]I don't agree with everything said in the Beacons of Light newsletters, but I like the vibe, and I like to pick out the bits that sound right to me.
Many of the channelled writings I've read did not make me feel uplifted.

[QUOTE=LucidDreams;993006]Also, I believe that the future is the only true state, not the present. If you think about it, the moment you acknowledge the present, it's already become the past, because we're perpetually moving forward. Forward, yet in a circle that wraps back around on itself. And since this circular pattern is the nature of "time" (as we know it), you could even say they all exist simultaneously (the past, present, & future), since a circle is connected. [/QUOTE]Yes, I think I understand what you mean. I personally believe everything exists simultaneously. IMO that's a difficult thing to conceive of, in our minds, because we are conditioned to thinking linear thoughts, in linear time.

I often find it easier to just feel things and imagine them in pictures. I agree, words can be limiting :)

It seems that, for all of us, energy and messages often come in pictures and feelings. Pictures travel faster than words :) :)

Love and Time

Love and Time

Yes, we need comforting fluffiness, warmth, and uplifting airiness as a respite from harsh negativities. And as a help to counter the heaviness of an all too common pessimism and weariness over political battles. But truth is, evolution of the soul also requires the development of something like mental and spiritual muscles. Practice for how to face what happens when the going gets rough.

Love isn't all about simple emotional sweetness, something that is on the level of the basic animal energy part of the soul or personal psychology. We don't have adequate terms for this in English. But there are other levels. Like the archetypal explored by Carl Jung, within the words of gifted poets, or described by philosophers as the realm of collective god-like Mind. Even greater is the Infinite Divine glimpsed by saints, bodhisattvas, and ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences.

I'm suspicious of channeled material. Little of it has any real depth. As the funny and insightful writer Robert Anton Wilson pointed out, all this proves is that dead or disembodied entities are just as boring as live ones. None has the complexity of the great religious texts or ancient traditions. A famous Franch Protestant theologian, Paul Ricouer, called this "a surplus of meaning." Which is why great texts cannot be limited by literalness and how they speak to different peoples in different ages.

Time as linear is not false. It is akin to describing a photon of light as a particle. The description of time as circular is only a human attempt to get at something by metaphor. It is from a different viewpoint. Just as saying the photon is a wave when the experiment starts with different parameters. Actually, the notion of time as linear was a new thought of the Hebrews, not found elsewhere in the ancient world. Nor did it finally have a real impact on the west until the Renaissance idea of history, more so after the scientific Enlightenment of the early 1700s.

But it is the karma of the west to develop the idea of the individual and of the particular to the fullest. With those come the idea of political rights and of specific scientific experiments and medicine. The concept of time as linear makes each person (or animal or plant, for that matter) and each event different. That they may also be part of all time or no time and part of One or Everything does not have to negate the particular. Look at this planet with all its diversity. Consider the vastness of the cosmos. There is more going on than just an ocean reclaiming its small drops. Why would a creator bother with such splendor if the unique weren't valued? That's love.

[INDENT] I've posted this extract on a couple of other threads...I'm posting it here as I think it fits with some of the previous discussions on this thread

More from Steve Rother’s BEACONS OF LIGHT newsletter, October 15 2012

[FONT=trebuchet ms][FONT=tahoma]Awaken the Child

This is what we are asking you to do for you are at a very critical juncture. You have options as to how this energy wave will be accepted.

Many of you have already felt the changes that are now occurring for you in different ways.

Some of you have been taken out of your job that you thought was safe and comfortable, only to start a new life.

Others of you have found yourself face-to-face with your own teaching and healing abilities, even though you never thought you had any.

You are beginning to awaken from the dream in mass consciousness, dear ones. It is happening to every soul and spirit who is pretending to be a human. You are going to have to make some adjustments in your belief systems and rules about how that will be accomplished and what that feels like.

Recently there was a channel about running naked, which stirred a part of the child within each of you because that is being totally free. There were no belief systems or expectations at that point, for you are simply being.

You can return to that childlike attitude, and do not need to lose your knowledge to be childlike. There is a part of you that becomes incredibly excited when the spirit comes through you, when you get to do something creative that you love to do. That is spirit channeling through you, and we tell you there are billions of spirits waiting to jump in at the very first opportunity.

