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Hello, I hope people still visit this site.. I was wondering if you are an Indigo Child, does that mean that your twin flame is by default also an Indigo?
"Are we kind or are we vicious?
Nectar poison or delicious?
That, my sweet, you will discover
Faerie foe, or faerie lover"

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I believe that a Soul who would be your twin flame would be on your same level and Soul group.
Indigo is the name given to souls with some traits and purpose; however, I do think that if you resonate with the indigo souls, then most likely so will be your twin flame.

This is what I believe.

Re: Twin flame

Interesting question.
Last year someone read to me a couple chapters of a book that described the attributes of different soul groups or past lives... idk, Doreen Virtue was the author i think. The chapters on Indigo and crystal seemed to apply here and there, but when it came to the chapter on the ancient ones she looked me in the eye and said, 'now check this out'. Both of us connected squarely on nearly every single point.
Ahhh... twin flame?... so doomed its hilarious, nope, and yup... alas no but there will always be a bond there anyway.
So it got me thinking about twin flame in regards to people that have more than one colour of flames composing their soul? Is there such a thing as a twin for them?
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