He was in my dreams! Help?!!

Someone please give me some feedback.. I feel completely lost!

Ok so at work I became friends with an indigo. We right off the bat established that we were really cool with each other and were both indigos. We became better friends and during one time sitting together on at break, I felt a deep connection.. As if I had met him in the past. Later that day we were talking and realized that we felt the same weird feeling I felt, at the same time. He told me that he found me very attractive the first time he saw me and would always have a constant urge to be around me... Here's the problem.. I'm with someone and feel completely out of it and quite frankly very guilty for feeling this sudden urge of having known this guy.

Heres where it gets even more harder.. I've been having dreams of a "past life" or so it feels, in which I see myself running from some people and die that way... When I told him about this dream, he seemed to connect to it right off the bat.. As if he was there, and I could feel that he was too.. He said that he had felt all his life that he had lost someone in a very bad way and I have felt that I had died and been taking away from someone.. Our stories fit.. And both of us have "battle scars" that we somehow knew the location of on each other....

Whats going on?? Anyone had anything similar to this??? I feel like I'm gaining more memories of me and him spending time in this "past life"

It sounds like a Twin Flame connection! =D

I ought to congratulate you on that!
You two share a very deep bond and nothing can break that.

I know you are with someone, but this is not something you can put aside or escape from.

[QUOTE=Rfrost;1068406]It sounds like a Twin Flame connection! =D

I ought to congratulate you on that!
You two share a very deep bond and nothing can break that.

I know you are with someone, but this is not something you can put aside or escape from.[/QUOTE]

I was afraid someone was going to refer to him as my twinflame... I can 100 percent swear that my current bf is my twinflame which is why I'm so lost.. Bc my boyfriend is my other half, the missing puzzle piece.. Then where did he come from?? And why do I have such strong connective memories to him?

I recall many dreams or past lives just by thinking about my twin flame, with that being said I recall these past events thinking about other flames too.
Twins flames are many, its a connection between souls hence the term soul mates, we all have many potential soul mates because we are all bridged to many other souls.

That does make sense but I just want to be sure I'm not imagining any of this in my head. Which is why I'm waiting for my dreams to show me something else. But I've been having crazy flashbacks

I think people put too much emphasis on this twin flame stuff. The poster Rfrost who immediately said this is a twin flame connection and that "nothing can break that" is a prime example of putting too much emphasis on twin flame stuff.

Seriously, people meet their "twin flame" and then feel the need to totally throw away their lives for this person. I'll tell you what -- a lot of times, those relationships with their "twin flames" end badly. Talk about a co-dependency issues! And a lot of people insist that a twin flame relationship has to be romantic (or even just sexual) and that's simply not true. Everyone romanticizes the twin flame concept because they want to be spiritual AND have that typical Hollywood romance. The two things aren't mutually exclusive by any means, and some people do find their twin flames and live very happy lives with them, but most of the time this is not the case.

spiritualjournier, it definitely sounds like you have a connection with this person. It's possible you come from the same star family. You're probably having these strong feelings about him because your souls remember each other and it's always a wonderful feeling to recognize someone in your star family on Earth. It's like reuniting with a long lost family member that you haven't seen in decades. I admit, I am still patiently waiting to meet someone from my own star family. One day, hopefully!

I would advise against doing anything to risk your current relationship. It sounds like you value your relationship a lot and that's important.

you appear to have a dichotomay between what you think about a system/structure the way things should be according to that system/structure; and the way you honestly feel about the situation and relationship(s).
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