Universal Laws Which Help Us Understand Higher Consciousness

I believe that spirituality, religions and science are different languages that we use to find truth. We are wired differently and perceive life in very different ways. Some take a more scientific and technological approach while others are more spiritual or religious even. Some people are open minded enough to embrace all different perspectives and to try to find the truth behind them.

I believe that many information contain parts of truth and parts of limitations or delusions. I also believe that what we call truth or logic is highly relative and subjective to our perceptions of life and of ourselves. What is absolutely logical and righteous for one person can be perceived completely different by another person who holds different internal moral, perceptions and overall consciousness.

However, sometimes we gather different knowledge from different areas and find similarities in between as well as resonances with our inner intuitive truth. We are still in search for higher knowledge and this does not mean that we know everything already.

I see that right now science is exploring esoteric subjects and starting to give a "logical" explanation to spiritual experiences which would have been mocked and attacked in the past (was about time...).

These are the basic Universal Laws that I have found help us understand spirituality. This is my perception and I welcome any insight on this as I am also in a learning process and I am discovering this potential still. I am open to new information on this topic or anything you may want to add.

So, here they are:

1. Source. Everything that exists is essentially consciousness and energy. I see consciousness and energy as the same unified field where all creation comes from. It exists in everything and it IS everything. We are all one Universal Consciousness.

2. Interconnectedness. There is no real division besides the ones from our own ego delusions (and the way I see it, this division is OK and necessary, not something to be ashamed of or to suppress). In reality we are all interconnected with the Universe and with creation. We are a mass of consciousness and energy interconnected to the Universal consciousness-energy field.

3. Electro-magnetism. Our aura, our energy, as well as the energy and aura of the planet, other people, animals and even objects are electro-magnetic in their nature. I see creation as an electro-magnetic field that we are all parts or fractals of. Because of this we influence and are influenced by energy and we also have magnetic attraction powers that we use to create our life experience. Who we are, we create, attract and reflect.

4. Resonance. Because of our electro-magnetic nature, we experience resonance with similar electro-magnetic bodies and circumstances. Resonance means that our magnetism is a magical power of attraction and that we attract experiences, people, animals and objects which are similar to us in energy and magnetism. This can be our blessing and our curse.

5. Dimensions or levels of consciousness. The Universe is one Mind with multiple levels of awareness and many different fractals which express different levels of awareness (we are some of those fractals). For example, to me both heave and hell are states of consciousness and levels of awareness rather than physical places.

6. Frequency and vibration. All energy carry specific frequencies and vibrations which create resonance that affects electro-magnetism.

I think that by understanding these aspects of creation we can understand most esoteric knowledge such as the law of attraction, inner power, Divine Consciousness, entities and attachments (or demons), Soul incarnation journeys, magic, energy blocks, channeling, psychic abilities, etc.

This is what I believe in as I go on my journey but I am open to new ideas and welcome different perspectives.

Re: Universal Laws Which Help Us Understand Higher Consciousness

Many of the laws of the universe are similiar or started with Hermes. You can see the simliarities or equivalents in the below sites. The quoted versions left out polarity, which should be a important law that involes alot of reality. Down to the left and right sides of our brains.

https://sororamystica.wordpress.com/201 ... f-heremes/
 https://lawsoftheuniverse.weebly.com/12 ... -laws.html

Others prefer to go no further than then  the few laws mentioned in the Bible. This may appear to simplistic or unscientific to some. If Christ did the miracles reported than he would have known how to use or supercede all the laws of the universe.  So the two commandments should be inherent in all universal laws and Truth. I prefer a hybrid of both. Most choose one or the other. To the extent that some call those who prefer the laws of Hermes as occultist or worse.

 Logic would be a part of Truth and kowledge that can help apply the rules of Spirit. Laws are a odjective Truth and the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Personal perceptions create the delusions that can twist the Truth. Much like how peoples Words often twist the Truth. So we should be carefull of how we use words or think. Most here are aware of this.  the full application of these laws is best proved in healings and answers to those types of prayers. IMHO.

Be well

Re: Universal Laws Which Help Us Understand Higher Consciousness

As a spiritual truth seeker anyone would love the writings of Henry T Laurency all books are translated to English to download but only two published so read the books as pdfs on a tablet, other translations on its way like spanish.

If you go deep into this system called Hylozoics which is Pythagoras mental system of reality you will see it as treasure that you can never stop studying HTL continues where Blavatsky, Leadbeater, Besant and Alice Bailey left off and correct mistakes made by Theosophists.

HTL explain in detail the seven most important laws like the laws of unity, karma, freedom etc. He uses a numerical nomenclature (instead of sanskrit) of the different planes in the solar system from down up so the physical world is world 49(the lowest), 49:5 is gaseous matter in the physical world 49:4 is the lowest ether. World 48 is the astral(really the emotional world is the best word to desribe this plane) From 48:7 up to 48:4 can be regarded as negative/repulsive emotions 48:3 to 48:2 positive/attractive emotions. From 7 to 2 in a world/plane is molecular matter, number 1 being atomic. He explains how EVERYTHING can be derived from three aspects these are never isolated and that is that everything is matter, consciousness and motion(energy). I must remind you Laurency is really sharp but if you have a good sense of humour you'll enjoy it, he critizises many things and rightfully so. Well there's nothing quite like hylozoics! :D ENJOY www.laurency.com oh and Stanton Stevens hold some great speeches on youtube from studying Hylozoics www.onepurelove.com

All in all I am writing this because in hylozoics you will find great explanations of the laws.

Re: Universal Laws Which Help Us Understand Higher Consciousness

There are many ways for explaining these aspects of the Universe.

I personally have not known much about the people mentioned here in this thread. I heard a bit about Hermes but really do not know much about them. These things I want to explore more of course.
I do agree that the best way to acknowledge these realities is by personal experience. When the laws of the Universe just manifest into your life in a clear way you can acknowledge.

To me, these are the laws that people have used to do "magic" in the past and still in the present. We can all become aware of these Universal Laws and apply them to create our life experience and to manifest many other things.

SeekerTim, I do agree that these basic universal laws are objective and constant and they are the basic truth from where everything else comes from. When I talked about how even logic can be relative, I was thinking about other examples. Many of the logical behaviors of our society can be highly relative. Or for example, a logical and evident solution to a problem can be really different according to the solver´s consciousness. Or for example, if we go further, we can take gravity... Gravity could represent a form of logic: If you jump off a high surface, you will fall to the ground. We abide by the laws of gravity in this world. This is logical. But then, we have birds and other animals who can defy this law? We have UFO´s that can levitate and so on.
I get your point though and really agree with your post.
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