You make those choices yourself, but you are moving at the speed of love, which is substantially faster than the speed of light. All of humanity is evolving at an incredible rate at this moment. It is very beautiful to watch and it is fun to see.

However, many of you are experiencing what you would call difficulties or challenges and all of that has to do with your own story. What we ask you to do is to recognize and own your story. Do not try to judge it like you would a book you read that was written by someone else; this is your story and is much too close for you to judge.

God does not ever judge himself/herself.

Simply be, for that is the point that we ask each of you to step forward with.

You knew before you were born that you had a very important ray of light to carry to Earth no matter what got in your way, and it was the mission of your spirit while you were here.

You are right at the verge of that now, and some of you already know where your ray of light is. You may already have a hold on it through teaching or putting it out there in different ways.

Some of you think you are not teachers and that you are simply there to hold energy in a different way.

We tell you, dear ones, that you choose your place in the world according to your confidence and who you think you truly are.

We ask you to examine your belief systems around that as you start moving forward. All of humanity is taking these next steps and they are going to be huge for each and every one of you.

[FONT=trebuchet ms]

https://www.livingnow.com.au/advertise/a ... risis.html

Gregg Braden is a New York Times best-selling author, a former Senior Computer Systems Designer for Martin Marietta Aerospace, former Computer Geologist for PhillipsPetroleum, and the first Technical Operations Manager for Cisco Systems. For over 25 years he has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten texts to bridge their life-giving secrets with the best science of today. His work has led to the cutting edge books such as The Divine Matrix, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, Fractal Time, and Deep Truth. Gregg’s work is now published in 17 languages and 33 countries and shows beyond any reasonable doubt that the key to our future lies in the wisdom of our past.

[FONT=arial][FONT=arial black]Gregg Braden :

Modern physics has confirmed that the space between physical things is not empty, as commonly accepted in the past, but filled with forms of energy that we are only now learning to detect. The implication is all things are connected, and that what we do in one place and time influences what happens in other places and times.


Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles and coauthor of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (And A Way To Get There From Here).

https://www.livingnow.com.au/advertise/a ... ction.html

[FONT=arial black]Bruce Lipton: [/FONT]
[FONT=arial][FONT=arial black]

... in contrast to the emphasis on the Newtonian material realm, the newer science of quantum mechanics reveals that the Universe and all of its physical matter are actually made out of immaterial energy. Atoms are not physical particles; they are made of energy vortices resembling nano-tornadoes.
Quantum physics stresses that the invisible energy realm, collectively referred to as the field, is the primary governing force of the material realm. It is more than interesting that the term field is defined as ‘invisible moving forces that influence the physical realm’, for the same definition is used to describe spirit.

The new physics provides a modern version of ancient spirituality. In a Universe made out of energy, everything is entangled, everything is one.

Biomedical research has recently toppled the widespread belief that organisms are genetically controlled robots and that evolution is driven by a random, survival-of-the-fittest mechanism. As genetically controlled ‘robots’, we are led to perceive of ourselves as ‘victims’ of heredity. Genes control our lives yet we did not pick our genes, nor can we change them if we don’t like our traits.

The perception of genetic victimisation inevitably leads to irresponsibility, for we believe we have no power over our lives.
The exciting new science of epigenetics emphasises that genes are controlled by the environment, and more importantly, by our perception of the environment.
Epigenetics acknowledges that we are not victims, but masters, for we can change our environment or perceptions, and in the process, create thousands of protein variations from each of our genes.
Quantum physics and epigenetics provide amazing insight into the mystery of the mind-body-spirit connection.
While Newtonian physics and genetic theory dismiss the power of our minds, the new science recognises that consciousness endows us with powerful creative abilities to shape our lives and the world in which we live. Our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs control behaviour, regulate gene expression and provide for our life experiences.

In contrast to random mutations, science has identified ‘adaptive’ mutation mechanisms, wherein organisms adjust their genetics to conform to existing environmental conditions. We did not get here by chance.

Every new organism introduced into the biosphere supported harmony and balance in the Garden. Every organism is intimately engaged with the environment in a delicate pas de deux. Human existence is not a random accident, but a carefully choreographed event that takes into account the cooperative nature of the biosphere.

