Re: Traps on Soul/Astral travelling

my experience
on which i depend for my opinions
tells me that humanity was at some point endowed with a the gift of reason
we can see around us the ways of nature
flora and fauna
and reason what we can from this
for our development as i agree
is a journey
and various stages pass by
as we blossom
we could discuss mutation
genetic predisposition
consider the various range of possibilities
and what is seen to be
soon and far into the future
each path we take is our own
and some may lead
and some may follow
and some may be alone.
the precious moment that is now exists
as it always does
and of itself, is always here, and here and here.
a mortal message bound by rules that grew humanity
rules that show that darkeness is not here
but there
and those there are
that let it come to them
and those there are
that are weak of spirit or of mind
and take on board such
that was not of their birth
and colour their lives according to their fashion.
what religion is there then that could contract with human life on the face of the Moon or Mars?
Could contrast between the reason and the teachings?
and show that reason could be wrong?
your mother and your father
and theirs
and theirs
and theirs
who were they?
a thousand theirs of mothers and of fathers
a million
and what before?
What reason brings the view of then and then and then?
no mother? no father?
Just a mother? just a father?
Neither then?
when all around we see that nature follows every day the path of parenthood the same for us to see
and we know that time makes no change on this relation
and the past for reason
always has a mother and a father so.
This is nature.
And reason shows us so.
So then, all these people
before and before
where did they go when they died?
what rules did they follow with any reason during their lives
that made them differ from other animals
and rise up and see around them with eyes full of wonder?
curious for any knowledge that would give them hope to live beyond their final chill.
Today i was in a meeting of a prayer group
and was visited therin by the Lord, one of his angels,
who made the time to touch me
and cleanse some troubling elements
foisted upon my spirit by others who would prevail against my destiny with their intent to stand on mine.
Before the leader spoke, i felt the touch, and three times he went on to say where this was in me.
here and here and here, and named the parts each time.
and, he was not in front of me. online far away, no sight; just sound.
and spoke no English, such was translated to me then by another there.
if you want to name these spirits for your way, reason allows such choices to be performed.
but proof in participation is for you to find your path.
not for others each the same.
so, i feel you may be mistaken if you think that people are evil of themsleves, and darkenss comes from them.
my opinon is that darkness is around
and we see it
and we know it
and it will come for us
in many different ways should those weak and lost allow such to be so.
those less than strong and on guard and defended with the tools upon their person
spiritual or earthen
its the same and different with any explanation,
they see and avoid.
for it is the fallen who attack from beyond
those who deny the light
and compose their ways to forms that are
yet pass as easily as piss.
there are none so blind
as those who will not see
who choose to deny reason
and follow the fools paths
and gamble with their souls
to become what is not them
but of them
and lose themsleves in darkness by and by
until, looking back sometime, they forget the way
and are damned to nowhere
with nothing.
while alive, the sacred string always shows the way back;
but when dead, there is no back.
the string is broken
and the path is gone.

what here and now is there then
that can guide those spirits lost?
no way back to follow
no way forwards
no today is there
and nor a tomorrow.

Angry they are then.
Angry at their loss
and mean in their pride of passion.
more they want and need and hunger for
and look they sometimes can
and see they sometimes do
the living in this world come and go.
and try they do to take something that they lost
and feed on those who know not of these hidden shadows
their spirits
their life forces
their health
their goodness.
the more they see and sense
the more they hunger
for they know what they have lost.
the dark are not here.
not born of us.
they are the lost who on us feed
and can grow strong with evil need.

advice? no.
you take your own just so.
and knowing what you know
deny that which could and curious
avove us and below
show reason to consider
calmly and not furious
a path well chosen
along your way to go.

Re: Traps on Soul/Astral travelling

It seems, Mr Shaj, that you choose to describe spirits as souls, in my opinion.
my understanding of spirit, that you refer to as soul ( no problem) is comprehensive at least.
to accomodate one sentence in explanation, life is a temporary state to a spirit, that has a before, during and after.
Its as if a spirit was deposited here to find its way, and use the opportunity to make choices. Or not. the other side of this may well be, that in spirit form, all our choices have been made, and we are unable to choose in that state. a bit limiting really.
we feel our spirit within us, and may go out and look about a bit. that which ties us to life by its justification of reasoning and choice are our right and left hands, so to speak.

there is one part of this that can hurt. a spirit can be affected by other spirits, for good or bad.
sometimes its possible to connect with the emptiness, that the bible describes in some context as the abscence of light, or love.
part of a life journey is to deny the past and walk alone. with nothing. through the valley of nowhere. and deal with it.

talking is one thing.
being there is another.
i used to be there
i dont anymore as i must wash the dishes.

