Time travel

I believe in time travel. But I don’t know what happens when it takes place. Do we die and come back in another time? Do we join an alternate reality while keeping a copy of the original back? Or does it all get erased to start a new ? Please when I try to program it I feel sadness like I’m gonna die as if I am saying goodbye.

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I also believe in time travel. Actually, I even believe that it is possible to build a sort of time machine and that this invention is probably coming in the future. I dont know, but I do not think we need to die for this. I think it can be similar to astral travel, when you have the chance to visit any point in creation, any timeline or dimension (I dont have a lot of experience in astral travel though, not controlled at least).

I do not know what happens, but according to some psychics, some advanced aliens are doing this already and changing timelines. Dont know if this is true.

What are you trying to program which is making you feel sadness?

Actually, a couple of days ago, I was having this conversation with some one, about how it could be possible to travel in time.

I have 2 ideas for this possibility: One is to create like a vortex using 2 rotating pyramids. One facing up and one facing down and each of them rotating on opposite directions. The other is by artificially applying the same frequency of the speed of light, which turns mass into energy. Just my 2 cents.
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