Humans evolved as the most powerful force in supporting Nature’s vitality. However, we have misused that power and are now paying the price for our destructive behaviour.
The crises we face present us with the greatest opportunity in human history – conscious evolution. Through consciousness, our minds have the power to change our planet and ourselves. It is time we heed the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people and channel our consciousness and spirit to tend the Garden and not destroy it.
The story of human life on Earth is yet to be determined. Our evolution depends on whether we are willing to make changes in our individual and collective beliefs and behaviours, and whether we are able to make these changes in time. The good news is that biology and evolution are on our side. Evolution – like heaven – is not a destination, but a practice.
A miraculous healing awaits this planet once we accept our new responsibility to collectively tend the Garden. When a critical mass of people truly owns this belief in heart and mind and begins living from these truths, our world will emerge from the darkness in what will amount to a consciousness-based spontaneous evolution for humans, by humans.

· Schopenhauer on the Emergence of Truth

[FONT=century gothic]All truth passes through 3 stages: first, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

~ Arthur Schopenhauer[/FONT]

[QUOTE=rafi;994077]Love isn't all about simple emotional sweetness.....there are other levels. Like the archetypal explored by Carl Jung, within the words of gifted poets, or described by philosophers as the realm of collective god-like Mind. Even greater is the Infinite Divine glimpsed by saints, bodhisattvas, and ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences......I'm suspicious of channeled material. Little of it has any real depth......None has the complexity of the great religious texts or ancient traditions.......Time as linear is not false. It is akin to describing a photon of light as a particle. The description of time as circular is only a human attempt to get at something by metaphor.....the notion of time as linear was a new thought of the Hebrews, not found elsewhere in the ancient world.....The concept of time as linear makes each person (or animal or plant, for that matter) and each event different. That they may also be part of all time or no time and part of One or Everything does not have to negate the particular........ Look at this planet with all its diversity. Consider the vastness of the cosmos. There is more going on than just an ocean reclaiming its small drops. Why would a creator bother with such splendor if the unique weren't valued? That's love.[/QUOTE]Thanks, rafi, I really enjoyed reading this post. You covered so much, and tied it all together really well at the end :) If ever I need someone to write an essay for me, I'll be in touch :) I'm serious :)

[QUOTE=rafi;994077]Love isn't all about simple emotional sweetness.....[/QUOTE]Love isn't just an emotion. That's the popular understanding of the word. It's also a living substance. It's the substance that "glues us together".

We are made from Light, of Light, by a Creator who is made of Light. When we die and our Earth body falls away, our soul/lightbody is what remains.

Our Light body is glued together, or held together, with a substance that many of us call Love.

The words Light and Love are just human words. The words are just labels.

Whenever we choose, we can sense the living energy of the Light and the Love, and experience the Light and the Love - what they actually are.

Just my humble opinion..... :)

[FONT=palatino linotype]
I simply do what many
Dream of.
I simply do what others

Talk about.
I simply become what others
Dare not even imagine.

~ Sri Chinmoy, Buddhist monk

[FONT=palatino linotype]Edit: see following posts. Chinmoy is not a person I feel I should have quoted! [/FONT][FONT=palatino linotype]


[QUOTE=Grounded Gifts;995384][FONT=palatino linotype]
I simply do what many
Dream of.
I simply do what others

Talk about.
I simply become what others
Dare not even imagine.

~ Sri Chinmoy, Buddhist monk

Sri Chinmoy was NOT a "Buddhist monk." He was the center of a type of Hindu guru yoga. He may be great, maybe not.

That's the problem with posting these superficially sweet sound bites written by others. This stuff only helps as a little confirmation. The hard work of checking sources still has to be done. Even more so the difficult effort of spiritual verification based on your own personal experience.

Ask yourself this: why do we need channelers if the truth, the kingdom, and the Light are also within? Why does channeled material seem so inferior to the great traditional religious texts?

Look at the repeated use of the pronoun "I" in the example above. Implication: "I" am superior. Not the most enlightened of attitudes. And why do so many New Age writers preach about getting rid of ego, yet have their own faces prominantly displayed on the covers of their books?

IMHO, you young people do have inborn gifts we older indigos had to struggle to achieve. But that doesn't mean everything will be easy. Or that you don't have to learn discernment. Sometimes psychological, intellectual, and spiritual skepticism is appropriate.

