An healthier alternative to Psychedelics

The problem with psychedelics is that they open the highest in us and the lowest at the same time and continual use leaves us eventually with the lowest and fore sure many holes in the aura so lower extremly cruel astral beings, earthbound-souls and so on can pretty much make our life a living hell.

I'm sure using them at sparsely occasions can let some have a breakthrough in conscioussness expansion, that not for me to judge but let's face it whichever drug you use you end up in the astral world with all the weird inhabibtants, the worst being black magicians, and let's not forget about nature spirits who deceive all by posing as whatever they find in your aura, or vampire types attaching to the aura.

I don't know but I don't think we are meant to have astral experiences during waking normal life and some drugs can put a real strain on you physical/etheric bodies.
And even if you where to get psychic powers from continuous use of psychedelics you would never really own them at all but would be in the hands of all the unscrupulous people in the lower astral misleading you posing as spirit guides since they ALL mislead with their illusions. People in that world are not to be trusted and none of us should have something called spirit guides since that violates our free-will.

So what is the alternative: Use dream herbs/plants/roots that induce vivid/lucid dreams (All bitter herbs do)
By doing this since both psychedelics and dream herbs make you end up in the astral planes anyway you put no strain on the physical/etheric bodies and get the same results without leaving yourself open to uninvited nasty guests that pose as ascended masters/angels/gods etc.

Sleep tight!
Happy Dreams! =)

Re: An healthier alternative to Psychedelics

It sounds that the use of psychedelic substances should be done with some cautions; maybe similar to the ones advised to having safe astral travels, since the risks are pretty much the same: Low entity attachments on the consciousness and aura.

I think the kind of trips or experiences that one person can get from the use of psychedelics are almost unlimited. Sometimes you have a spiritual experience, other times a more expanded experience of the normal life here on Earth... Sometimes, with some substances you get astral travel, but many times you dont, you just get inner insight, etc. It is very hard to classify these experiences or to know what is going to happen exactly.

I think that our own state of consciousness is what makes the difference between a good and expanding experience or a bad one with the beings that you are mentioning. After all, what most of these substances do is to expand your awareness and to show you what it is that you have inside your deeper mind; the beauty and the ugliness.

In my personal experience and choice: I like to take psychedelics from time to time (once every few months) and my experiences with them have been mindful every single time so far. I have seen negative entities attached to me on some occasions but with these psychic visions I have had a deeper awareness that they cannot really hurt me more than I let them. That in reality, I have the power over my own consciousness, even if at the moment I have my weaknesses which have attracted those entity attachments.

Also, while you are under that state, you get super energy sensitive. I think you can easily know if a spirit who is interacting with you is positive or not by feeling its energy and looking at the colors of its aura. If its a spirit which is fooling around with you, I think you can feel the negative vibe, as well as you can feel the loving energy when it is a loving spirit or guide. Energy does not lie and by feeling you can know a bit about the intentions of the spirits you interact with. However, this also depends many times on your own energy levels; according to your state of being, you attract similar kind of presences. For instance, if you have a lot of fear while you are having the experience, then chances are you may attract fearful entities to your presence. If you have a positive, relaxed mindset while you are having this experience, then you attract very positive energy. This is why the setting and company are so important. This is why it is a good idea to do it in clear spaces, hopefully beautiful or in the nature. Good music, good company, physical security, positive mindset and stimulants can really make the difference. Basically surround yourself with beauty and positivity and it should be a very beautiful and mindful experience. I usually ask for protection from Source before I take any psychedelic substance. By connecting to the love field, it can be a good way to keep nasty things away.

Everything is energy, frequency and vibes. Surround with the good ones and the nasty beings wont have an entering point. Also, your own energy, the higher your own energy frequency is, the better.

Re: An healthier alternative to Psychedelics

That is all true! :)
Actually eventhough I wrote that dream herbs is a safer way(and it is) I will try some different sorts of shamanic snuff called rapé (pronounced Ha-Peh in english) in a few months, up the nostrils with a kuripe, ;) I feel that I need a thorough energetic cleansing and some new insights myself. I see it more as medicine eventhough I haven't tried it yet but have done research. You basically detox from heavy stagnant energies/entities. But just like you wrote it has to be done in a proper setting and with caution. Preferably in nature :)

Re: An healthier alternative to Psychedelics

Hi again Dnini!
I don't use psychedelics because I don't want to end up in the astral world while still in the physical, messes up the energy. I still haven't tried the shamanic snuff called RAPÉ but most people claim it has an healing effect, it sold here: but I don't know if I'll ever try it and I can't really recommend psychedelics or even shamanic snuff to anyone.

Do research on Rapé and if you find it might help you with something try it in small doses but I don't think I will try it. The reason is that Meditation, Mantras, Mudras, simple breathing exercises that are not dangerous and need no supervision, EFT and Qi Gong/Yoga are far better alternatives along with dream herbs or just doing creative stuff.

I will search and make a list of dream herbs for you since I really don't want to recommened psychedelics at all but feel that if people want to try them it is up to them but most experiences seem to be unreal and it can mess up your energy leaving holes in the aura, unreal because the whole astral world is a field of illusions of a different substance matter than the physical/etheric. The astral is "built up" from our emotions, desires and fantasies so it's better to go there while out of body sleeping to do psychological work with oneself than to open up from the physical ungrounded creating holes in the energy field. So all in all I don't recommend psychedelics maybe just taking something once but other than that no. :)

Re: An healthier alternative to Psychedelics

Just making clear: If people want to try psychedelics it's up to them, I've had a period in my life with marijuana and things were really really great so I can fully understand that people like it but I've had some cooler stuff happening with mantras and mudras and also since everybody wants a dopamine kick I highly recommend taking Mucuna Pruriens everyday, good stuff =)

Re: An healthier alternative to Psychedelics

I believe it is up to each person how they handle each substance or way of healing. I believe it depends on what makes people feel comfortable or secure; like which is our way to go.
For instance, I have heard that psychedelics make you open to spirits and entities. But I have also heard of people curing their life lasting depression or cancer through these same substances. So this is a very personal thing I suppose. It also depends on the persons vibrations and consciousness. I havent had any problems with these substances so far; but in a way I try to be careful and mindful and do not do them too often. I have seen these entities and beings; but I think they are already inside people´s auras as they get attracted and attached to our low perceptions and emotions. Look around and almost every person you see or know has these. Also physical illnesses. Even those who never tried psychedelics have them... Ancient shaman of different parts of the world used to talk about entities and beings attached to people´s emotions and illnesses and causing these along with negative behaviors. It is also talked about Earth being a place infested by low astral beings attached to our consciousness. Regardless of the use of psychedelics this seems to be a reality that we deal with during our ascension process. However, I do believe it is possible that psychedelics make us more open in general and this can facilitate the attachments of these beings. It is important to be mindful and to keep the energy high and do inner healing in case of any presence or discomfort. But these experiences can leave amazing value into one´s life; like a trip to your subconscious mind, with all that it involves...

About the weed, I think the plant is good but not the addiction to it. And it can be very addictive; then it gets disruptive.
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