Re: LOL Good Times

At one time, this community contained an arrangement of mindset-frameworks. Engagements ranged from the informative post to rants. Nonetheless, the continuum permitted community that was independent of the site's inception and at times beyond the scope of moderation.

The landscape was at beside characteristic of a wild jungle.
Some in the community personified that of gazing fauna. Moving about consuming information (formal and informal) and gathering as herds to at a watering pool, some oblivious of predators others watchfully protective and some so anxious that anything that was alarming aroused them to rumble. the resulting energy was like a stampeded or witch hunt

Others took to the hunt. Some cooperated an attempted to economize as if liken to pack and pride. Unfortunately, these groups had challenging dynamics with constitutions easily broken and leadership crowned by the loudest bark, the loudest howl/ roar and not the sharpest mind.

I could go on but I digress...
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