healing thoughts for getting over feeling of hate

I am in the process of healing. I have been through situations of injustice which broke me up. But some people I identify who deliberately tried to destroy my life. Maybe those people had no ethics. Anyways it is their life and I am not concerned by how they live. I just want to get over this feeling of dislike or in extreme terms I could say hate for them because hate is something which will affect me first. I want to get back to normal happy me not caring about anyone. I know later or sooner law of karma will punish them. But I have to get over this feeling of hate for them. Any advice is welcome. I do meditate.
Thanks in advance

Re: healing thoughts for getting over feeling of hate

Hi Jaya.

I am also going through a healing process these days. Changes happening and old energies coming to surface, hopefully for being released.
I recommend you to try EFT tapping to release those feelings you are talking about. I use this technique myself and it is the best to release negative energy in my experience so far. This is an acupressure technique you can do by yourself.
There are videos on youtube about this technique but let me know if you want more info on this and I will share it here.

Re: healing thoughts for getting over feeling of hate

hatred is marvelous. its like physical pain, stubbing your toe well. banging your head on that low beam in the garage- again. hatred is to be enjoyed and reveled in. like a stinky foot soup bath. you can play with it for years if you want to...
its just so entertaining...but to digress, its a bit dull. dull dull dull.
so what the heck. it just means that the ones you hate have you as their puppy for all that time you lose your self respect.
set fire to some public buildings,
feel better and move job and home.
write a book on the differences of wild bird odors and what they could mean to Melania Trump on her birthday she wakes to find a wart on the end of her nose.
the joke is on them.
its your life not theirs, yes?
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