Thanks, rafi. A few Sri Chinmoy quotes were recently given to me by a friend. No I did not check the source. As it turns out, Chinmoy was, according to quite a number of people, a disreputable person.

Another extract from Steve Rother's Beacons of Light newsletter, November 15 2012

~ A Lesson In Time
The First Lesson of Time from the Keeper of Time

The Unobserved Actions of God

When a human opens his or her eyes and perceives something, their eyes send out a message that means, “Everyone, you are being watched.” In that moment, the atoms arrange themselves to what you are expecting to see.

“Now how could that be? Do I think that I am god and that all of these atoms are constantly arranging themselves just for my benefit?”

No, they are in constant motion and you are arranging your filters to see what you expect to see.

The components are constantly rearranging themselves for everyone. When you create something together, two people look at the objects and filter out the same things so they witness the same event. Now you have validated each other energetically. Once that validation takes place, it all comes into what you call reality; an event witnessed by one person is only half as real as one witnessed by two.

At the moment you can touch, feel or taste something, it enters your world. That is how you have been silently creating your world through these physical bodies.

Wherever you look, whatever you gaze upon, these are incredible creation machines, dear ones.

Be careful where you point those eyes of yours, for what you are expecting to see will show up.

Your eyes will filter and send out an energy that lets things know they are being watched. Then all of a sudden those items will take the form that you are expecting to see.

So, that places you in a rather precarious position, does it not? For you are coming face-to-face with your own abilities of creation. Where does that place you?

As a walking god, someone who can change the world at a moment’s notice by walking down the street? Yes, that is exactly where it places you.

You are awakening from the dream. You are starting to realize that even though you have perceived something as having a perfect order throughout, that really could not be further from reality. It is only your reality in that moment, for you have called it into being. If it is a shared reality for many of you, then it gains strength in that form and holds that form for a time.

This is how you have created your world.

I've posted this quote on another thread. I'm posting it here, too, because I like to remind myself of its words :)

[FONT=franklin gothic medium]Know that you are God, and from that state you have become a human being. Do not regard God as something separate and distinct from you. God is very much within you.[/FONT]
[FONT=franklin gothic medium]

Sathya Sai Baba[/FONT]

I have just read some information that talks of very negative acts perpetrated by
Sathya Sai Baba.

I like these quotes I've recently posted; I like the words, but it is distressing to learn that the people who uttered these words were not people with whom I would wish to associate.

It's another lesson, for me, about the illusion, falsity and greed that can be encountered in spiritual exploration here on Earth. All is not what it seems :)

Thanks again, rafi, for pointing out some salient truths :)

Link to this thread:

Dec 2012 events: tune in, watch live!


From the website https://www.spiritualityhealth.com/ar...ng-spirit-2012

"The meme of December 21, 2012, the ending of the Mayan calendar, has become for many such a death/rebirth moment, a rallying point for the shedding of the old paradigm and the manifestation of a new enlightened vision for humanity.”

Several organizations are planning events on the solstice or ongoing initiatives tied in to the time of the end of the Mayan calendar. Here are a few celebrations in which you might want to get involved:

Unify Earth Presents: URTH (December 21, 2012) is a live musical show and global celebration, including Sting and Santana, that expects two billion people to celebrate humanity’s journey through the ages (see unifyearth.com). [More information about this live event/concert/live stream below.]

The Shift Network’s Birth 2012 campaign will introduce a series of events leading up to the 2012 Birth Day Celebration. It calls for all like-minded organizations, groups, and individuals to participate in the larger event, as well as creating smaller grassroots caucuses to facilitate local events leading up to the “shift” (see theshiftnetwork.com).

Futurist and social pioneer Barbara Marx Hubbard, along with the hundreds of “Agents of Conscious Evolution” who have taken her ACE training, envision “collective synergy experiences, a visionary ‘State of the Planet’ broadcast, global music and dance festivals, transformational local gatherings, and the commitment by hundreds of millions to a new way of life” (see birth2012.com).

Peace 2012 is a participant-driven event that empowers people across the world to unite around a single “moment of peace” on December 21, 2012. The goal of Peace 2012 is to “create an unprecedented experience of collective coherence and global unity” (see peace2012.net).