Re: Traps on Soul/Astral travelling

Hello Planetzarg.

Took me some time to find the time for replying properly, and here i am.
No reason to adress me with a Mr by the way, unless you are feeling like it, grin.

Yes, there are somehow different terms for similar or almost similar subjects.
I know that indigenous tribes prefer talking about spirit when talking about god. Or a universal all connecting force.
I for my part, chose to go with the words that are resonating the most within me, also influenced by my path in this life so far.
To me, a soul - or lets just go with my soul - is the one unique part, my essence, which is again a part of a higher soul. I do prefer calling it oversoul, since this is how the concept/insight was popping up in my head at my awakening at one point. I guess this "Oversoul" is what a lot of or most people would refer to as spirit. The divine source of whom we are all coming from and being part of.
But to me, Spirit is too overused or more precisely, it is being used for describing different things.
Entities and ghosts are being called spirits, so singular beings. Then people are referring to their own souls as spirit, and then spirit as the above described source of all beings, the divine consciousness or however one likes to see it.
So when i am talking about souls, i am talking about fragments of that one high source, each being unique by its own experiences and paths and state of growth.
So to me my soul is my essence we could say.
Part of the main source maybe, but unique and of free will and choice at least in this physical existence, grin.
It is an interesting thing for me to talk about and i hope i could create some clarity regarding my personal use of these terms.

And i wanted to thank you for the insights that you have shared in your pre-previous post, they are of value for me.

For me the existence of negative forces (or "spirits";-) is out of question and to questioning them.
As you have expressed, what is there is there, regardless of others believing into their existence or not.
And their possible effects and their marks on us being carnated in this sphere are even physically identifiable, as i can state from personal experience.

I do wonder if that cleansing that you have experienced will be permanently.
Heard that these attachments are possible by certain holes or imbalances within our energy field, but this is not my field.

Wish you a good day.

Excited Greetings

PS: Now i haven´t told the announced story. Going to do that later.
A Frispy Crisbee

Re: Traps on Soul/Astral travelling

There has been a guy who was talented in astral travelling.
With talented i mean that he was able to not only consciously travel, but also while being awake.
I am aware of the fact that he is certainly not the only one with that extended talent, but considering that others have to use dreamherbs and having to fall asleep with the clear intention of doing so, i dare to call him gifted in that field.
So he was used to travel whenever he felt like it.
At one point in his life, he has lost the love of his life, by an accident.
And he was having these feelings, understandably.
Feeling that it came to abrupt, paired with the unability to accept that fate, and...well, the feeling that certain things remained unsolved.
Possessing that ability to that extent, he didn´t needed to do what some other people are doing when dealing with losses of dear ones. Talking about sceances, in the hope of being able to talk with their oved ones for a last time and to say goobye for example.
No, he decided to find her on her own.
Some time later he has fallen into coma.
The docs couldn´t find any explanation for that happening.
On one day he was there, relatively fine, on the next in coma. No health issues that could have caused that state

So the question is, "Dear Ones", what do you think has happened to him?
A Frispy Crisbee

Re: Traps on Soul/Astral travelling

I like that advice, planetzarg, though am i not sure to which of my posts it is related to.

But i do agree with it. We are our best advisors if we are using our intuition. Suggestions of others can be helpful, but who is knowing ourselves better than we do?

A Frispy Crisbee

Re: Traps on Soul/Astral travelling

Yes. :)
i went to travel past the stars
to see what i could see
alone i passed into the void
to be what was to be.

Across the oceans lost to time
no man they crossed before
I met with angels dancing there
they showed me all their doors.

When nothing came to cover me
I lost my way through Hell
so anywhere i went round there
with just my light to tell.

Together put my hands and prayed
to leave the place and go
to another underneath
a place that I would know.

And then sunshine was on my face
sweet grass between my toes
and flowers all beside me grew
happy to be back home.
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