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Universe and vibrations.. we can communicate with them but i cant explain it..I can hear the lowest wave inside my head assume that our universe not quiet at all.
About Indigo children and crystals like a normal person..coz our future will destroyed sooner or later ..all i can see is ..human expanding 7 billions ..and i dont believe it 7 billions ..maybe more than 10 billions if you count them all.. i dont think thats my ability to sense them..i am a normal person like you ..nothing special..but i believe we have in common..crystals and vibrations..we do feel them but we cant explains what it is.. the reality was ..our humanity will vanish slowly ..controlled by new man made vibration..crystals wont give anything special ..depends on our mind ..we migth sense the vibration turn it into our mind healing and inner peace.. but i wish that i can meet indigo children that can see the real future that i felt before..since i was young.. talk openly about it.. i am you know how phsycologist think about you..but vibration accepted by scientists ..proven by electricity ..wave and many more..but i am still stand my opinion that i am so worried about our future and how hard our government lying to us about future..

Re: Vibration

I see a bright future ahead. There is the chaos of course, but I think this is mostly encuraged by low news just designed to spread fear and division. I think that we are still in transition and every day more and more people start questioning themselves and their life and looking for new knowledge and ways of living. I see this happening more and more and increasing with time.
I think the future is not written on stone yet but I do not know for sure what is there ahead.

I agree that humans have multiplied to insane levels and that this is causing environmental and social issues and I doubt the planet can keep up with the same ways of society. But the change is happening; slowly but happening.

You do not need to fear the future if you consciously create it :)

Sometimes we are surrounded by negativity, specially from the news. That is what they do: spread negativity, fear and division in order to dumb people down and make them more easily controlable. But then, more and more people are looking for healing and are healing themselves. Sooner or later this will make a big impact in the world and society.

I think consciousness is the key for changing the world or for creating new and better realities. Consciousness is what holds the greatest power of the Universe.
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