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Hi. I'm new here. Here are my sidereal natal charts. I seem to have the characteristics of both crystal and rainbow children. I have a learning disability which is dyslexia but I'm gifted in math, science and art. I overcame 25.5 years of abuse. Does anyone read charts and understand the asteroids and know what they mean in my case? Thanks so much.
childhood abuse natal chart.jpg
aura and compassion natal chart.jpg
Eygpt natal chart.jpg
good asteriods natal chart.jpg

Re: Crystal/Rainbow Adult

You might want to check out Grayham Forscutt and have him do your galactic birth chart. It comes with a recorded chart reading. He did mine and it showed a connection to Altair. Doing research on Altarian starseed brought me to this website and to your post ♥️ He references all the asteroids and other significant alignments. He also references celebs with the same alignments so it’s cool to seethe archetypes at play. Worth every penny. My chart specifically called out raising star children or a star family... good luck finding answers!
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