Sacred Mysteries TV is planning a worldwide online event for that date, “Future Shift: How to Survive and Thrive in the 21st Century” (see sacredmysteries.com).

International indigenous gatherings are planned at sacred sites around the world. For one such example, see geoparadise.org/es/eventos/tribal-gathering-2012.

Throughout 2012, Don Miguel Ruiz, the New York Times best-selling author of The Four Agreements, will focus on planting seeds to make the end of the Mayan calendar a moment of positive change for humanity. He is planning an event in Mexico City (see miguelruiz.com).


[/FONT][FONT=arial]Live broadcast on Dec 21, 2012
https://wakeup-world.com/2011/10/20/the- ... s-the-usa/

Unify Earth, the organization that is sponsored by the people who gave us ‘Live Aid’, ”We are the World’, and other mega-events with a humanitarian purpose, has gotten behind Hunbatz Men, Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, and the Mayan Council and they want to provide a vehicle for the Elders’ message to be spread to every corner of the Earth.

In collaboration with ‘Google’, NBC, Santana, Elevate Films, and others, all of the above have come together to sponsor a series of spectacular performances that will carry the seeds that are sown in the soon to be actualized Crystal Skull Ceremonies to hearts and minds all over the planet.

This series of blockbuster performances will culminate in a fourth mega-event that will broadcast live, from the Great Pyramid at Chichen Itza on the 2012 Winter Solstice. On that night, Carlos Santana, the man who has been a clear channel for the Music of the Spheres for over fifty-years, will be the Master of Ceremonies for the main event.

If that isn’t enough, the Winter Solstice show will include an unprecedented, full regalia ceremony with the Mayan Elders. Yes, that’s right folks; the Elders will be there too; they are coming down from the mountains to be part of this.

At 11:11 PM, on the night of the 2012 Winter Solstice spectacular, at the exact moment when our Sun and the Earth go into alignment with the center of the galaxy, the Elders will present a guided meditation that will unite over two-billion viewers in their hearts and open the space for all of humanity to embrace the unconditionally-loving light of the Divine Feminine.

The time has come; the ‘Quarantine’ is about to be lifted. This event, and all of the ceremonies and performances leading up to it, are the manifestation of a dream, and of a rise in consciousness that will help us to remember who we really are and guide us out of the darkness into the Light.


”So Many are Awakening Now”

https://the2012scenario.com/2012-for-beg ... ening-now/

[FONT=times new roman]I often receive emails from people who actually say that they “awakened” a few months back and are now reading everything they can lay there hands on. On the one hand, I’m amazed at the number of people who are “waking up” to events as they are around them. On the other hand, I’m amazed at the number of people who actually acknowledge that they are “awakening.”

The Arcturian Group in their March 11, 2012, message was the latest source to acknowledge that the awakening process is gathering speed, as it must if the largest possible number of people are to ascend:

So many are awakening and beginning to understand the bigger picture. So many are beginning to see through the lies and games of those who wish to keep you in bondage and ignorant of your true selves.” (1)

Wanderer of the Skies depicts people in various stages of arousing themselves from slumber.

Already there is a great movement about your earth in all aspects of the Ascension process. More and more individuals are waking up. Some are still a little “drowsy” and only see the beginnings of the truth. Others, who are now shaking off the last remnants of sleep, see more clearly exactly what has gone on in their lives through the forces that are quickly surrendering to the Light.” (2)

SaLuSa in Jan. 2012 told us that the awakening would be gathering speed from here on in:

“Already there are noticeable changes in the mass consciousness levels that can be registered by us, and more souls than ever are being lifted up. The awakening is accelerating and will touch all souls before the final days of this cycle.” (3)

Some people continue to drift along with no interest in what may be occurring, he told us in February this year. But an inward restlessness may rouse thjem.

“You would think that everyone would have an interest in the future, but many souls are content to drift along without any ambition to do differently. In fact to some there does not appear to be any purpose to life at all.

“Yet within their little niche on Earth, they observe other life and at some point become restless because they inwardly know that it could be much better. That, Dear Ones, is the onset of their awakening, and with so much going on at present it is hoped they make progress.”

