Free Shamanic Video Event: Activating Your Luminous Self For Healing And Consciousness Growth

"Did you know that Inca rulers were selected by the degree of luminosity they could emit from their bodies?

Powerful breathing techniques allowed them to radiate their luminous essence as part of a sacred ritual of initiation in their main temple — activating the healing power of their inner light bodies.

This ritual was known as Awakening the Shining One or the Rikch’arichiy Pay K’anchaq, as it was known in the language of the Incas.

And the truth is, you too can emanate the light of your own soul...

With potent practices and ceremonial skills derived from Pachakuti Mesa Tradition ritual shamanic arts, you can learn to awaken your Luminous Self and activate your light energy body to affect healing and evolutionary transformation in your life and the world around you.

Shamanism, as taught by don Oscar Miro-Quesada, world-renowned Peruvian curandero, psychologist, and author, offers a potent and practical path to honor your Luminous Self... a source of loving presence, compassionate action, and healing wisdom.

During Your Luminous Self, you’ll be guided in a ritual process focused on breathing techniques, sacred chant, and sustained visionary intention to activate your Luminous Self and bring more loving-kindness to the world through your awakened presence." ... -662681487
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