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OBEsprite is back! Hiya! Welcome to knowing you exist forever. Queue Jimmy Fallon's Ew

Enter at your own risk. Jeez that sounds so 2005 geocites personal website.

Hi ladies and gentlemens!

It's been awhile. Hmm... 2012... 2018... Six years. Wow.

Well, I'm still alive. Here's an update, I'll provide more later. Also, can someone find LucidDreams and phr03en? phr0zen? idfk.

I've refrained from sharing for the last 6 years because I've been too paranoid from infecting others with this new language. Because I convinced myself in 2009 that being psychic is completely unnecessary. And in fact, it still is. If a dead person has anything to say, it can wait til the other party is dead too.

But I've learned the dead/spirits/ghosts/spooks (as I've heard one of them call "their kind" lol, "spooks"; yeah... call me mortalist... kinda like racist but flesh and blood and mortal compared to the immortal) speak a kinda different language than we do. And I'm going to teach whoever wants to know now, cuz I've been sick and tired of hiding it for fear of messing up our current planet but you know what? I've been through so much hell that I don't even care anymore.

Enter at your own risk.

OBEsprite <3
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Biblio - used, rare, out of print books for sale
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