While we who awoke some time ago had an easier and more gentle time of it, it may not be the same for those who awaken now because the time for adjustment grows shorter, SaLuSa says.

“Right now [events are] awakening many who have slumbered through their life, without understanding the true purpose for being on Earth. For them it will be a testing time as the truth, for all its beauty, can be a sudden shock when it tries to replace long held beliefs. The upliftment is intentionally carried out in such a way that there is normally a gentle awakening, but time is no longer your friend and is passing more quickly than ever.” (5)

The awakening is attributable to many influences. The first is the rising energy on the planet. The Arcturian Group tells us they “come to tell you of the light we see emanating from your planet in an ever increasing intensity.” (6) This incoming light is raising our consciousness levels, SaLuSa says.

“All of the time there is a continual stream of energy increasing your consciousness levels that are rapidly rising up, and so the grand awakening spreads. “(7)

“For some time now whether or not you have personally realized it, your consciousness levels have grown and that process is speeding up until you acquire full consciousness. It is another area of development that we shall help you with as soon as it is possible. “ (8)

This light accounts for such overflowing demands for freedom as Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement.

Another factor is our efforts as lightworkers to bring the news of what’s occurring to people.

“Lightworkers all over the world are seeing the fruits of their work to bring Light to the Earth. People are awakening at a much quicker rate, and are certainly feeling the new vibrations that are awash upon your Earth. It has the effect of clearing away the cobwebs that have clouded their sight. Now the truth is beginning to resound everywhere, and questions are being asked that you the Lightworkers can answer.

“Sooner or later the whole question of what the year 2012 will bring for you will have to be discussed, as rumors abound based on the different interpretations of the Mayan Calendar.”

And a third factor will be a liberated mainstream media, which will soon be reporting what is happening on Earth and will also be a means of awakening people, SaLuSa tells us.

“You may ask what of those who are still slumbering or deny the truth, who also have the same opportunities as anyone else. We would say that very soon events will cause the media to take note of what is happening on Earth. There will slowly arise an understanding that the changes are going to be widespread, and not only that but will be the means whereby your civilization will take a giant step forward.” (10)

He tells those who are just awakening that help will be made available to them.

“If you are one who is just awakening to who you really are and beginning to understand the purpose of life, be assured that you are already surrounded by loving souls who are eager to help you. There is still time and once you set your sights on ascending, you are halfway there and you will find your consciousness levels rising. To be on the Earth and not of it is very useful advice as it allows you to concentrate on the future and allow the old ways to pass you by.” (11)

He identifies fear as the root of resistance to the changes that are occurring and invites us to welcome the New Age rather than resist it.

“It is those who cannot release their hold onto earthly things that are struggling to break free, and as we often point out it is usually fear that is at the root of it. Come from fearing the changes to welcoming them, and see their necessity if the Human Race is to progress from the old cycle to the new one. However slow changes may take place where some of the massive cycles are concerned, everything is on the move even if it appears undetectable.” (12)

Some time ago the ascended master Hilarion warned us that some people, as they awaken, will be angry at what has occurred on Earth. But this anger will spur them on to help with the changes that must be made to the planet.

“As the Cosmic energies keep building in intensity, many people on the Planet are beginning to awaken from their sleep and for many, it is a very uncomfortable process. It is not easy, as each of you all know, to face the true reality of life upon Earth that has been passing as life, and coming to the realization of how much one did not know before.

”As this continues to occur, there will at first be feelings of anger which in turn galvanizes many into taking action to change the World into a better home for all.”

SaLuSa reminds us that, in the midst of the anger that people feel on awakening and the chaos that characterizes this time of troubles, our task will be to remain calm.

“Staying calm in all situations is not going to be easy, but with your knowledge and understanding you have a head start on many others. That will encourage others to follow your example, and you will be doing your bit to bring about peace on Earth.” (14)

So the awakening process accelerates and will continue to do so as we head towards Ascension. The light that is causing it is coming from off-planet sources like the central galactic Sun and exalted light beings in other dimensions. It is accelerating as time passes and raising consciousness levels, which can be seen in a global demand for peace and freedom.

Those who awaken now may not have as gentle a ride as we did but they will also be offered help in their awakening and adjustment, in ever-increasing amounts as the mentors of the Company of Heaven can approach us more closely and openly.

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